The Insurance Lady

He had liked the sound of her voice on the phone,Enlish accent,clipped,formal but with a bit of banter.He had rang her company as she was to assess his flat for an insurance repair.
He watched as she got out of the car.Dressed in business jacket,skirt and blouse.He also noticed that skirt was slightly flared at bottom and didn,t really have a business cut to it !
He opened the door and let her in noting the classy smell of Poison perfume and noticed the blouse was buttoned low.
She took a seat on one of his sofas.As he turned round from kichen to ask her what she took in her coffee he saw that she had spread her folders either side of her filling that sofa.While looking at her face as she answered he couldn,t help notice the expanse of leg
flesh showing from the skirt even with her knees closed together.
He took through her coffee.She held it for a few seconds as he sat down on vacant sofa.As ther was that much paperwork either side of her she bent forward to place it on floor.
The blouse gaped and the cups of the soft style bra swung forward revealing nice firm breasts.He imagined how nice the nipples would be.He,d always found large breasts to be disappointing in the nipple dept,these looked just right.
He knew she knew he had been looking as she didn,t have that reflex of adjusting herself when she sat up straight.She also quickly glanced at his groin area.
She now had her left leg crossed side on to him.A nice area of leg.
She started to talk about how she would survey the flat and explained all the admin.She flirted on the fact that he was by himself when he said he would have to clean up himself after the decorating was finished.
She made to look for her tape measure,swingin from right to left and back looking from folder to folder and he got a beautiful glimpse of white pants framed in stockings.He was now erect as he went to get a tape measure from the drawer in the kichen.
He told himself to not get carried away,this was a woman visiting his house on business and she was surely only accidentally revealing herself.
Coming back through to the living room she was now squatting on the floor looking at other folders with her legs open,speaking away how she should have a tape.The blue pleated skirt framed the white pants which did nothing to hide the outline of her bulging labia.
She took the tape and they proceeded to measure all the water damaged areas.
They got a system going where one would measure and one would write sizes on her survey sheet.
In the hallway they were at opposite ends when she had her back to him bent right over measuring a doorway speaking away about work.She had earlier hiched her skirt up ,she said to avoid damaging it with her knees,with her now being bent over on her knees the intriging bulge of her mons was on view again and some brown pubic hairs escaped from either side of her pants.
On finishing that past she asked him to recheck measurements on the sheet and she went to the bathroom which was just off the hall.Despite the door being closed he heard her heels as she adjusted herself and sat on the toilet,heard her pee.Surely he thought she must know i can here her.
As soon as she came out he noticed that the stockings were gone.See she said knew i would ruin them on the floor as she held them up to show holes and went and put them in her bag.
She shouted him in to the living room and said right from now on you measure and i,ll scribe as she sat in a corner on the floor with the sheet and a brochure of flooring available to those sizes.
As he shouted over the first measurement she said ok ,lets see,he looked over to see what the delay was she had a brochure up to her face and her legs were open ,knees off the ground and skirt loose enough for him to see that just not the stockings had gone but her pants too.The dark pink of her fanny lips contrasting with light brown pubic hair especially at the top where the thick hood of her clit joined the lips ---- to be continued !

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11 months ago
boner!! c'mon, rest of it!!!
11 months ago
Nice but hurry with next chapter. Lol
3 years ago
Good beginning
3 years ago
this story definately has potential