the party

it was my mates party and everyone from our year had attended, there was one person who i had always fantisized abut nd becasue of the amoutn i d***k my have done something wrong, at the time i wasnt sure nd now i tyhink back i dont regret a think.

i was waiting for this boy to go to the tilet so i could make my move , his name was conor nd he finnaly went to the toilet. i followed.

it was just him and me in the toilet and we were justhaving a normal chat when i threw my self at him , i was unsure about his reaction but he kissed back . we pasinatlly kissed for about a minuite before we realised it was to dangerous to do what we were guna do here, so we went back to his house as it was free.

when we got inside the hallway he put me up against the wall nd we got off , our tongues were tanglin , it was like i had ever imagned.

i then said would i be able to dress up as a girl , he said that hs mum or s****r my have something nd to go hgave a look while he waited downstairs.

i wnet and looked , in his mums clset was the real good stuff , all her kinky gear.i put on some black thigh high lever boots , with stockings under neath which had suspenders up to my black corste, there were also some black satin gloves whihc i put on. i went downstar to conor and he was speechless whihc i saw as a good thing.

he stood up and we kissed i then led him upstairs to his bed , i put him on the bed and then crouched over him whilst kissing him, i then took off his clothes and kissed all down his body until i cam eto his cock . it was a nice cock and was a nice fit in my mouth , i sucked it for about 10 mins be for he let rip in my mouth , i then bent over and let him fuck me in the ass.he then said he would giv me head but i disagreed as i wanted to be a true woman.

i then heard the door open and shut downstair , it was conors big b*****r and he walked in on us, we just sat still and his b*****r started at me .
conor then left the room and talked to him, he then cam in and told me i needed to giv his b*****r a blowjob so that he wuld keep quite .

this i didnt mind at all , so i wrnt in his b*****r room un done his jeans and sucked his nob till he came , his nob was much better than conors and i took his b*****rs number .

i havent seen conor since that night but see his b*****r about three times a wekk and i giv him great head and he fucks me hard.
80% (7/2)
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4 years ago
hot story
4 years ago
one after the stuff matt
4 years ago
You know matt you write very well i can now understand the way you write thanks we nee to get5 in touch