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Office Revenge Pt. 2

Desiree continued to work on my plan for Sherry's revenge while I made my way across country. From the texts and emails that Desiree had sent back my way, it all seemed like everything was going according to plan.

Around coffee time on Monday, Desiree cornered Joanne in the quiet auxilliary copy room on the seventh floor. No one ever came in there. Joanne looked like a deer caught in the headlights - perhaps the headlights were in fact Desiree's enormous tits. Either way, Joanne was paranoid about being found out by her employers. No only would the have a difficult time understanding Joanne's new lesbian love affair, but they would also have difficulty understanding how Joanne could have begun this affair while engaged to Jeff. Before Joanne could beg Desiree again not to reveal the secret of their tryst last week, Desiree began by taking a commanding tone with her superior. Even though Joanne was superior to Des within the office, Des felt that she might have some power over her now, based on what was happening outside the office.

"Jo" Desiree begin, with a cat-like grin on her lips "its so good to see you" she purred, as though an orgasm was washing over her body. Joanne simply stood motionless. "I've been thinking" Desiree began "that we should get together soon, perhaps even tonight". Joanne began to shake her head no, but deep within her she wanted to say "yes". Desiree started lifting the hem of her skirt up. Showing off her thighs, black garter belt and her cleanly shaved pussy. In a pouty girlish tone, Desiree then emplored Joanne "I want some more of my Jo jo on my pussy".

Joanne continued to show resistance. She couldn't continue this. Not now, not that she practically had the Senior Executive VP job sewn up! However, just looking at Des's pussy made her own pussy tingle. What was happening? She had a great relationship with her fiance Jeff, and they were going to be married in the Spring.

Desiree began to suspect that her new girlfriend was getting cold feet, so she produced a picture from her purse. "I took this with the camera on my phone " she lied (the picture had been provided by Dave) "I think it shows how much you really enjoy eating my twat"

Joanne looked at the picture in horror, realizing that she was being blackmailed, but not wanting to believe it. "Ok, ok, I get it. I'll do what you want. When and where".

"Well", began Desiree, "when shall be this evening, and where shall be at my place, but the more important question is 'with whom'".

She let that sink in, and Joanne hissed "What??? You want a three-way now"?

Desiree nodded. "I want you to bring someone special. I have had my eye on that one from Accounting that you like. What's her name, Kate?"

Joanne looked completely stunned. "She's got to be at least 50! and has three k**s!!!".

"I know" replied Des, "what can I say, I have a thing for older women. I don't care how you get her to my place, just get here there. Or else".

Joanne didn't want to think what the "or else" might be, and stormed out of the copy room with one word "FINE!"


It wasn't unusual for Joanne to suggest lunch to Kate. They quite often would take their knitting and eat sandwiches in the park. What was unusual was that Joanne wanted to take Kate to a quiet bar where they could talk.

Joanne wasn't very good at deception, although she thought she was. Fortunately, Kate was easily deceived. Joanne started to spin a good tale about how fun the new gal Desiree was, and that she was having a big party at her place tonight that Joanne had heard about. Kate didn't seem interested, instead using her usual excuse of having to look after her husband and k**s. Joanne persisted, suggesting that it had been a long time since Kate had had a wild night out with the ladies. By the end of their lunch, Kate had agreed to join Joanne at the party, and Joanne had agreed to pick Kate up and had suggested that they both try to dress up for the occasion.

At 7:00 Joanne parked her Honda Accord in front of Kate's house and waited for the 50 year old mother of three to appear. Kate had tried very hard to "dress up" but came across looking like a hooker turned school teacher caught in a time warp from 1980. Joanne shrugged, she didn't look much better.

As the two women were ushered into Desiree's hotel room, Kate exclaimed that they must be very early. She also noted that there were no chips or dips or anything decorating the room. This was where Joanne had to come clean with her co-worker.

"Kate", Joanne began "I have to tell you the truth. Desiree and I have been, well, we've been intimate, and we would like you to join us."

Desiree shot Joanne a look. Given Joanne's clumsiness, she expected the older woman to bolt out of the room, but you could have floored both of them with what was said next.

"Girls" Kate begain, "that's wonderful! I experimented a little when I was in college, but haven't had a pussy in years. Given what we all do, it is very difficult to explore one's true fantasies" Kate started unbuttoning her blouse "I am really thrilled at this! I can't tell you how much this means to me. I am really touched that you would want to be with me!"

By the time Kate had finished her effusive acceptance speech to the offer of lesbian lovemaking that was to ensue, she was standing stark naked in front of both Desiree and Joanne. She had decent enough tits. Probably once a size C, but sagging with age and the history of three c***dren. She had a bit of a belly, and as some men call it some "gunt" - that bit of belly gut above her cunt. But the piece de resistance was her pussy. Kate was old school, and she had one of the hairiest pussies that Kate or Desiree had ever seen. Dark, almost black curly hair filled the delta between her thighs. Joanne stood mesmerized. Desiree licked her lips a bit.


