Strange Curse, Pt. 2

This is a work of pure fiction, written by Mat for enjoyment. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

It had been over a month since I had returned from my assignment in Japan. I had felt so drained from that assignment, both mentally and physically that I had spent much of the past month face down in my bed. Something strange had happened to me while I was overseas, and I was only now beginning to fathom exactly what was going on.

When I got home, one of the first things that I did was get together with some of my buddies for a few drinks. Naturally, we ended up at a strip bar, which in earlier years might have resulted in enough decent "memoroids" to fuel a late night masturbatory session. However, things this time would prove to be a bit different this time. Despite an outstanding selection of dancing ladies, and a cock that was rock stiff, I could find no satisfaction under my own hand.

Fortunately, before I left for Japan I had cultivated a relationship with a lovely young college co-ed named Cathy. We had fooled around quite a bit, and the relationship had developed into something akin to "friends with benefits". She would come over to my place when life at school was hectic, and she needed a man's touch, and I would ask her out for dinner whenever I needed to release some tension and relax. Cathy was always a sure thing.

Cathy was thrilled to know that I had returned safely, and she offered to meet me for drinks the next night. I told her that I was still fucked up due to the time change, and really needed something sooner. She was only too happy to oblige.

Cathy had a very attractive figure, but she was by no means a model. She was tall, with long brown hair and had a larger frame, which was a good thing as she had the most delicious set of natural d-cup breasts. Her tits were capped by large nipples that would get very erect whenever she was aroused. She had had a sheltered upbringing, and had not had many boyfriends before we met. She knew, from looking at porn on the internet with me, that most women her age shaved themselves bald, but she refrained from doing so, protesting that it made her look cheap. She did trim her pussy neatly, but left a very thick patch of dark bush above her snatch. I think if I had been younger that Cathy and I could have settled down nicely. She wanted babies, which was something that I felt I was too old for now. I convinced her to see her doctor about birth control, and she obliged. As a precaution, I would also wear a condom.

When Cathy got to my place she was ready to go. She was wearing a short top that showed her mid-riff and a pair of Daisy Duke shorts. I practically tore her clothes from her. As she sat on my bed undressing me, and pulling my cock out of my shorts, she remarked that she thought I had grown bigger while I was away, and certainly had grown harder! She sucked on my cock and nuzzled my groin as she ran her hands all over my ass.

Cathy loved to suck my cock, and lick it all over. Often our sessions would end with me blowing my wad in her mouth (she loved the taste of my cum) or all over her tits. Although we would fuck occasionally, and although I had taken her cherry, we usually ended up pleasuring each other orally and manually. After about 20 minutes, though, Cathy complained that he jaw was getting tired from sucking on my cock, and suggested that perhaps I should find a condom and slip it to her doggy style.

I stretched a condom over the head of my cock, as Cathy positioned herself on her elbows on the bed with her ass pointed directly at me. Cocksucking had made her wet, and my cock slid easily into her hot tight snatch. It felt wonderful, but more than that, it felt like my cock (with a mind of its own) knew that it was now in the right place. My breathing grew oddly laboured as I could feel an enormous load gather in my balls. It was the same feeling I had had with the two Geishas in Tokyo. I started pounding Cathy from behind. I had never given her such a rough fucking before, but she was enjoying it. She started to moan and scream as an orgasm began to build in her. I continued fucking her. Her tits were swinging wildly beneath her. Finally, her orgasm took hold of her, and I could feel it rippling across the shaft of my cock. I could barely contain myself, and then finally released what seemed like an incredibly pent up load into the tip of the condom buried deep in her pussy.

Or at least, that is what I think happened. You see, I blacked out for a few minutes immediately after this immense orgasm. Cathy woke me up by gently slapping my face. "Mat, are you ok" she would say. I finally came out of my mini-c***, and in a groggy state smiled up at her gorgeous face and wonderful tits. "Hello, luv. How was I then?" I asked.

She smiled and told me I was awesome. She then held up my condom like a dead mouse that a cat would hold as a prize. It was limp, and smeared all over with my jizz, but even in its spent state and my post fuck haze, I could tell that it was completely blown. "You must have been an awfully good boy in Japan" she added, "You had so much jizz you shot this condom thru!".

I tried to conceal from Cathy my concern. Being a neophyte she probably didn't realize that it was very difficult, if not impossible for a man to break a condom with the f***e of his jizz. Given her demeanor and the state of the spent condom and what I knew from the Japanese bathhouse a few days earlier, I also assumed that she had no idea how much of my seed was up inside her.

She smiled at me and said "You know, quite a lot came out of me! I must have cleaned myself three or four times before it stopped dripping". I smiled. The thought of that jizz dripping out of her perfect snatch almost made me hard again.

We kissed and cuddled for quite some time. I tried to go down on her but she refused to let me interfere with her "pudding" as she put it. Although I knew Cathy had taken precaution with birth control pills, and the condom was just meant as a failsafe, I also knew Cathy, and I knew that she secretly desired to have a c***d with me. I let her savour that thought as we cuddled, thinking in my own naive way that she was just being her own sweet young foolish self. I had no idea what was really going on.

To be continued in Part 3.
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very good add
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Very nice...." a dead mouse" Hilarious!