Coffee shop trio

As I had to go out of town to an appointment I dropped Donna off at the coffee shop. 3 hours later I returned and seeing the door open I knew she was in, wanting to suprise her I crept in, hearing sounds from the front room I quitely crept towards the door and peaked through the crack, I saw Donna on the sofa snogging Lee whilst James was feeling her tits.

Then James unclipped her bra and out tumbled her large tits, James began licking one nipple while Lee was licking the other, I could see Donna's hands on both their cocks, gently rubbing them. Lee moved down onto the floor and spreading Donnas thighs he put his hand up and stroked her cunt, she began to moan more so now.

She sat up and after unbuttoning James's pants she slid them to the floor, grabbing hold of his erect tool and proceeded to suck him, Lee pushed up her skirt and buried his head between her thighs, obviously licking her, she loved it the dirty bitch. After sucking James's cock he stood up and took off his pants as Donna was crying out her orgasm.

Lee pulled down her wet knickers just as James waddled over to where she was lying, his hard cock in his hand. As Lee sat on the sofa, Donna pulled down his pants and started to suck him, James put his cock on her clit making her gasp, then he shoved his tool into her sopping wet pussy, she moaned as James fucked her hard.

After a few minutes, James pulled out and in pulling Donna onto the floor, he took her from behind and built up a steady rhythm, all the while she was moaning, it didn't take long when James said he was coming, he pulled out and Lee got off the sofa, went behind her and pushed his virgin cock into my wife's cunt.

As Donna slowly and gently licked James off I could tell by his breathing and his facial expression he was close to orgasm. My cock was hard and in my hands. All of a sudden James screamed and all his spunk shot in the air, running down into his pubes and splashing onto Donna's tits.

Lee was really shagging my wife and she was moaning in unison. I took my pants off and was stood out of sight with my hard cock in my hand. Lee pulled out and turned Donna onto her back, pushing back into her she was moaning and gasping as she was near to her climax again. Typical of a younger lad he was cumming a little too quick for her.

He pulled out and waved his cock by her face, she grabbed hold of it and wanked him off, he came down her tits. I walked into the room, the two lads looked horrified, I just walked over to Donna and pushed my chunky cock straight into her wet pussy, she bucked and moaned as I fucked her steady, turning her around and taking her from behind she growled she was coming.

As I smashed her I rubbed her clit and she howled a massive climax, she squirted down my leg as I gave her the fucking she needed. James was hard again, so my wife grabbed him and sucked him again, I knew I was coming so I told James to swop places with me, as I pulled out he slotted in again, my wife was getting a good going over.

I sat on the sofa and she sucked me cock as she moaned, knowing I was coming James said he was, he pulled out and wanked his seed all over her arse, I pumped my cum straight down her throat. We all sat up and got dressed, the lads soon fucked off and Donna said it was good but not as good as expected it to be, it's better with me and someone else.
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