James falls in love for the first time! (Dedicated

James peered through the gap in his curtains, feasting his eyes upon the delights just a dozen feet away. His newest neighbor had only moved next door the past week, and he had gotten brief glimpses of her on occasion. Now she was in the patch of ground behind her trailer sunning herself. She had red hair that fell in endless curls past her shoulders, tall for a woman, curvy but not fat, huge breasts were spilling out of her bikini. She had the hands of a woman who was no longer young, but her face and body appeared to have retained its youth. No doubt this elegant Goddess had taken care of herself very well over the years. She was reading a magazine, and from his concealed position James could tell it was a muscle mag. The one full of men who took steroids, had shriveled cocks, and probably were mostly gay anyway. Although her skin was pale, she still could tan. Her flesh looked soft and smooth even from this distance, a thin layer of moisture coated her body from head to toe, it was a May Day, but the sun and heat were already present. James had snuck into his mother’s room near the back of the trailer when he saw the neighbor walk out her front door and stroll to the back of her lot with a lawn chair, magazine, and towel. He was confident she could not see his eyes fixated on her from his concealed position. Seeing such a clean, sexy, enticing example of womanhood in front of him soon gave fire to his loins. As he observed her from secrecy he noticed she started to turn the pages slower. From his angle of view he could not tell what she was looking at, but the effects became apparent soon. Her nipples began to rise, further, higher, harder, and popping up her thin bikini material like the poles of some circus tent. What ever she was reading, or more likely, looking at, was causing her to become aroused. The sheer size of her nipples made James tingle all over; his very small cock instantly engorged itself with bl**d, throbbing with the thrill of the moment. James was breathing hard, his heart was beating so hard in his chest he knew she might hear it. But he knew what he had to do, it was no longer a choice, like a wild a****l that must feast, a man in the desert must drink, James had to cum. Slowly he unzipped his shorts, he struggled, and failed to keep from disturbing the curtains, as he pulled his tiny member into position. He was breathing hard already, but did not think she had seen the movement.
Beneath her sunglasses Denise had seen the curtains move out of the corner of her eye. Knowing now she was being spied upon she remained calm and took great pains to continue to act normally. Out of the corner of her eyes she spied the cause of the movement. Someone in the trailer next door was watching her through the window. She concentrated and moved her eyes to a better position. Her heart began pounding, and she almost turned her head at what she saw. Even though the room was dark, she could see the face of a young man, and down below he had his hand moving back and forth over his crotch area!!!! The little perv was stroking off his boy cock while watching me she thought. Her first instinct was to jump up and go inside. But she was already aroused from the images in the magazine she had found amongst the left over’s in the mobile home she had rented. Her nipples were erect, her petals of woman hood moist, and now tingling from the sudden developments. Later she would not be able to explain what came over her, but without even thinking she reached down and pulled the cup of one of her bikini tops down, exposing a huge boob, curvy, plump, white as snow, her pink nipple stood like a spare into the sky, incredible in length, she moved her fingers to it and began twisting it and tugging on it, pulling it even further. Her mouth opened as she exhaled, an inaudible gasp escaped her lips. She laid the magazine down...........
James was rocking his hips back and forth, snorts, gasps, and hushes caused his body to shake. She had just pulled out the most perfect tit he had ever seen in his life, and she was playing with the nipple. Suddenly she laid the magazine down, reached up with the free hand, took off her sun glasses and turned her head to stare him right in the face. Terror filled James, but he could not stop pumping his fist up and down on his little Vienna sausage. Her gaze paralyzed him from running away, which he was desperate to do. Her eyes never leaving him she reached down with her free hand and pulled aside her thong, and revealed her shaven smooth, silky honey pot. The lips were pink, pretty, and their wetness glistened in the sun. She spread her two fingers like the legs of a woman, and proceeded to uncover her treasure. A pink and pale button appeared at the top of her lips, round and perfect, it was an enormous clitoris swollen from excitement. Her fingers circled it, pulled it up, tweaked it, it was like nothing James had seen before.
Denise was enraptured with lust; all thoughts of modesty were forgotten. She was so horny all that mattered was her pleasure. Let this man see what a real woma's body looks like she thought. She was working her breast just as hard as her snatch, but James did not notice his eyes were focused on that clitoris.
u*********sly he maneuvered himself into a better position exposing him completely to her. The curtains moved aside, she could see his pathetic little member. He expected she would burst out laughing, but her hands just moved faster with a fury he was not familiar with.
He dared to glance her in the eye, and the view shocked him. Her brow was furrowed, her mouth open in gasps or words he could not tell, her head tilted at angles. Her eyes, her eyes, all he could see in them were pleading, as if she desperately needed him. He smiled without thought, she smiled back, the smile of a hungry cougar, she did not despise him, she was in ecstasy, and this was the greatest moment in his life!!!!
He could not stop it, it came like a tidal wave, a chill that was somewhere between numbness and an electric shock starting at his toes raced up his body, by the time it hit is crotch he new there was nothing to do but enjoy it. His tiny cock shock a stream of cum with the pressure of a fire house. A great rope of pearly man juice erupted splattering into the window, again, and again, he did not care, and the release was so sweet. The window was coated with pulsation after pulsation of his seed. He stood there panting, his hand covered with cum, dripping off his cock, running down the pane of glass. He did not care, but she continued.
Denise pulled her other breast out, that boy in the window had just shot a gallon of spunk all over the place! She pushed each breast between her arms, and worked her slit and clit with both hands. He stood there out of breath as she stared him right in the eye and worked herself to completion. She gasped, moaned, and made faces as she completed her task. It was the first time she had ever done this, and it was a very intense orgasm when it came. Her eyes never left her not so secret admirers as she laid there recovering. Within moments she realized her exposed private parts, and quickly composed herself. She collapsed the chair and glanced one more time at the window, the young man was still there; she smiled a mischievous grin to him, winked, and quickly went inside.
"I am not done with you fella, not even close, we are just getting started." She thought to herself.
James could not believe it; she stared right at him, his miniature little cock, and smiled, then winked!
This was the greatest day of his life.........

Dedicated to Ga_lovergirl711

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1 year ago
Love the story!!
3 years ago
I just wish she would acknowledge it now, she said she would be flattered, I wrote it, now she no longer communicates with me. Reminds me of "tribute" pictures, every time I go thru the effort, there is never even a thank you or anything.
3 years ago
very good a part to please