Office Revenge

This Fictional Story is written by Mat, and contains explicit sexual material and situations involving consenting Adults. No reference to u******e persons is intended or implied. No reference to real Persons dead or alive is intended or implied.

I was thrilled when I received the voicemail from Sherry. I had not seen her since I left her, on her back, with her legs spread on a king sized bed in that Miami hotel room. I had just made a cuckhold out of her husband, and as I left the room I watched as he sucked my jizz from his wife's pussy.

Sherry is a gorgeous 50-something mother of three, who is married to the luckiest cuckhold I know. My name is Mat, and quite simply, I am a dick for hire. Some women hire me, as Sherry did, to make cuckholds out of their husbands. I don't particularly care why, or want to get into the details. Some women (quite often lesbians) hire me to do the work that their partners simply can't perform. Again, I don't particularly care why, and certainly don't get into the details about how many c***dren I may have fathered over the years. Sherry's reason for contacting me, however, was quite unique. She wanted revenge.

Sherry was a successful executive in a mid-sized national firm. It seemed, however, that two of her co-workers were conspiring to hasten her exit from the company. I listened intently to the message that Sherry left for me, dreaming that this might well be the way back in to her delicious pussy. She didn't have any definitive plans on how I might be of service to her, but asked me to call her back so that we could discuss this further.

I admit that even though I had been "on call" all night with a client, I thought about Sherry and jerked off a load in the shower to the thought of her luscious tits and dripping wet snatch.

I managed to connect with her later that morning at her office. The situation was not dire, but she felt that she should take steps to "nip things in the bud". The situation was fairly straightforward. There were two colleagues who were trying to ease her out of the company to make a better place for themselves. The ringleader was an ambitious 30-year old who had slept her way to her current position as executive VP. Her name was Joanne. Her accomplice was a 50 year old account manager who had been passed over for promotion. Her name was Kate. Presumably, Joanne had promised Kate a bunch of good things if only they could eliminate Sherry.

I asked Sherry what she had in mind, but she admitted that she didn't know much about this "cloak and dagger" stuff. I joked that I usually worked without a cloak, but always had a big thick dagger. She laughed. I knew that her company had a very f****y-oriented public image, and suggested that perhaps any sort of sexual scandal involving high-ranking senior management would not be viewed positively by the Board. Sherry agreed. I then asked Sherry if she might be able to secure employment for one of my female associates, as it would be helpful to my plan to have someone, a plant, working on the inside. She said that she thought that she could make that work. I faxed over Desiree's CV, and suggested that I would have her on the next flight out to the west coast.

I knew that Desiree and I would have to work quickly, to ensure that no further damage was done to Sherry's career or reputation. Sherry did her part, and Desiree was inserted into a junior VP team under Joanne's control within the week. I needed a week to get myself out of some other work, and out to the east coast, so I asked Desiree to gather info, be provocative and report back daily.

Desiree was absolutely the perfect person for this job. She is 23, has long dark hair and even longer legs. She is highly intelligent, and has the most amazing set of tits imaginable. I briefed her as completely as I could on Sherry's company, and then set her loose. She immediately picked up on the fact that sexy provocative clothing around the office was not the norm. Both Joanne and Kate looked like they had not had a wardrobe overhaul since the Reagan years, and Desiree blew in like a breath of fresh air. I also set her up at a small hotel run by a friend of mine. The adjoining room would be my base of operations and Dave had already set up the necessary two-way mirrors, cameras and listening devices.

In her first week, Desiree tested the boundaries of Joanne's leadership by wearing 4 inch heels, short skirts and light blouses over a push up bra that maximized her cleavage. Clearly Joanne was somewhat intimidated by Des, but also concerned that some member of the Board might catch sight of her new jr. VP. By the end of the week, Desiree had Joanne eating out of her hand. "Oh" she said to her new boss, "I just don't know how to dress for this company. Perhaps you and I could go shopping this weekend and you could give me some pointers on how you do it!". Joanne took the bait, and suggested that they meet at Sears the next morning. Desiree secretly cringed inside.

One thing we left off of Des's CV was the fact that she was "full on" bisexual. She was equally happy sucking and fucking a long cock or sucking pussy or fucking one with a strap-on. There was very little in the way of sexual activity that Desiree did not find enjoyable, and she had the sexual appetite to ensure that she always got the kind of activity that she liked.

Des and Joanne met at the mall as planned, and after a few fruitless hours of shopping (Des was determined not to be squeezed into Joanne's idea of what made for successful business wear), Des suggested that she and Joanne go back to her place for a late lunch. Joanne was perhaps a bit surprised that Des's place was a motel room with a kitchenette, but seemed satisfied when she realized that Des had only recently moved to the city, and that apartments were hard to come by.

Des and Joanne talked for a while over a light lunch before Des offered Joanne a glass of white wine. All the while the conversation about boyfriends and love affairs were being expertly taped by my friend Dave. Des got Joanne to open up to her, and confide in her that she had once slept with a store manager to get a job. In time, the stories tumbled out, and it seemed as though there hadn't been a job that Joanne had not gotten on her back!

Des wanted to test Joanne's fidelity to heterosexuality, but didn't quite know how to begin. As the conversation had always been floating around the topic of sex, Des took the opportunity to say "You know, I've always admired gals like you (a lie) who have those perfect little A-cup tits". Joanne was a bit taken aback by this, but with a few glasses of wine inside her, replied "Oh, really? I've always been a bit self conscious of my bra size. I've always dreamed of having tits like yours". Desiree needed no further encouragement. "Would you like to see my tits" she asked? Joanne seemed a bit stunned, but bit her lip and nodded. Desiree pulled her sweater off over her head, and thrust her tits out as she reached back to undo the snap. As she slip the bra off her beautifully tanned globes, Joanne gasped at the beauty of her D-cup tits. "They're perfect!" Joanne exclaimed. "Yes, replied Des, "and i've seen no reason to let any doctor mess around with them"!

For the next three hours, Dave's hidden cameras caught explicit footage Desiree and Joanne. Images of Desiree feeding her enormous tits to Joanne's waiting mouth. Images of Joanne slowly being enticed out of her clothes, disrobing one button at a time against her own better judgement and then casting her clothes aside and finally removing her white bra and panties. Dave's cameras caught it all, and Dave himself caught much of the lesbian lovemaking fest in real time, while enjoying a beer and jacking himself off in the dark room next to the room I had rented for Des.

When Desiree and Joanne awoke from what seemed like hours of mutual pleasuring (both with their fingers and their tongues) Joanne was alarmed at the time and the realization of what had been happening. She explained to Joanne that she really had to go, that her boyfriend would be expecting her home soon. She also implored Des not to "say anything" around the office, or act strange, as this was exactly the kind of image that the corporate bosses did not want their employees to portray.

Desiree agreed, and smiled to herself. Phase 1 in the seduction of Joanne and Kate was now complete.

To be continued....
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Love it - what a great idea!
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I LUV it. Can't wait for part II