The defilement of Gayle

The defilement of Gayle.

"BEEEEP BEEEP BEEEP" The abrupt tone of the alarm stirs you from your dream.

You want to hit snooze and snuggle back under the warm comforting duvet, but today you can't.
For today is the meeting with Helen from Sandhurst International, a harsh bitch with no sense of humour. You have been trying to set this deal up for two years and today is when Helen is going to sign the contracts. It is exciting but nerve wracking all the same; if she doesn't sign your career could be on the line!

Still half asl**p you drag your weary ass out of bed and into the shower. With the warm jets slowly awakening your mind swell as your body, the urge to pee becomes uncontrollable. You have to let it go in the shower, not something you would normally do. First the sound of a big stream of piss hitting the shower tray hits your ears, followed by the splashing sensation on your calves as the piss bounces of the shower tray and lands on your lower leg, finally and worst of all the smell, not rank but certainly no channel number five it is certainly the worst part for you. Washing quickly you leave the shower and get dried on the way to the bedroom.

Laid on the chaise lounge are your clothes for the day. You start with the black lace basque, followed by the seamed stockings fastening them securely to the suspenders on the basque. Knickers, where are those matching knickers? It twigs that you took them down stairs to wash having worn them the day before. You carry on getting dressed pulling the pencil skirt over your hips and fastening the waist. Next on with the blouse, which seems tighter than usual, the top three buttons are taking some doing up but one by one they close, until the last one which pings off in your hand. There is no time to change; onwards to the makeup nothing too major just well defined eyes and killer red lipstick to match the freshly painted nails. That’s it, light off, down stairs to find the knickers. As you cross the landing you here vehicles, and people talking outside in the street. You peer around the curtains to see the street full of water and lots of workmen outside assessing the situation.

Down stairs in the kitchen, horror! The matching knickers are sat on top of the pile of washing, you pick them up to see how dirty they are, the gusset is full of crusty discharge and without thinking you raise them to your nose, you don't even get them to your nose before you decide not to wear them. Preoccupied with thought of today’s meeting, you quickly forget about the underwear situation and gather your things.

The next time you realise you are commando is as you bend over to lower your case into the boot of your car, the cool are landing on the hot skin of your pussy! Well no time to go back now!

Just as you are about to get in your car, the phone rings, It's Helen. She can't make the meeting as her husband is ill. Feeling dejected you leave your stuff in the car and head back to the house. A shout of excuse me grabs your attention. You turn to see a workman walking up your drive. "Hiya love!" he booms "No water today, Charlie has hit a water pipe wit digger" in his thick Manchester drawl. You just nod, not quite knowing what to do, turn and walk away.

Back inside you sit down on the couch and begin to go over today’s events in your mind. "bang Bang!" stirs you from your thoughts. Again "bang bang bang". "Who the fuck is that" you say out loud. Launching yourself off the couch in one motion you begin stomping down to the front door. The click of your heels on the parquet floor, an indication of your mood as you stride towards the door. Through the frosted glass of the door you can see the bright yellow glow of a workman's Hi-Viz vest. "Yes, What now?" You bark at the visitor. He turns from looking at towards the street, and looks directly at you. It is not the same man as before but a younger man, still scruffy, unkempt and covered in mud. He is cute though and quite striking with short black hair and matching beard. Not your regular type, as you tend to mix in higher society. "Hi, I need to get a sample of water from your tap please." You just stand there vacant looking.. Only a "well, can I come in then?" grabs your attention. "yes follow me".
Following you down the hall I can't help but stare at the gorgeous arse wiggling in front of me. Mesmeric in its motion almost hypnotizing me as it moves. You enter the kitchen and immediately turn on your heels to face me, pointing to the sink. You see my eyes lift to your face, the balance of power has changed and a wry smile cracks your lips. "Just there" pointing to the sink. I take my sample and chance my arm with "what comes after S" "T" is your curt reply "Tea, oh yes please, milk and two sugars please" Surprised by the audacity of this man you proceed to make the drink. Pulling out one of the stools from under the breakfast bar and making myself at home, surprises you further, but there is something about the man’s arrogance that you find endearing!
Feeling like a challenge you Thrust the tea down in front of the stranger, just a touch too hard though and the cup breaks, spilling hot tea all over my crotch. You begin to laugh, I am not amused "For a posh bitch you have got no fucking manners" You just laugh as I get up and push past you on my way to the door, pausing only briefly to pick up the sample. Still laughing you turn and look out of the kitchen window, still giggling to yourself.

