Out walking

I was bored sitting at home waiting for the wife to ring for a lift, so I went for a walk in a park near to where I live, it's a massive park and used commonly by people walking their dogs, I sat down on a park bench to have a drink and a cigarette, the bench was engulfed in trees, it was a beautiful place to be, listening to the wildlife making their own noises.

Suddenly out of what appeared to be nowhere an older lady walked towards me, she sat at the same bench and we struck up a conversation about how beautiful the park was. We talked for a while and I asked her name, "Lucy" she replied, she said she was 73 years old, she didn't look it, quite chubby, smallish tits for a large lady, and she was a widower.

I asked her if she lived around here she replied that she didn't and came down to walk her dog in her car. Then for some unknown reason she laid back on the bench, and I became instantly attracted to her, she asked me if I was married, I replied I was, she said she missed her husband more so as they had had such an active sex life, I asked how long he'd been dead, she answered "8 years".

I looked around and saw some trees in what looked like a secluded area, I suggested we walked towards some trees and to see what was behind them, she agreed. She was wearing a black skirt and a lemon coloured blouse, as we walked through the trees there was an opening which was secluded from the walkway we'd come from, there was also some concrete blocks. I sat down and Lucy joined me.

I leaned across and kissed her full on the lips, she said "I wondered if that's what you had in mind", then she kissed me back, we were snogging hungrily, she had her hand on my cheek, as I kissed her I drooped my hand onto her breast and she sighed a little, I kissed down her neck as she put her head back and began to unbutton her blouse, she moaned a little, I opened it and felt her tits.

She said she'd often wondered about meeting someone but thought it was just a fantasy, I moved my hand up her leg and she quickly parted her thighs, as I gently rubbed her through her knickers she was moaning all the more. I got down in front of her and got on my knees and started to lick up the inside of her thighs, as I got to the tops of her legs she opened them really wide.

I began to lick her moist pussy and she started to come, she had her hand on the back of my head pushing my face into her cunt, as she grinded herself on my tongue to her orgasm. I stood up and she unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them down and my boxers, she grabbed my cock and started to toss me off, I pulled her head down and she wrapped her mouth around my bellend.

I pulled away and reached up her skirt pulling down her knickers to reveal a shaven cunt, I got her to kneel across the concrete slab, parting her legs I slipped my cock into her wet cunt from behind, slowly starting to fuck her. Suddenly a young lad came over and she called him over towards her, he did and she told him to get his cock out.

As he did she put it straight in her mouth and sucked him off as I was shagging her, after a few minutes, I pulled out as I didn't want to come so quickly, and the young lad quickly moved round to where I was and shoved his bigger cock deep into her wet cunt and then proceeded to fuck her fast, I resumed his position and she was licking her own juices off my cock.

I screamed he was coming and pulled out and shoved it into her mouth, as he shot his load she swallowed every drop, I turned her on her back and fucked her hard, coming deep inside her fanny, she moaned out her orgasm as my seed filled up her box, the young lad had run off, as we sat there exhausted, she thanked me. I went home to wait for my wife to ring.
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