The Telephone guys

The telephone weren't working, none in the street were, so after ringing up to complain, eventually they turned up. 2 guys were sorting it out and I had to go out. Ours was the last one to be fixed and when the guys came to the house, Donna let them in to do their job. Finishing she asked them if they'd like a drink, they said they would.

As the three of them were sat at the table, Donna suddenly asked them to check the line in our bedroom. She went upstairs and they followed her. As they check the line and the apparatus she sat on the bed, when they finished they sat on the bed next to her. The eldest, Dave, 43, asked if he could use the bathroom, the younger guy, Alex, 39, sat on the bed next to Donna.

Alex was saying how nice the bedroom looked, as Donna touched his arm and smiled, Alex leaned in to kiss her, she responded and soon they were snogging, he was also touching her tits. Dave came into the room, seeing what was going on, lifted up Donna's skimpy nightgown and unclipped her bra, Alex was now rolling her nipples in his fingers.

As Dave pulled Donna around so he could snog her Alex started to suck on her nipples, as she sighed she put her hand on Dave's cock, stroking him gently. Alex had his hand on the front of her knickers slowly rubbing her throbbing cunt, as they laid Donna across the bed, she unbuttoned Daves pants and released his strong hard 5" cock.

Alex had pushed her nightie up and had his head between her thighs licking her georgeous pussy, she was moaning. As she fed Dave's cock into her mouth he gasped, as she started to lick and suck slowly wanking him off in her delicious mouth. Suddenly she screamed "I'm coming" as Alex continued to lick her hairy minge.

Donna was giving Dave the best blow job of his life when Alex took off his pants, releasing a good thick 6", he rubbed it up and down Donna's piss flaps, then pushing it into her juice pussy, she gasped as he rode her in the missionary position. After a few minutes, he pulled out and Dave took his place, she grabbed hold of Alea's cock and tasting her own juices fed it into her mouth.

Dave grabbed hold of her and getting her up onto all fours he plunged into her from behind, shagging her at speed and making her moan all the more, then Alex came round to where Dave was and pointed at Donna, He pulled out, laid on the bed and had her ride him on top, she was bucking as he was sucking her massive 44DD tits that were swinging in his face.

Alex came back onto the bed and ran his tongue down her ass and into her crack, she moaned. Grabbing hold of his cock he pushed it into her ass, she screamed but Alex carried on and was ass fucking her. She was getting double penetrated, she always said she won't do anal for the pain, but she was getting fucked this day.

Dave said he was coming and Donna said "Don't come inside me", so Alex had to get off as Donna got off and she pushed his cock into her mouth as Alex entered her sopping wet cunt a second time. Banging away, Dave said he was coming and poured his thick gloopy sauce down her throat, but he wasn't the only one coming as Donna was now moaning and gasping.

As she ejeculated her juices over Alex's cock he quickly pulled out of donna's pussy, she grabbed hold of him and wanked him off over her tits, when his cock was empty she kissed it, then kissed Dave's then they got dressed and were on their way. When I came home she told me this story and I told her we need to recreate it with my cock up her arse. She agreed.
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