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Since my wife started a part time job on weekends I ususally just enjoy myself here on xhamster but the last time she worked she left me a shopping list. I was down the first aisle when I saw her, she was about 5' 10", taller than me, 36D tits, shoulder length blondish her, wearing a cream skirt that was hugging a little chub, cream blouse, she had big calfs, she looked posh.

As I got to the 4th aisle I was standing next to her, breathing in her perfume, she asked me where the magazines were,"I'll take you, come on" and with that she followed me, thanking me I walked away, she had a posh speaking voice. Later on I saw her again struggling with her shopping at the checkout, abandoning my basket I saked her if she needed any help, she said she did.

As I'd packer her stuff I said "I'll help you put them in your car", as we walked to her car she told me she doesn't usually do the shopping, I said "Ok", she said "My husband is away on business so I have to do my own shopping". When we got to her car I loaded up the boot and she said "Thankyou", I asked "How will you get it out when you get home", she said "I'll struggle".

I said I'll follow you and help, she said Ok. I followed her to one of the poshest areas of our town, she pulled into the drive of a beautiful house, I drove in also, as I got out she said "I'm home alone the staff have gone home for the weekend", I replied "Not to worry", with that she accepted my help of unloading her car and taking her groceries into the kitchen.

As we sat down with a coffee she asked me all sorts of questions as she looked me up and down, about herself she said her husband was a successful business man but was hardly ever at home, for some reason I could tell she was gagging for it but didn't know how to approach it. I got up from my buffet and walked around the kitchen, behind her I slipped my hands onto her shoulders, rubbing them I kissed her, she leaned into my arms and hungrily kissed me back.

She stopped and said "Not here", leading me by the hand she took me upstairs, as we sat on the bed she said she'd never been with anyone except her husband and they've been married 30 years, I asked her how old she was, and she replied ං", As I sat leaned across and kissed her full on, she was kissing me back, I slipped my hand onto her breast and slowly carressed her, she moaned.

As I was doing this she was saying things like "God I'm so horny", "I hope George doesn't find out", I unbuttoned her blouse, reaching behind I unclipped her bra, taking them both off I bent down to lick her nipples, fondling her tits and rolling her nips between my fingers. She said "My husband is very straight forward during sex, same thing everytime", I carried on sucking her.

As I alternated between kissing her lips and sucking her tits, she was moaning like mad, I slipped my hand under her skirt and started to move up her leg, she parted her thighs and I continued up the inside of her right leg, as I got to the top and teased her slit with my finger, she gasped. I unclipped her skirt, pulled the zip down and told her to stand up. She did.

I pulled it down and off her legs, she stood there with just her cream coloured panties on and said "I've never done this before with the light on", I told her to shush, sitting her down we carried on and I had my hand on the front of her knickers, moving slowly over her slit as I carried on either kissing her or sucking her nipples.

After a while I pushed her onto the bed, her legs dangling over the edge, I kissed her, ran my tongue onto her nipples, then down and onto her belly button, further down and straight onto her crack, she gasped saying "I've never had this before", I licked her through her knickers, gently fingering her ass and slipping a finger into her sopping wet pussy, she groaned.

Pulling down her panties, I slipped my tongue onto her clit, she screamed as soon as I did it, I was carefully inserting my little finger into her ass as she squirmed around, after only a few minutes she said she was coming, I licked her hard and rough as she had a massive orgasm, she pulled me up and started to kiss me like she was demented, gasping all the time.

She said "I've never had that before", I unbuttoned my jeans and took them off, pulling down my boxers and releasing my 7" rock hard cock, she didn't attempt to touch me, I got hold of her and said "Put it in your mouth", she said "I've never done it before", with that I opened her legs and pushed my chunky cock into her bushy crack, she screamed as I slammed into her.

After a few minutes I pulled out and told her to turn over, as she did I got her onto all fours and pushed back into her from behind, she said "I've only ever done the normal position before", as I shagged her hard from behind I knew she was coming again, so I pulled out and licked her clit to another orgasm, I turned her onto her back and resumed 'normal' shagging.

As I was close to coming I pulled out and sat her up, she grabbed hold of my cock, "Put it in your mouth and keep wanking" I said, she did but not properly as I was coming I really didn't care as she wanked me off over her tits. she was gasping, moaning and sighing all at the same time. As she wiped all my cum off her tits, I touched her again, again she sighed.

I laid her down and started to kiss her and finger her cunt, she was moaning again, I moved down and again licked her clit and all around her triangle, now and again slipping my tongue into her ass she was crying with pleasure, as I continued for around 20 minutes, her orgasm was building and building, when all of a sudden she exploded all over my face, I lapped it up.

I stood in front of her with another rock hard hard on and opened her thighs as I pushed into her box for the second time, and again she moaned, as I was shagging her she was saying "I've never done it twice in a row before", as I pounded between her thighs, then I pulled out and placed my cock at the opening of her asshole, teasing her with it, she was moaning real hard now.

Before she had time to react I pushed my cock into her ass, she exploded squirting out of her fanny as I started to fuck her ass, she was screaming and moaning, I continued for around three minutes when I pulled out and slotted it back in her cunt, riding her for ages, she came again, I pulled out and she licked my cock as I erupted again on her cheek, cum dripping off her chin.

Afterwards she said that was the best sex she'd ever had, and she meany ever. I kissed her flaps, I kissed her tits, I kissed her mouth, put her knickers in my pocket, she let me out and she actually cried saying "I probably won't ever see you again", I replied "It doesn't matter" and with that she gave me an envelope, as I got home I looked in and there was $200. I thought 'cheeky bitch', but it was a good afternoon.
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great fuck story but you have been used the envelope tells you that:)XXXXXXXX