A Weekend in Blackpool - Part 1

It was glorious weather and we were fed up just being at home, Donna suggested we go to Blackpool, a seaside resort not too far away, we looked on the internet and found a half decent hotel at a very reasonable price,booking for the follwing two nights. The day after we left, it was a hot sticky day, the sun was shinning and it was around 24 degees.

We arrived at 1:30pm, as we were checking in a young girl said to me "How long are you here for", which I thought was an odd question, "Two days" I answered, and with that information she walked away, strange I thought. We got settled in our room, then went into the town to investigate, as we were out we ate and then went back to the hotel at sunset.

After a nice cool shower I went downstairs for a cigarette leaving Donna in the room, it was still blistering hot at 24 degrees, as I was smoking that young girl came and sat with me. She said her name was Marie, she was 22 and virtually homeless, the hotel let her stay there for a few odd jobs. As we chatted she said "I can come up to your room if you like" and I said "No you're Ok".

As I got up to leave she followed me towards the lift, I tuned around and she said "Seriously I can do things for you", I replied "And the wife?" she said "Yes", as the lift arrived, we both walked in and as I pressed the top floor button she touched the front of my pants, I turned to face her and suddenly without warning she kissed me, and I was kissing her back.

As we got out of the lift she said "Shall I come to your room then?", I said "Ok but it depends on what the wife says", we walked to my room, as I opened the door Donna was laid on the bed in just her underwear, as it was so hot. I said to her "This is Marie" and winked, she told her to come in and in she came. Marie immediatley sat on the bed and said to Donna "You look nice".

As Marie and Donna were talking I went in the bathroom, as I came out Marie was kissing Donna's neck and feeling her tits, Donna was laid down sighing. I came round to the other side of the bed and unclipped Donnas bra, as her large tits fell out Marie latched her mouth onto her nipple as I did the same to the other side, this went on for a couple of minutes, Donna was sighing.

She sat up and reached towards Marie, I came round the back of her, Donna was feeling her tits through her clothes, I pulled her top off and let Donna feel her tits for a minute then I unclipped her bra and donna started to lick her nipples, Marie grabbed me and started to kiss me, as we were snogging Donna was still licking her, I was as hard as a truncheon.

Then Marie stood up and Donna unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs, as I started to lick Donnas back and work my way down to her thighs. Donna took Marie's jeans off and slightly ran her finger up Marie's slit as she did Marie put her hand down and did the same back, I came behind Marie and slowly pulled down her panties, she had a runway and Donna stroked her crack.

As I stood behind Marie she turned around and pulled my pants down and rubbed my massive hard on, Donna was still rubbing her clit, as my pants came off she pulled away from Donna and wrapped her lips around my cock, I pulled away saying "Later", with that Marie turned to Donna and ran her finger down into her knickers and was rubbing her clit, Donna was lying there moaning.

I stood watching and Donna grabbed hold of me, pulling me towards her, she started to lick up and down my shaft, Marie had by now pulled Donna's knickers off and was between her thighs licking her crack, she was doing it so well that after a couple of mintes she shouted she was coming, Marie started to finger her wet cunt as she licked her and Donna had a massive orgasm.

Marie then jumped up and told me to fuck her, I looked at Donna and she gave me the nod of approval, as I fingered Marie I laid her on her back and pushed ever so slowly my chunky cock into her tight gash, as I was fucking her she was fingering Donna who in turn had her lips sucking on Marie's tits, I knew I wouldn't last long at this rate so I pulled out.

Getting Donna on all fours I told Marie to slide under her and lick her as I shagged her, this she did and we were all rocking, then Donna put her head between Marie's thighs and started to lick her, something she only does on occasion, as I was fucking my wife I could feel Marie's tongue touching my cock as I slid into her, then Maries said she was coming, so did Donna.

Suddenly Marie went into a spasm as Donna's tongue licked her to an incredible orgasm, as Marie's tongue and my fucking did to Donna, in fact Marie must have squirted love juice at least a foot in the air, as Donna poured her juices on Marie's face I shot my load deep in Donnas cunt, as I pulled out Marie was lapping my spunk up out of Donna's gaping gash.

We thanked Marie and she said that she'd had a good time also. When we were checking in she'd fancied Donna immediatley that's why she'd asked me that strange question. As she left Donna and I showered and fucked again.
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