There will be consequences

I guess I had it coming to me. My wife had warned me that there would be consequences, and I had failed to listen. We have a really open relationship, but there are some things that she won't tolerate. I understand that, but I also like to play with fire.

It was a Tuesday night, and we both had meetings that were going to run late into the night. I suspected that my wife would be having another woman eat her pussy, rather than close the Henderson account, but I didn't want to say anything. I would be lucky if my meeting would be finished by midnight. I had to pore over a number of large files before making a presentation to the Board.

As we usually did in these situations, we arranged to have our neighbour's 18 year old daughter Becky look after our c***dren. She would make dinner for them, and put them to bed, and then after that it was pretty easy for her.

I had finished my dinner and was just settling into my work when my boss stuck his head into my office. "The board decided that they want your presentation next month, not Monday, so it looks like you are off the hook!". I smiled. This meant that I could go home, and perhaps catch the last few minutes of the game.

On the drive home, I got to thinking about Becky. If a more perfect woman existed, I could not imagine it. She was 18, had a rock hard body, and a pair of gorgeous knockers that stood out proud from her chest. I had often fucked my wife thinking about Becky, and actually wondered sometimes if my wife had chosen her as our babysitter so that I might be able to have some fun with her.

But this story really isn't about me and Becky, but what happened afterward. I did get home a lot earlier than expected, and told Becky that she could either head on home, or stick around and watch the game with me. She chose the latter, and I poured her a drink. By the time my wife came home, Becky and I were rolling around in bed, and I was just about to shoot the biggest load of my life into her sweet blond pussy.

"Well" said my wife, standing at the door to our bedroom, "I see that my little plan has worked. I just can't believe that you don't listen to me!".

I pulled my cock out of Becky, and sheepishly looked at my wife, knowing that I knew what she was talking about. Becky, looked confused, and embarrassed and tried to cover up.

"It's ok Becky, I expected Jerry to seduce you, I just thought he would use his brains this time and use a condom".

Becky looked a bit more confused, then slightly concerned. I had been pounding her pussy pretty hard all night without protection, and a lot of precum and a bit of jizz had no doubt found its way into her womb.

Jane (my wife) then looked at Becky "Oh no! he didn't try to tell you that he had been snipped, did he?" I looked even more sheepish.

"Let me get you a morning after pill, Becky. And then you can go home if you like". Then turning to me, my wife said "For you, Mister, there will be consequences."
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2 years ago
that sounds bad
3 years ago
Oh, oh, consequences! I think your biggest sin was fucking your wife while you were thinking about Becky. The consequence of that is that you'll be going straight to hell lol.
3 years ago
Nice story