Desiree had called me that afternoon to tell me that there was a very good chance that Kate and Joanne would be involved with her in a threeway by the time I got to town that evening. I immediately got on the phone to Sherry and told her that the plan was falling perfectly into place and that, if she was interested, she could stop by the motel and "see the show" as it were. I knew that Sherry could be a very horny individual, and probably would enjoy masturbating while watching from Dave's secret room. I contacted Dave, and asked him to give her a good seat, but not to try anything funny with her.

My plan was to arrive into town at about 8. Dave had furnished me with my own room in the hotel, so I could shower and change. My plan was to walk innocently on Desiree, Joanne and Kate, and drop a bombshell in their midst.

I dressed up in a suit and tie, and had Dave help me with my ruse. Before I go on with this story, I should say, for the record that Des and I have worked together for a few years, and she is in fact 21, but we are in no way related.

So, with that said, Dave and I stopped to argue loudly outside Des's hotel room for a minute or so so that everyone would be able to hear us.

"I don't care what the law says" I yelled at Dave "If the young girl in that room is the girl in this picture then I demand that you open the door".

Desiree lifted her face out of Joanne's pussy, and exclaimed "Oh shit, that sounds like my Dad".

Kate and Joanne instantly froze, and did not say a word until Kate asked shyly "Dear, how old are you"?

Desiree lied, and told them that she had run away from home to take this job, but that she would turn 18 in a month. Kate and Joanne both went white.

At that moment, Dave slid his master key into the lock to let me into the room.

"What the hell is going on here" I exclaimed, casually looking over three stark naked ladies trying valiantly to cover themselves up with inadequate sheets.

"What the fuck is going on" I repeated! I looked at Des "Honey, is this what I think it is? Are you and the ladies..." I let the sentence hang in the room, unfinished.

Joanne finally stepped up, "Sir, I can explain" she began, although I knew she couldn't "we, well, we thought your daughter was 18, and, well, uhm..we really enjoy being with her and" now it was Joanne's turn to leave her thoughts dangling.

Kate took a more mature and motherly tone "I know that this looks bad, and must be terribly upsetting to you, but you see the thing is we could all lose our jobs over this, or worse". Kate was not sure whether statutory **** applied to a same-sex relationship, or not.

Kate continued, "and I'm sure you understand that this was an innocent mistake, as we thought your daughter was an adult, and well, perhaps we could work something out?"

That was the turn of phrase I had been waiting for. A clear sign of a willingness to bargain.

"work something out?" I asked, "what did you have in mind"?

"Well", started Kate, "I don't know. We've clearly violated your daughter, perhaps we could offer ourselves as a sort of compensation". If nothing else, Kate was always a pragmatist.

Joanne looked at Kate in stunned silence. Within only a few days, and against her better judgement, she had succumbed to a sexual relationship with a woman, become beguiled by womanly charms and the promise of a woman's sexual touch, lied to her fiance about what she was doing, lied to her employer about who she was, lied and co-opted a co-worker to join her in her sexual depravity and succumbed to blackmail. Now she was being asked to have sex with a complete stranger? It was all becoming too much for her. She had never in her wildest imagination thought that such a thing could happen. She had lived her life in such a morally upright way. She did all the right things, went to the right school, dated the right men, worked for the right company, but all that was about to change.

I rubbed my chin as I considered Kate's offer, and then said "Ok, I know it won't set things right, and that Des probably beguiled you into this, so your offer is a fair one. And besides, I am getting a bit of wood from thinking about you three lezzies. But Desiree has to go. Des, get your coat and wait in the car".

Desiree took her cue to leave, and she went next door to join Sherry and Dave.

I began to slowly undress, "So, do you two want to continue getting yourselves wet?" I turned to Joanne and suggested that I liked her itty little tits and nice wide hips and that I would like to fuck her first.

Kate started to get Joanne prepared for the inevitable, but when the time came to slip my cock inside her, she stopped me.

"What are you doing" she asked.

"Well" I replied, "It is kinda hard to fuck you unless my cock is inside you".

"You don't have a condom" she complained.

"You are a big girl. You know how this goes. You must be on some sort of protection" I added.

Joanne gave Kate a pitiful look and said almost in tears "Kate, I don't want you to think I am a complete prude. Jeff and I have been intimate and I did allow him to have my cherry, but only after he proposed. But we were expecting to start a f****y right away, and I am not on any sort of birth control. Jeff always wears a condom, and pulls out before he cums".

I started to imagine a weak stream of cum dribbling out of Jeff's cock, and how cuckholding him would be a pleasure.

"Well", I said "you and Kate here made a deal, and I don't wear condoms, so I guess I could just go to the authorities..."

As soon as that idea was out, Joanne began to cooperate. She asked if I could promise not to cum inside her. I agreed (with my fingers crossed).

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Time warp from the 80s....Perfect.