The sharp jolt of having your head snatched back by your ponytail causes you to spit your coffee all down your cleavage, the burning sensation is intense! Your brain is struggling to comprehend what is happening when a strong arm comes around your waist and lifts your flailing legs clean off the floor. "looks like I am going to have to teach you a few manners, bitch" is whispered into your ear. You start to shout; I seize the first thing that comes to hand, the unwashed knickers casually tossed on the kitchen table and ram them into your mouth. You start trying to beat me off but I am too strong for you. I let go of your ponytail and pull to big thick black zip ties from my pocket. Binding your wrists and ankles together quickly. You are now on the floor writhing to get away. The tears in your eyes are starting to make your mascara loosen; your lipstick is smeared on your face from having the panties f***ed into your mouth.

I casually lay one of the dining chairs on its back and carry you over to it, placing your knees where the seat meets the back I undo the zip ties on your ankles and tie each in turn to the top of the back, your hands are then released and tied to the feet of the chair. I take of my belt and after a few swipes across your backside use it to secure your waist to the edge of the seat. Your tits, still smarting from the hot coffee are released from the safety of your blouse by me ripping the front open. The nipples are already stiff through fear, I take each breast and zip tie it to the brace between the chair legs. they are really tight and almost immediately they start to ache. you look down to see your lovely firm titties already turning red. I stand back and look at you, my own slave almost ready for use. I begin peeling an apple from the fruit bowl. puzzled you look on as I remove the entire centre. I ask you if you want me to take the panties from your mouth, you nod in agreement. I pull them out and you clamp your mouth shut behind them. I ask you to open your mouth again, but you refuse. I reach under you and click the ties holding your tits tighter, you gasp, and without any prior warning I pinch your nipple really hard. you scream and the second you do so the apple it shoved in your mouth. With it being inserted so hard when your mouth was fully open, you cannot spit it out! You instantly realise what the hole in the apple is for as I stand back and remove my trousers.

You can see my cock straining at the fabric of my shorts and the faintest wet spot where my pre cum has started to seep out. You gulp as the cock that you have fantasised over for weeks is only inches from your face. The cock that Any second now is going to fuck your face. You raise your head slightly readying yourself for the onslaught to begin. I begin fucking your face gently, enjoying the feel of your eager tongue on my shaft, the tip probing my slit, I start to pick up the pace gradually at first then harder, banging the end of my cock against your throat, not making you gag just fucking your face, as I look down at you your tits are definitely getting harder and more crimson now, your nipples puffier than when you were 13 years old. Copious amounts of drool are seeping around the apple and running down on to your swollen breasts. I reach over your back to the slit in your skirt, with one hand gripping either side I rip it fully apart to the waist exposing your bare buttocks, I reach down to your breasts and gather some of the juices that are pooling there, with the other hand I part those amazing cheeks and begin to work the juices into your ass hole. It is so loose that I am able to push two fingers straight in up to the knuckle, a little more spit and I soon have four fingers in your slack asshole, you are beginning to find this quite uncomfortable, but I carry on regardless stretching your ass until my whole hand slips into your rectum up to my wrist, the feeling is so intense that I completely forget about my cock in your mouth. It is only the body heaving as you gag on the cock lodged in your throat, your eyes pleading for its removal, saliva pouring from your nostrils, mascara running down your cheeks. 5 more seconds I tell you, the look on your face is priceless. 1....2.....3.....4......4 and a half.... 5 and out comes my cock followed by a big mouth full of spit and precum.
I resist the temptation to facefuck you more for the moment and concentrate on fisting your ass. My hand is in and out like a fiddlers elbow , fingers opening and closing all the time, reaming your back passage, it’s too much for you to take and without ever touching your clitoris you begin to orgasm your whole body racked with spasm, powerful squirts of cum erupt from your vagina.. I stand up and begin to dress... Thinking the ordeal is over you almost look relieved. I head to the door open it, and walk outside without closing it. This really makes you wonder what is coming next... What seems like an eternity later I return with a dog collar and lead, it stinks of wet dog as I fasten it around your neck. Are you my bitch I ask you...? You nod meekly.

