I'd just taken Donna to work, it was a warm sunny day and I was sat out reading, when our neighbour an Asian girl who Donna and I had fucked some time ago was hanging her washing out, she smiled at me and said she hadn't forgotten what had happened, but it had to be our secret, Smiling I told her it was. Then her friend appeared, she was pretty too.

She introduced me to her friend, Alisha, and we were chatting for a while, she spoke very good English, she was 20 and lived in Pakistan and was going home the day after, but thought she'd look in on her friend. She was wearing a dark coloured top and jogging bottoms, she was thin and had dark long hair.

I went in our house and had a half hour on xhamster but Alisha played on my mind, as I went to sit out she was outside talking to our neighbour, I knew I was semi hard as I sat at our table. A few minutes later our neighbour said to me, in broken English, that Alisha could sort out that lump in my pants, I said "No she's Ok", and came inside.

A few minutes later our door opened and there was Alisha, she came up to me smiling, and put her hand on my cock through my shorts, God I was hard. I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck, she moved round so I kissed her lips and in a matter of minutes we were snogging. Directing her into the lounge, we broke apart and I sat her on the settee.

We carried on kissing for what seemed like an age, as I moved my hands onto her tits she sighed, no-one had ever touched her before, she was waiting for an arranged marriage. As I kissed her she put her hand on my cock again and I had taken her top and bra off and was kneeding her lush tits, bending down to lick her nipples she said how good it was with her moaning.

I licked her nipples and ran my fingers up the outside of her pants, she said she felt exited but didn't know why, as I pulled down her bottoms I slipped a finger onto her lips, she sighed again. I licked down from her tits onto the front of her knickers and slipped my tongue onto her clit, she was moaning now, licking her feriously she came and juices from her virgin cunt ran down her leg.

I stood up and pulled down my shorts to reveal myself, she touched me and my cock quivered with the touch, I told her to kiss me, and she did. Pulling her to the floor I opened her legs and stuffed my chunky cock into her gaping cunt, proceeding to hump this Asian virgin, she was moaning as I licked her nipples as I slowly shagged her.

I told her to rub her own clit as I fucked her, she did and she was coming very quickly, as I knew she was close I pulled out and licked her off for another time. Getting her on her knees I pushed into her from behind and bucked her hard, she was screaming and I was coming. Stopping I turned her around and told her to lick my cock.

As I pushed my hard on into her dainty mouth she gagged, She grabbed me with her fist and was wanking me as she licked me, I was feeling her tits and I knew I was coming, she wanked me off and as I shot my load into her mouth it dribbled out and ran down onto her tits, that was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. She thanked me and got dressed, I kissed her goodbye. Beautiful!!
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7 months ago
very erotic story makes me horny just thinking of it:)