coffee shop assistant

Donna and I go to the same coffee shop when we're out shopping. The assistant is called Kylie, she's always smiling, not particularly pretty, but she's slim around 24 and has ample size tits, she was bending over a table when we went in, and god I nearly came in my pants, as Donna already knew, by the look on my face.

We sat down and Kylie brought our coffee's to our table, as she started to make small talk, we asked her if she'd like to join us on her break, she said she would and would be over in five minutes. Donna and I agreed to see how it went because it could develop, and she also knew I was gagging to fuck this girl.

Kylie came over and we were talking and laughing, she said "You two look so right for each other", I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she replied she hadn't, as we talked I put my hand on her knee and told her how pretty she was, she wasn't but you don't say that do you? She giggled and said she finishes in half an hour, so we asked her if she'd like to come to ours for tea.

45 minutes later, she was in our car coming back to ours, talking about herself. As we got to our house she said she needed a shower, I said "Ok" as I put my hand on her knee, she looked at me, then at Donna, who smiled. I took her upstairs to where the bathroom was, showed her where everything was,she came into our bedroom for a towel.

As she did I approached her and kissed her, she pulled away saying "What about your wife", Donna was stood behind me and said "Don't bother about me", I sat her on the bed and continued to kiss her, I had my hand on her knee, slowly moving it up her leg, then ran my finger down her slit through her trousers, Donna was feeling her tits from behind her, she was moaning.

As I was kissing her neck, Donna unbuttoned her shirt, slipped it off her shoulders and in unclipping her bra continued to feel her ample breasts, rubbing her nipples in her fingers, I then unbuttoned her trousers, pulled them down and rubbed the front of her knickers, she was gasping, she was coming, as I rubbed faster she screamed out.

I took my jeans off and placed her hand around my cock, she fold her fist around me and started to wank me off, I pulled down her knickers and laid her on the bed, opening her thighs I pushed my cock inside her wet cunt, Donna was licking her nipples, as I shagged Kylie, I whispered in her ear "Feel my wife under her skirt", she put her hand under Donna's skirt and felt her box.

As I fucked Kylie, she was rubbing Donna and I was kissing her I asked her if it was Ok, she said "Not bad", I told her the best was yet to come. Within minutes I knew I was close to coming, I leaned over and kissed Kylie as I pounded her tight young cunt, all of a sudden my cock quivered and I shot my load inside her, she sighed and I moaned.

Kylie sat up and smiled at me I said "You should have a shower now", and with that she did. I was kissing Donna and we were talking about it, she said "I knew you wanted her so I let you", I said "Thanks". When Kylie got out of the shower she came into our room and I took the towel off her and laid her on the bed, I started to kiss her and she kissed me back.

Donna was lying on her side, and I said to Kylie "did you like that", she said she did. As I was kissing her I whispered in her ear "Now you have to touch and rub Donna", she said she couldn't as I fondled her tits I said "Oh yes you can", and I turned her to face her, she ran her hands up Donna's skirt and proceeded to rub her through her panties, she was moaning.

I licked Kylie's ass and ran my tongue over her clean clit, fingering her all the time, Donna had pulled her skirt up and Kylie was rubbing her crotch, I said "Lick her" and pushed her head down, she eventually licked Donna's crack through her knickers as she was beginning to moan all the more, as was Kylie as I was licking her tight wet cunt. They both came together!

I sat up and pulled Donna's knickers off and got her up onto all fours, I told Kylie to slide under her, we had a vibrator on the bed so Donna picked it up, I told Kylie to lick my wife's crack as I pushed my rock hard cock into her, she did, and Donna was using the vibro on her. As we rocked, Donna was close to coming again, she let go of the vibro and stuck her tongue on Kylies clit and fingered her.

God what a sight and what a feeling. I knew I was coming by the sound of my wife I knew she was and in a matter of a few minutes we all screamed we were coming, I pulled out of my wife, she and Kylie were licking each other with a vengence when all of a sudden both girls squirted their love juice over each others face, Donna grabbed my cock and wanked me off over her tits.

As my spunk ran down and onto Kylie's face Donna licked it off and inadvertantly kissed Kylie and she kissed her back, both of the tasting my sperm. We got dressed, Kylie stayed for tea, then I ran her home, she said to both of us she'd like to come again, we agreed to do it all again.

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