Setup the wife to accept Aldeattp

The objective of this program is to prepare psychologically and sexually wife to accept the idea that her lover with the knowledge and consent of her husband.

1 - Do your spouse to raise the sexual ideas include other men.

2 - told her how it seems that the other men and more toxic and ask them to express their opinion about them.

3 - Tell your wife that your penis is not large enough to Omtaaha sexually.

4 - to say that the transient expressions penis pathetic than members of other men.

5 - disinherit your spouse of sex for long periods of time.

6 - when they have sex with her be sure to complete a quick left, O is saturated with sexual

7 - change during her told her that her body is very beautiful and it's bad luck to Erie this body one else.

8 - when they go out together, encouraged her to wear tight clothes and thick eyebrows.

9 - tried to make to other men and ask her which of them you like more.

10 - ask her in public places of the men who are more toxic.

= 11 claimed the men to the house and ask them sitting with.

12 - When a man calls home to ask your wife to wear tight clothes and put a lot of cosmetics.

13. If a man who visited you at home, choose her what Stertdi.

14. Trada not ask them any underwear infrastructure in the home and visited you, especially if one of the men.
15 - Azorkm when one of the men, try to leave your wife alone with him.

16 - If there is a constant frequency on the house, I remember his name during sexual intercourse by sexually exciting ideas.

17 - Show your wife Movies that deal with sexual Aldeattp and encouraged to exercise during Alastnme seen.

18 - Let a friend talking to it via your mobile phone and leave her alone, she talks to him.

19 - buy her ankle bracelet and ask them to wear inside and outside the home.

20 - If you attended your friend to connect you and your wife in his car, open the door for her next to him and ask her to sit next to him and you sit in the back seat.

21 - when it touches your friend that your wife from time to time Tell her it's OK to do so.

22 - I do everything you can to make them agree that perception and show naked pictures on your friend.

23 - Make it your friend sitting next to her home and took some photos of them commented on the pictures they appear to be suitable for each other.

24 - when Azuk friend home, tell her that good of a friend kissing her cheeks when greeting.

25 - while visiting a friend, fill some quiet music and ask your friend Mracsh your wife.
26 - Ask your friend to grasp the hand of your wife to know her reaction.

27 - Ask your friend without the knowledge that your wife is trying to flirt with your wife in your presence and eternal happiness when Igazlha front of you.

28 - If your wife wants you to connect anywhere, fatigue and allegedly suggested to her that a friend deliver it to his car.

29 - Tell a friend about the types of jewelry and fragrances that you prefer your wife.

Tell a friend 30 = all the secrets of your very own for your wife and especially sexual secrets and raised sexually.

31 - When your friend calls your wife for dinner outside the home and ask your opinion is, tell her it is all right to leave him alone.

32 - If your wife will come out with your friend and who became her boyfriend, Fassaadha get ready to come out, including that help them in the bath or taking them to the hairdresser as well as helped her to wear her clothes. Do not forget to wish her a happy evening with her boyfriend
33 - if her boyfriend will not come to take them from home, do you plug it in and leave the meeting place

34 - If your wife went out with her boyfriend Beset do not try to connect, no matter how delayed outside the home

35 - When you return to your wife's house with her boyfriend of the time, tell her you wish to have spent a great time with her boyfriend and her boyfriend go out with them more often.

36 - If you know it will come out with her boyfriend the next day Vstrae her new clothes or new jewelry and told her that you bought it to look more beautiful when going out with her boyfriend.

37 - Call Besdagaha and ask him to caress and kiss your wife on the trip to a home in your presence and eternal happiness Bmdaath and kissing her.

38 - when he starts kissing her boyfriend and Bmdaabtha, left the place and tell her you need to show you some privacy.

39 - after the first sex to your wife with her boyfriend, laughingly commented that the couple have become

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