Wife's Work collegue

Donna works part time at a store in town and she's always talking about this attractive 60 year old woman called Sally, she likes the same type of music I do and wants to come up to ours to listen to some different stuff, I told her to invite her up after your shift ends on Sunday. The following Sunday I went to pick her up and there was Sally.

She followed us up to our house, we got a drink and was sat on the sofa talking. she was 62, 5'6", 12 stone and quite a big girl, she was widowed a few years ago and is waiting for her retirement when it comes she's going to move closer to her f****y. I played her a few different songs and we were chatting away when Donna said she was going for a shower.

As she went into the kitchen I followed her, she said "We can have her if you want but I won't lick her cos she's too old", I replied "I'll see how it goes". I went back into the lounge and carried on talking. She was wearing a black blouse, black skirt and black tights, or I presumbed they were tights. Donna came down dressed in a white reveling nightie.

After around ten minutes Donna got the drinks out, G&T for Sally and vodka for herself, after a few more and some more decent music, Donna gave me the wink and I moved closer to Sally, as Donna went to the toilet I leaned over and turned Sally's head to face me and kissed her, she started to kiss me back and soon we were snogging.

Donna made her way back into the room as I was kissing Sally and sat in front of us on the floor, as I put my hand onto Sally's breast, Donna placed hers on my cock, running her finger up my shaft, as I began to nuzzle Sally's neck Donna moved forward and began to unbutton her blouse, when it opened I pushed it off her shoulders, and continued to feel her tits.

Donna unclipped her bra and her tits tumbled out, Sally was gasping, I moved down and started to suck her nipple, Donna sucked the other one and Sally had her head back and was moaning, Donna sat back on the sofa with her legs slightly apart showing her white panties, when I pulled Sally up and said "See Donna there", she said "Yes", I said "See her panties" she said "Yes", I said "you have to go over there and touch her".

She said "I can't" I said "You can and you will" as I tweaked her nipple, she put her drink on the floor and on her knees she crawled to where Donna was sitting, I unclipped her skirt and pulled the zip down, sweeping it off her, she looked at me as I fondled her bum, she sat in front of Donna and slipped her fingers up the inside of her legs.

As I brought my fingers round the front of Sally's knickers, as she was wearing suspenders, I started to rub her through her gusset which was really wet, she moved her fingers up towards Donna's crotch, as Donna pulled her nightie up revealing just her knickers, Sally rubbed the front of her panties with her thumb, as I was rubbing the front of hers.

I said to Sally "Do what I do", and then I slipped my fingers under Sally's knickers and rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy, she did the same to Donna who was now moaning, I slipped underneath Sally and ran my tongue over her slit, as I fingered her cunt, as I looked up that's exactly what she was doing to my wife.

As Donna spread her thighs Sally licked her clit and fingered her pussy, she shouted "GOD I'M COMING", as Sally said the same, as I frantically licked Sallys cunt her juices were already pouring down my face as she was squirting, as I lapped it up. Moving away and seeing donna gasping on the sofa she motioned for me to come to her.

As I did she kissed me to taste Sally, as she unbuttoned my pants and took my cock out, as she licked me Sally was watching, Donna sat up and knelt on the floor, I pushed my cock deep in her fanny as Sally looked on, pumping her slowly from behind, Donna pushed her fingers into Sally's cunt and rubbed her clit.

After a few minutes I pulled out and said to Sally "Come here", she joined me on the floor and in the missionary position I pushed my chunky cock into her pissed wet cunt, as I bucked her she was fingering donna, who I knew was coming again, as I pulled out and turned Sally over, I shagged her from behind as she licked Donna's box again resulting in another climax.

After Donna had come and was gasping, I pulled out of Sally's cunt and using lubrication from her pussy I pushed my cock into her asshole, Donna won't do this, as I fucked her ass I fingered her cunt and Donna, knowing what I was doing, watched and smiled. Sally was screaming she was coming, and to be honest I knew I was as I fucked her ass.

As Sally had a massive orgasm I pulled out of her ass and rammed my cock down her throat, she gagged as I wanked myself off in her mouth, hot sticky cum dripped fron her mouth onto her tits, as I fucked her mouth. All three of us were gasping and sweaty. We came round and carried on listening to music, but Sally wanted to go home soon after, and she did.

Later as Donna and I were talking about it she said "Was it you intention to fuck her ass", I said "Yes did you mind", she replied "Of course not" and with that we made love again.
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