The Coffee Shop trainee

On this particular day we were in the usual coffee shop but we were served by the trainee, he was a young lad, Lee, 22, and just out of university, as he lived somewhere close to where we lived, Helga asked us if we could give him a lift home, we said we could and Donna and I sat at a table. She said to me "We could knock another off the list here", I said "Ok".

As we got in the car Lee was chatty about his life, saying he was working at the coffee shop to earn money to go travelling. Donna said as we approached our house "Come in and tell us more", which he agreed to do. As we settled in our lounge, he had a beer and was telling us about himself, After around ten minutes, he said he should be going.

"Why" asked Donna, "Have another beer", "Ok" he replied, and as she passed it to him he said "You two are so friendly", Donna and I smiled at each other. She sat next to him on the sofa and I sat opposite him, he seemed a little uncomfortable, but was soon reassured by Donna when she took the beer off him and turning his head towards hers she kissed him.

He seemed to kiss her back before stopping and saying "Your old enough to be my mother", with that Donna said "Shhhhh", turning his head and kissing him again. As he sat back they were kissing and she had her hand on his knee, I was just watching and feeling randy as hell. As they kissed she moved her hand further up the inside of his leg so it was about two inches off his crotch.

She turned him around to face her, and started to kiss his neck, she told him "Feel my tits", and with that he brought his hand up to feel her tits. I came from behind and unclipped her bra, he was feeling them. After a few minutes he was gasping as Donna was stroking his bulge through his pants. She undid his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders, she licked his nipples.

I pushed Donna's skirt up and reaching round started to stroke her pussy through her knickers, she was wet. Donna had her hand rubbing Lee's cock, when she unclipped his pants and told him to lift his bum up, as he did she pulled them off him, his cock was stood to attention in his undies, she carried on stroking him as I carried on rubbing her crack.

He laid his head back as Donna bent down and licked him through his undies, "Are you a virgin" she asked, "No" he replied, and with that she slowly pulled his undies down, out sprang a 7" thin cock, with which she took straight into her mouth while kneeding his ball sack, I pulled down Donna's knickers and slid under neath her to lick her crack, she was coming.

As she came she let go of Lee's cock and screamed out her orgasm, Lee said "I've never heard a woman come before", She turned around to face me with a glint in her eye, I took my jeans off and she quickly wrapped her lips around me, licking my cock and wanking Lee at the same time. I pulled her onto the floor and pushed my cock deep in her cunt as she sucked Lee off.

After a few minutes she suprised me by saying "I want to feel Lee", with that she turned onto her back and said to Lee "Come round here and fuck me", we changed positions and Lee pushed his cock into my wife's cunt, she sucked me as good as she always does, Lee was banging away as I watched someone else fucking my wife, soon as he started he said he was coming.

Donna told him to come round here, and him and me changed positions, I was back to banging my wife and she was sucking his cock, he said "I'm coming", as she wanked him off over her tits. Typical young man. As my orgasm was close I pulled out and Donna wanked me off also over her tits. As we got dressed Lee went to the bathroom, when Donna said "I want you to suck a guy off".

I was taken back by this remark and she knew it, she said "I lick other girls so I want to see you suck a guy off", well she had a point, so I basically said "Ok if that's what you want", and she said it was. I took Lee home and he thanked me. When I got home Donna said, "Another one down", and I said "Yes".
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