I lead you on all fours out of the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs, where I tie the lead to the bannister before nonchalantly walking out of the front door. again leaving it wide open so anyone in the street could see you crouched in a piss stained heap and chained to the bannister. Whilst I am outside you can hear me speaking softly to someone, but no one replies to my voice. Confusion runs through your mind, who is he talking to? You wonder. With that I am walking back through the door with a large black holdall in one hand, I kick the door to with my heel, grab the lead from the bannister and order you to lead me to your bedroom. Halfway up the stairs I order you to stop along with a sharp tug on the lead. Like a good girl you remain facing upstairs as the tell-tale zip sound tells you that you are going to be defiled further with something out of the black bag. You are right of course as you feel something cold and hard pushing against your sphincter, not wanting to disappoint you push with all your might to allow the cold hard object into your anus. Wider and wider your arsehole is stretched causing you to writhe and whimper until the object slips into your bottom, your sphincter closing around the intruder until it stops on a firm shaft, which though a lot smaller than the object now nestled deep in your bowels is still stretching your ring piece uncomfortably. What could this be, some sort of large but plug, yes definitely but when you feel the handfuls of thick hair being gently lowered onto the back of your legs you realise instantly that you now have a tail! I kick your ass to get you to continue, the final 20 steps are more uncomfortable with the large plug in your ass and the long flowing tail rubbing on your inner thighs and the backs of your legs is a very new sensation.
As soon as you are in the bedroom I tell you to stop. Opening the bag I produce 2 large silver bowls from the holdall and place them on the floor at the foot of your bed, you are commanded to come and squat over the first bowl. " All that piss you drank earlier has got to come out sooner or later, now piss bitch!". Without hesitation you begin to empty your bladder into the bowl, the sound is almost deafening as the big jet of piss splashes into the cold steel bowl. Whilst you are pissing you see me reaching into the holdall again, only to see a large tin of dog meat come out in my hand" "and this is for when you are hungry bitch!" comes the stern reply to your enquiring glance. On the bed I have you lie on your back and fasten your arms outstretched to the bed frame. I proceed to sit astride your chest, as I rock back on my knees you instinctively open your mouth and poke your tongue out ready to receive my funky asshole, the second your tongue touches my ring piece it goes into overdrive licking and probing my ass, I push my feet under your head and use my calves to propel your face further into my crack getting your tongue that little bit further up inside me. Whilst this is happening you can feel me binding your tits tightly with yet more ties! Almost immediately they start aching but the dull ache is soon replaced by a sharp pain and then an intense throbbing as large bulldog clip is allowed to close across each nipple...
The intense rimming has me harder than an iron bar and the sight of your bulging red tits has me so horny I have got to have you. Climbing off your chest I spread your legs, oh my the love juice is literally running out of your puffy labia and down the crack of your ass. As I slide my rock hard cock into your vagina it is so tight around my cock. I can feel the huge plug in your bottom pushing against me. As I lie on top of you the bulldog clips dig into my chest, I arch my back away from you and reach down to the offending items, "do you want these removing" before you can respond they are ripped from your body causing so much pain you wonder whether your nipples have come off with them! A quick visual check reassures you they haven’t, your eyes are quickly brought into focus on the face coming towards you, mouth open but not expecting a kiss you are a little hesitant in your response. I can taste my own ass as I continue to explore your mouth with my tongue, all the tome fucking your pussy with long deep strokes of my hard cock, you break the deep shitty kiss to mumble that you are comi......"MUM'.... Mum? Are you home?"

The thundering footsteps on the stairs summon the imminent arrival of another. Today is Friday, more importantly the second Friday of the month. That means Emma, your daughter who has been staying with her father for the last fortnight is home and about to see for herself what a fucking slut her mother is. With that the door is flung open... And there stands Emma, all 5 ft. 2 of her. Mouth open shocked at the sight in front of her. After a couple of seconds she backs out of the doorway, still silent. You look at me, I look at you and we both lean in to finish our kiss. “finish fucking me, make me cum on your hard cock, I want to feel you cum deep on my pussy, fill me full of your hot seed!" you gasp between thrusts. I keep fucking you until you stop kissing me, knowing your orgasm is close I speed up my thrusts until you are straining at your bonds, your face glistening in sweat and your cunt gripping my cock, milking mu seed into your womb! So intense is the orgasm for both of us that we are oblivious of the voyeur in the room

