Katy's First Time

I was browsing round our local store, in the clothes sale. When a young girl with her mum struck up a conversation with me, she said "Some dads just leave and are not dads", I said "You say that was experience", she said "My dad left before I was born", and with that we conversed about the subject. After I'd finished in the store I went into the coffee shop, and there she was.

As we were talking she told me she was 18 years old, worked in a day nursery. She had long blonde hair, 5' 4", a decent pair of tits, and seemed a genuine nice person. As we talked she said "Boys my own age have used me" what do you mean I asked, "They've just used me for sex, I've never had sex where it's enjoyable". I said "You need a mature man like myself".

As she smiled, she looked at her mother who also smiled and said to her "Go for it". As I looked at the time, it was 7:30pm and was getting dark outside. I said "I've got a car", she said "What right now", I said "Why not", her mother nodded towards her and she said "Ok". As we walked to my car she was wearing a black blouse with black pants. She was a pretty girl.

As we got in the car I drove to a very secluded spot I'd been using for years, she chatted away about her job and stuff. When I got there I pulled up. It was peaceful and dark. I got out and asked her to get in the back, she did. As we sat there she said "I'm not a virgin but I might as well be cos I haven't enjoyed it".

As she sat next to me I leaned over and tipped her chin and kissed her, she kissed me back and soon we were snogging. "How old are you" she asked, "38" I replied. Then we carried on snogging. After a while as I kissed her neck and ear lobes, I carefully placed my hand on her breast, gently rubbing her nipple, she sighed.

Unbuttoning her blouse as I kissed her, I opened it up to reveal a nice pair of tits in a black bra, kissing her shoulders I reached behind and unclipped it, as her tits fell out I gently cupped one and then the other as I licked her nipples. As she sighed her hand was round the back of my neck, I was alternating between her lips and her nipples. She was moaning.

After a decent length of time, and seeing her nipples stood up a good half inch, she said "No-one has ever done this to me before", licking down from her tits across her belly, I brought my hand up on the inside of her thigh and ran my finger down the front of her pants. She moaned, as I licked her waistband of her pants.

"All boys want to do is get my pants off and just shag me, there's none of this" she said, "Shhhh" I replied as I ran my hand up and down the front of her pants. A few minutes later, I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, I ran my tongue from her ankles up towards her black panties on the insides of both thighs, she was moaning and gasping.

As I ran my fingers down the front of her knickers she moaned really loud I was licking across the top of them. I moved my fingers under the elastic and gently slipped them into her wet gash, as she moaned I kissed her again and she hungrily kissed me back. Slipping down her panties I saw a beautifully trimmed blonde bush.

As I set the tip of my tongue onto her clit, she grabbed my hair and squeezed, saying "What is happening, I'm dizzy, I can see flashing lights, my cunt is throbbing, It's lovely, GODDDDDDDD", I said "Your having an orgasm, let it go", as she came for the first time, her juices ran over my tongue and my fingers.

As she recovered she said "That was awesome", as I kissed her so she couls taste herself, she put her hand on my cock. I quickly undressed myself and pulled her to the edge of the seat. Gently I pushed my rock hard 6" inside her wet pussy, as it went in she groaned. As I began to shag her she was moaning and gasping, wrapping her arms around my neck.

Her face was screwed up as I fucked her hard but gently, bending down to lick those beautiful nipples. Around ten minutes I pulled out and told her to get on her knees and look out of the window, as she did I opened her legs and pushed in from behind, again she gasped. As I built up a steady speed I reached round in front of her and rubbed her clit.

It'd be only a couple of minutes when she screamed "It's happening again, that feeling, those lights, GODDDDDDDD IT'S GGGGGOOOOOOOD!!!", as her first vaginal orgasm ripped through her beautiful petite body. As I continued as she came she was bent crying, shouting and gasping. I pulled out and turning her back to face me she threw her arms around me kissing me.

I laid her back on the seat and re-entered her, she gasped again as I shagged her, I ran my tongue down her neck onto her nipples, she was bucking with me as I was close to coming myself. I pulled out and she grabbed my cock and wanked me off, all my spunk shot out onto her belly, running down into her pubes. I said "It's Ok I've had the snip".

As she laid panting she said "That was fantastic", I said "Good". As we kissed we got dressed, then she gave me her panties as a trophy. As I drove her home she said "That was brilliant", as she got out of the car, she thanked me again, kissed me and said her Goodbyes.
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6 months ago
Great story! Hope the mother gets involved too
6 months ago
6 months ago
nice but no more to tell ?may b got for the mother next time
6 months ago
You have spoiled her for all the boys her age ... good for you!