Strange Curse (?)

This is a work of fiction by Mat. Any similarity to persons living or dead or real events is purely coincidental.

Part 1

One of the things that I really enjoyed about my work as a freelance journalist was that I could pretty much go where I want, and write about whatever I liked. I sometimes had a few assignments handed to me by newspaper and magazine editors, but even these "jobs" allowed me to get off the beaten path and explore some of my, usually darker, interests and passions.

A recent trip to Japan to cover their baseball "World Series" allowed me an opportunity to do some first hand research into a unique form of Japanimation known as "Futanari" - essentially porn where the principal characters are meant to be true hermaphrodites or shemales but with the ability to ejaculate huge quantities of sperm. A lot of the futanari that I had seen involved fake jizz pumps and even fake dicks on some of the ladies. An offshoot of this art was the POV cumshot where the dick is obviously fake, and being fed by a jizz pump hooked to a reservoir. It usually looks like they have a paint can fully of cream soap that they squirt over babes with equally fake boobs. Over the years, this form of porn has developed quite a cult following, and I wanted to know more about it.

I found myself in a small Japanese tavern, for lack of a better word, scribbling down notes and drinking too much sake. From out of nowhere, an old man approached me, and said that he had heard that I was looking for the origins of futanari. He sat down next to me, and looked me in the eye and said "I don't think it is futanari that you are looking for. It is, I believe, what lies behind it." He took out two small items from his coat pocket. They looked like raisins. He said, "eat these, and you will find what you are looking for, but beware, you may not like what you find". He shoved them into my face, and I washed down the bitter flavour with some sweet sake and the immediately passed out on the bar.

When I awoke, it was morning. The bartender had tried to wake me, but without any success, so he had thrown me out into the street. I was in pretty rough shape, for having slept in the doorway, but my mind was crystal clear about what had happened the night before with the old man. I assumed he had slipped me something as a prank, and decided to go to a bathhouse to clean up and get my shit together.

It felt good to slip into the hot water of the bath, and be scrubbed by two beautiful Japanese women, that is, until I felt an uncomfortable ache in my balls. It almost felt like I had been kicked in the nuts, but as the women tended to my every need, and began to massage my cock and nutsack it began to dawn on me that my sac had grown by at least three sizes. The two ladies giggled to themselves, and made some comments about how big my balls were, and that it must have been a long time since they had been drained. I don't think that they expected that I was fluent in Japanese, and so I continued to play dumb.

I guess curiosity got the better of them, as my nuts tightened under their ministrations, and the both decided that they should jack me off just to release the pressure. I was only too happy to oblige, however not only had my cock grown stiffer and my balls grown larger, it seemed as though my cock was not going to release anything under simply a handjob or blowjob. It was if my cock knew, as my two Geisha's did, that my cock would only be satisfied by being buried deep inside a pussy.

The two women started to comment on how hard my cock was, and how stiff my balls were becoming, but that they were still not getting anything out of me. The older one suggested that perhaps the younger one's pussy could finish me off. They seemed to bicker back and forth about who should fuck me, and from what I could gather the younger one was not on any form of birth control so for that reason the older one should take my cock (there was no sign of any condoms around either).

So, after it was decided, the two women directed me out of the pool, and led me to a low chaise type bed. The older woman (probably about 22) then proceeded to lower her thickly black haired pussy onto my cock. She was so tight and wet. It felt amazing. Soon, and with the younger girl's tits pressed into my face, the older girl arched her back in some exquisite manner than she had probably learned at a Geisha school, and my cock released its load. Not the usual seven or eight squirts, but a long steady stream of jism. The girl immediately jumped off my cock, and with a stream of my seed running down her leg, looked at me in shock and amazement. It was if she had heard about men who came in this way, but had never seen it. Since my cock had already unleashed one torrent (into her tight snatch) it was ready and able to release another stream onto the younger girl's tits and torso. Both girls looked amazed at this, having never seen anyone jizz so much. They continued to suck me and jerk me off, each time getting absolutely drenched in a shower of thick gooey jizz. The younger one, still obviously concerned about the possibility of pregnancy, never did get my cock inside her, but I left the bath house completely spent, and very happy.

Part 2

After my experience in Japan, I returned back to the United States and decided to lay low for a while. I figured that the experience at the bath house may have been an anomaly (perhaps I had eaten too much fish?) and that things would return to normal in due course. Unfortunately, they didn't. My cock would become erect at even the slightest provocation, and my balls steadily grew larger with each passing day. Eventually, I could no longer stand it, and knew that I had to do something.
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I absolutely need to read the contiuation, I luv cum...