the first clue for either of us is the gentle moans in the distant corner of the room. Emma has joined us once again, only this time she is here to stay. She has placed herself in the armchair in the corner of the room, her school trousers are pushed down her thighs and her left hand is buried deep in her hello kitty knickers. Her right hand is fighting to free her large pendulous breasts from her school blouse. it is only from this angle that I can see how large her belly is. When I had seen her in the door way earlier it was straight on and I couldn’t see how big her bump was if at all. that would go some way to explaining her larger than average breasts. I look back into your eyes, before telling you to lead her to the bed, a second of hesitation flashes over your face before you leave the bed and crawl on all fours to your daughter. As you reach her resting place, she senses your presence and brings her head upright, opening her eyes as she does so. Here before her is her mother of 15years, covered from head to foot in pis, spit and come, a dog collar around her neck and what looks like a fucking tail hanging out her ass. I ask her to take your lead and bring you back to the bed. She eyes me cautiously before taking your lead and after slightly rearranging her clothing brings you back to the bed.

She is obviously enjoying this judging from the wet patch in the front of her panties. You start undressing her, first the blazer from her shoulders, the tie from around her neck, the blouse from her chest, then sliding the trousers from her waist. As I lean in to kiss her I see that your hand is already on her breast, snaking its way to the hard nipple poking skywards. her kiss is wet and passionate, her hand cupping my face, her body not used to being pleasured in so many ways at once, her concentration wanders between the areas of pleasure her body is experiencing. My hand slips into the front of her tiny knickers, her hairless mound being pushed against my fingers by her youthful hips. a slight gasp draws my gaze to you, your mouth clamped around the young girl’s nipple, and what looks like a trail of fresh milk across your cheek and nose, out the corner of my eye I can just see the faint jets of milk coming from the other breast. Not wanting to miss out I clamp my mouth around the other nipple and start to suck, I am soon rewarded with spurt after spurt of warm sweet milk. The frantic suckling and the fingers probing her sweet pussy are too much for Emma, her body wracked with spasms we withdraw from pleasuring her. Just as I am about to direct you between her legs she sits up bolt upright in bed and declares that she has to go pee bad! She is directed to the bowl, half full at the foot of the bed. "no no ..I will use the loo" as she continues for the door. " you will get back here and piss in that bowl now young lady". I am surprised that a submissive lady should speak like that, and then I remember our meeting in the kitchen. Emma turn and reluctantly walks back to the bowl at the foot of the bed, squatting over it and with her baby pressing on her bladder a huge fountain of steaming piss is released into the bowl. Emma squeals that the bowl will over flow if she finishes. I ask her to stop and get back on the bed

she does so without question, I get between her legs; pull her sodden knickers to one side. I am about to tell her to piss in my mouth, but a mesmerised by the fresh teen pussy that is just inches from my face. The urge to empty her bladder is too much for Emma and drips of piss start to fall on my face. sensing her urgency I raise my mouth to cup her pussy, the second my lips touch hers she releases a long jet of salty piss into my mouth. when she has done using my face as a toilet I lick her clean and continue into the crack of her ass, running my tongue in-between her cheeks and round her pink ring, every time my tongue touches her hole it puckers tightly, denying me entry. "Get your tongue up my arse you cu... she snarls over her shoulder. Smack! as your hand lands heavily on her cheek. Immediately her eyes well up! You stand infront of her legs spread to shoulder width, tail hanging neatly between your legs; breasts still bound tightly, nipples angry and red. with a huge hard rubber cock jutting out in front of you. You grab the young girl by the hair and begin brutally face fucking her with the fake cock, forcing her to gag and wretch with every thrust. after several minutes of this abuse you turn your back on the sobbing teen, bend over in front of her and tell her to remove the tail that has been lodged in your ass for the past 4 hours. tentatively she reaches out with her small hand and starts to tug on the hair. Her mouth almost as wide as your poor asshole as the huge ball on the end of the plug stretches your ring nearly to breaking point. As it plops out and land on the floor your ass hole is still gaping wide open. You reach through your legs and grasp the girls arm by the wrist, pulling her hand to you distended rectum. it doesn’t take much to push her hand into your bowels. after a little encouragement she is soon pumping her arm inside you, just when your orgasm is imminent you pull forward, spin round and push her whole hand into your mouth. "Now it’s your turn, bend over bitch" Now the tears are really flowing, the mascara is running down her cheeks in several small rivers.

You spit on her ring and start roughly fingering it, I have moved in front of her and started to fuck her mouth again. I reach over her back and spread her cheeks for you. It isn't long before her sphincter gives into the merciless probing.

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