Paper Boy gets his dues

I get my paper delivered on occasion and mostly the weekend papers, so I can catch up on the news and of course get the flyers that come in the papers. My paper boy is a young stud, not sure but he is a good looking k**. Whenever he comes to deliver my paper I always make sure I there to greet him. He is tall about 5’10” with dark brown hair and brown eyes you can imagine with a nicely built body. I wasn't sure of his age, but figure he was around 18. I figure that as he said he was working a couple of jobs to raise money to get his own car. This happen in the summer of 2010, I decided that I needed to know what was beneath his clothing. In the summer he always wore a t-shirt and shorts, so knew he had nice legs and arms on him and he could tell he had a nice package in his semi tight shorts. On that Saturday the first part of July, I decided to make my move on him.
I woke up Saturday morning and head a shower and shaved my pussy clean and put on my favorite light satin blue camisole and matching panties. I then slipped on a pair of thigh highs and put on some slippers for comfort until I knew he would be here. I then went out to the kitchen and poured myself a coffee and sat there and waiting for the door bell to ring. Finally it did, I slipped out of my slippers and put on a pair of black 2 ½ inch heels and went to the door and open it. There he was staying there, ready to hand me my paper and he stood there gawking at me. My breasts un supported because I chose not to wear a bra. I looked into his deep brown eyes and followed his gazed to my sagging tits. My nipples were erect and pointed out from the thin material of my camisole. I could see his eyes locked on my nipples jutting out.
“Why don’t you come in honey” I said to him.
He stepped inside the door and I closed the door behind him and he turned to face me as I leaned back against the door. He continued to gaze at my breasts through the thin camisole I was wearing and I then slowly took it off and then slide my panties down and off until I was standing there naked for him.
His gaze went first to my nipples that stuck out fully and then down to my freshly shaven pussy.
I moved up to him and reached down and took his hands in mine. I then lifted them up and placed his hands on my breasts and began kneading them with him. He slowly began doing it himself and I leaned back against the door and enjoy his hands roaming all over my breasts. I then took his left hand in me and lower it to my pussy and with my help began fingering my pussy. I could see that this was really turning him on and the bulge in his shorts was pressing out against it. I reach down and slide my hand along the front of his shorts and his hard cock twitched as I rubbed it slowly. I then slide my hand inside of his shorts and under his shorts and grasped his hard throbbing cock in my hand and kneaded it some. He began to moan out and knew that if I kept it up he would cum right there in his shorts. I didn’t want that.
I released his cock and pulled my hand from his shorts and then looked at him and saw the lust in his eyes and got down on my knees in front of him. I then pulled his shorts and under wear down around his ankles as he stepped out of them. His cock sprang out and I wetted my lips with my tongue as I looked at his hard throbbing cock. I took his cock back into my hand and leaned over and slide it into my mouth. Slowly I began sliding it in and out of my mouth when suddenly his cock erupted in my mouth. I sucked and swallowed his cock as he spewed his seed into my mouth. Finally he stopped cuming and I released his cock. I stood up and pulled him close to me and went to kiss him and he pulled away. I looked at him and asked “what is wrong?”
“I don’t wanna kiss you with my cum in your mouth,” he said to me.
“Ok,” I said to him.
“You have a nice cock,” I told him.
He began to turn red and said, “thanks.”
“Would you like to come to my bed,” I asked him
“Ok,” he said to me.
“Just ok,” I asked him.
“Sorry,” he said. “Yes I do.”
"Good." I said to him.
We move off to my bedroom and we laid down on my bed. I then reached into my nightstand and pulled out a 10" black dildo and looked at him and said, "use this on me."
He took it from me and looked it over and then placed it to my pussy and slide it in deep.
“Ooooooo,” I moaned out to him.
He began pumping it in and out as he leaned over and began sucking on my erect nipples.
“That’s it honey,” I moaned to him. “fuck me with my dildo.”
As he worked the dildo in and out of my pussy, I reached over and took his cock into my hand and began stroking it up and down. It didn’t take long and he was rock hard again.
“Fuck me baby” I moaned out, “Fuck me good.”
I pulled him on top of me and he plunged his cock deep into my pussy and began sliding it in and out.
“Fucccck me!” I moaned out to him. “Fuck this old broad.”
In and out he plunged his cock into me until finally he cummed deep into my pussy. I moaned out for him to keep pounding me good.
After his cock stopped spewing his seed into me, he got up onto his hands above me and looked down at me and said, “fuck your horny.”
“Yes I am,” I said to him. “You can fuck me anytime you want honey.”
“Fuck ya.” He said to me.
He then pulled his cock from my pussy and was about to get up from the bed. “Where you going?” I asked.
“I have to finish my route here.” He said.
“Ok, come by anytime then.” I said.
‘fuck, I will” he said.
With that he went out to where his shorts and underwear laid on the floor, got dressed and turned to me and said, “I’II be back.” With that he opened the door and headed out the door. I went back to my bed and grabbed my dildo and brought myself to orgasm.

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1 year ago
I loved it!
1 year ago
Very, very good. I enjoy your prose. You should blog more often. MMMM :-)
2 years ago
Fuck! I wish I was your paper boy!
2 years ago
Every paperboys dream
2 years ago
Mmmm fantastic
2 years ago
I'd sperm you good, saggy tits and all!
2 years ago
wish I 'd of had a lady customer like you when I delevered papers back in my younger years