Asked to fuck wife's friend

My wife asked me to fuck her friend, Jill, she was 40 years old, 16 stone, 5' 7" and not my type at all, she wasn't very attractive at all, but as my wife had asked me, even insisting, I felt that I had to do it. I asked my wife if she would be watching, she replied she wouldn't and would stay downstairs while I shagged her. Charming I thought to myself.

Jill came up this particular day, I'd been in the bath and my wife was drying me down running her hands over my cock and getting me hard, the way she always did, stopping as soon as I came erect, telling me to make sure Jill had a good time, I begged her to cancel but she said I had to do this if I loved her. What could I do!

We exchanged pleasentries in the kitchen as my wife beckoned me to go upstairs, as I did she was talking to Jill, she came up a couple of minutes later, I asked her "When did you last have sex?" she replied "Years ago". I was shocked as I knew she was married. She came into the bedroom and sat on the bed, she was wearing a red dress, and I noticed she had a black bra on.

I sat down next to her and she looked at me in an embarrassing way, I kissed her tenderly on her lips, and she did the same back to me, it felt strange to kiss another woman without my wife there, we kissed for a good few minutes, then I squeezed her left breast as we kissed, she sighed and tilted her head back, I kissed her neck and felt her tits, she moaned.

I brought my hands round to the back of her dress, gently unclipping it and as I took the straps off her shoulders I cupped her tits in my hands, pulling her dress down I unclipped her bra and out popped 42DD tits, coming round the front of her I pulled her dress all the way off, sliding down her bra, kneeling in front of her I started to lick her nipples.

As she was moaning I continued to suck each nipple in turn and running my hand across her knees, she automatically opened her legs as I moved my hand up the inside of her right leg, she laid down on our bed as I was still licking her tits I ran my hand up her leg and found the front of her knickers, as soon as I ran my finger down her crutch she came!!!

I couldn't believe how quickly she'd cum, but she was breathless and moaning as I continued to touch the front of her crutch, she was pissed wet through, she sat up and thanked me for her orgasm, I stopped her from talking and opened her legs again, laying her down I ran my tongue up the inside of her thighs, and up and down her slit from outside her panties.

She said she was coming again as I pulled her crotch to one side I slipped my tongue onto her clit, she practicly screamed the house down, and as began to finger her she was moaning and screaming and squirting, fluids running down her legs. She was so apologetic, I told her not to be silly, she sat up and kissed me again.

As I stood up I put her hand on my cock she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, pulling my undies down as quickly as she could, I put my hand round her neck and moved her face towards my helmet, she said she doesn't do oral, I said "Ok" as I laid her down, opening her legs and pushing my thick chunky cock into her soaking wet cunt, she gasped as it went in.

Shagging her slowly she was screaming with pleasure as I got up to speed, scratching my back as I was fondling her chubby arse as I pounded her fat cunt, thenas soonas I'd got going I stopped and pulled out, turning her around and pushing my cock into her from behind she gasped again and I told her to rub her clit as I shagged her, she said she was although I couldn't see her.

As I pounded her from behind I noticed my wife rubbing her own clit through her knickers from outside the door, this turned me on somewhat and I knew I was coming, I pulled out and turned to Jill and said "I know you don't do oral but taste this" as I wanked my wet cock over her face, out came hot wet sticky spunk, shooting all over her face, dripping off her nose.

We cleaned ourselves up and she went downstairs to thank my wife and after a coffee she was gone, I had a shower and told my wife all about it and she admitted to watching most of it through the crack in the door, I then shagged her myself and as per normal she screamed as I shagged my wife at top speed, shooting my cum deep in her pussy.
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5 months ago
must show the wife this one...forever hopeful..
6 months ago
next time we start with her doing oral or no more dick...
7 months ago
a loveing wife to you and her friend you will lots of work a head:)
7 months ago
A very hot story, with a sexy understanding wife who cares for her friend's pleasures
7 months ago
you gotta love a man on a mission