Looking after the neighbour

It was a beautiful sunny day so I deceided to go and see an old friend who used to live next door at our old house. As I knocked on his door there wasn't an answer, "Typical" I said to myself. I knew the couple next door and probably knowing they might be at work, her mother usually comes up to the house during the day, so they may know where he's gone.

I went to his neighbour and knocked on the door, no answer. I went round the back and knocked again, no answer. Odd I thought, so I had a cigarette, then knocked again, no answer. I thought I heard a noise so I looked through their front window and I saw this old chubby woman, with her left hand on her breast and her right hand in her knickers, wanking on the sofa.

I watched for a couple of minutes and felt myself getting erect. I tapped on the window, and she jumped up looking very sheepish, I went round to the side door, knocked, and she opened it all breathless and red in the face. "You won't tell my daughter will you", she said. She must have been 70+, chubby, short, wearing a cream skirt and a cream blouse.

As she opened the door I put my hand on her and pushed her into the kitchen, she said again "You won't tell my daughter please", and I said "We'll see", as I moved her into the dining area, she looked very embarrassed, I said "Put your hands on the table", as she turned around and did this, I leaned in and ran my hands round her big saggy tits.

As she was still breathing heavy I lifted up her skirt and ran my hand over her crack on the outside of her knickers, she moaned. She was wet through, as I rubbed her she said "I was nearly there", I said "Don't worry you will be soon", as I continued to rub her cunt. Soon she gasped and let her climax rock through her as she got wetter on my hand.

As she came, she stood up and I turned her around to face me. "You won't tell my daughter will you" she said again. As she faced me I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it off her shoulders with her bra to follow, as I bent down and sucked her saggy tits she moaned. I put her hand on my cock and she rubbed me through my pants, gasping.

I unbuttoned my pants and as they fell to the floor my cock stuck out like a tent pole, she was still rubbing me. I turned her around and lifted up her skirt, pulling down her big knickers, I parted her thighs and slotted my chunky 6" into her wet pussy from behind, she moaned as it went in, as I got going she moaned all the more.

After around a couple of minutes she said she was close again, as I pulled out I turned her to face me and kneeling down I licked her off to another climax, as she groaned away I laid her on the table and slotted in again, as I was banging her she was crying out. I told her to "Rub your clit as you were doing when I knocked on the window", she did.

As I was close to cumming, she was rubbing herself faster than I was shagging her, and she moaned out another orgasm. Fucking amazing she had three. As I was close myself I pulled out and told her to suck me, she knelt down and took me straight in her mouth, as she wanked and sucked me I was coming, then I shot my load right down her throat, she swallowed it all.

As we recovered she said she was 73. She often masturbated when she felt the need, but she hadn't been fucked in a long time, as I was leaving I said to her "I won't tell your daughter Ok".

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always fun!