Cum on Girlfriend's s****r's Salad

I have had an on and off food/cum fetish - I get turned on jerking of into girl's food and watching them unwittingly eat it. The main victim has been my girlfriend's younger s****r who lives with us. She is younger (in her 20s), a brunette and has a cute face, nice body and nice little tits. We used to order take out and I would always pick it up - on the way home I would pull over and unwrap her sub and take my cock out and rub the tip of it on the fixings in her sub. This would get me totally turned on and I would jerk off and cum all over the inside of her sub which was either Italian or roast beef. She liked oil and/or mayo on her subs so my cum would blend right in with the other condiments. Then I would get back to the apt and get another hard on while she sat in front of me eating her sub with my cum in it. Sometimes she would get a salad with dressing on the side, so I would open up the little side of dressing and add my own special cum dressing to the cup. It was a total turn on watching her pour my cum all over her salad and then watch her eat it. Once she had a hot friend over and they both shared a salad with my cum on it. I still get a hard on thinking about how they would get dressing on their lips and/or chin while eating the salad and knowing that it was probably my cum glistening on their face.
She was on a tuna kick for a while and would always make tuna with mayo and leave the unused portion in the fridge for the next day. I once added 3 loads of man mayo to her leftover batch over the course of a day. I used to worry that she would notice a difference, but then she mentioned how tuna always tastes better the next day.
I've also cum in her coffee if she leaves it unattended - that is hot too - jerking off in the kitchen and trying to add a load to her coffee before she comes back in and catches me with my cock out.
Girls, I would be interested to know if you have ever caught anyone cumming in your food or drink and what you would think if you ever did. Enjoy your tuna fish.
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12 days ago
I would cum in my wife milk, open wine bottle wen her friends come
Over n drink n my wife facial cream bottle. Watching her pour the milk with my cum in with her protein drink after her work out. Watch her and her friends drink my cum wen the leave a open wine bottle unattended and I'll dip my cock in their drink too. Her facial cream bottle have so much of my cum it start to smell.. I love it. Anyone one else do it or have other ideas lmk please
2 months ago
i wud like to have someone do that in my food
1 year ago
I do it to my wifes leftovers she takes for lunch or eats later. always brings a smile to my face.
2 years ago
I love this story!!

Thank god I am not the only one who gets turned on by this. See below:
2 years ago
You crazy fucker! Hahahhaa!
2 years ago
i have been giving the sister in law my cum in her food and drinks for years she has never had a dick in her mouth but she has had loads of my cum
3 years ago
I am going to try that on my gurl friend and her friend! Great idea!
3 years ago
tried this once. was fun watching them eating it also had it done to me by a roommate once. I loved it
3 years ago
Great story, Sounds good
3 years ago
Wonderful story, i love it!
3 years ago
mmm.. really ineresting!i would like to do the same with my gs' sister..
4 years ago
Thats very hot gonna have to try that
4 years ago
great story, I did something very similar, check my info
4 years ago
love it man, i can imagine it was too hot watching them eat it!
4 years ago
this reminds me of jerry springer show when some girl was tossing her cookies on some guy and during the showing there as some guy sitting in a bath tub full of veggies. Still there are some strange people out there who are into some strange things.
4 years ago
something new or old around here