In Heat

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. It is dedicated to Rin.

She knew that something was different from the moment she woke up. The dull pain in her lower back was familiar, she was ovulating, but this time it was something different. It had been two weeks since she had discarded her birth control pills. To say that sex was at the forefront of her mind was an understatement. Sex was dominating every moment of her conscious thought, and much of her subconsious thinking also. Despite what she knew to the contrary about the human body, she could only explain this in one way: she had come into heat.

Despite this, she knew that she would have to get through the day with as little drama as possible. After all, she had a very important job, and work piling up at the office. She could not simply take the day off and hole up indoors masturbating to porn on the internet, which is precisely what she wanted to do. She had to get dressed, and go to work.

She felt that her job required that she dress in a certain, business-like way, and she never waivered from presenting herself as the epitome of a conservative corporate culture. However, today was different. Today, not only her mind was controlling her decisions, but also her body. She began with a hot shower, perhaps longer than she would normally have allowed herself on any other morning. She caressed her thighs and her flat belly with both hands as she lathered herself with soap. She surprised herself with how wet she was, and actually wondered at one point if she could smell herself. She chose to ignore that. Something told her that it was wild and exciting to have an alluring sexual smell. She stepped out of the shower, and towelled herself off, stopping to admire her pert B-cup tits in the mirror. Everything was holding up fine, as one would expect, on a 21 year old frame.

In the walk-in closet, she paused at the drawer that held her everyday underwear, and her hand quickly passed over that one and instead opened the bureau that contained her special, pretty, lacy underthings. She took out a three-piece set which included a plunging bra with underwire support, a skimpy thong and a matching garter all in an icy sky blue satin. She fit the bra on first, cupping her breasts to make the necessary adjustment before admiring the lifting effect that the garment had on her cleavage. She then wrapped the garter belt around her waist and spun it into place on her hips. She opened a new packet of sheer nylons and carefully rolled them up each leg, admiring how they made her already beautifully shaped legs that much more perfect. Clipping them into place with the garter, she stopped to admire how the garter belt framed her neatly trimmed pussy - a pussy whose lips had seemingly become more fuller and pronounced since she had entered the shower. She abandoned the idea of wearing the panties, and instead slipped into a skinny black skirt which barely covered her ass, and which had an obvious zipper straight up the back, and a light white blouse which allowed her to show off the light blue bra beneath. These were definitely not the sort of clothes that she would typically go to work in, but then again, this was not a typical sort of day.

It seemed like only a few minutes later that she found herself walking across the park towards her work. How had she gotten here? Why wasn't she running for the bus like she normally did? She stopped, and wandered aimlessly across the vast expanse of grass that was the common fields of the park, almost as if she was grazing, certainly not exhibiting any sense that she urgently had to be somewhere. She was searching for something, or her body was, but what was it? Finally, her quarry came into sight. She spotted a well-dressed man sitting on a bench reading his morning paper. She felt a tingle inside her. She wandered past him once, and she almost thought she could see him pause. She then realized that she was downwind of him, so she wandered back, this time, pausing to reach down to straighten her stocking. This worked. At some dark inner level of his being, he registered that she was in estrous, and that the moment was his. She was presenting herself to him.

Not certain of what he was sensing, the man casually put his paper down, and studied the leggy blonde that was slowly walking away from him down the path. He did not move until she glanced back over her shoulder and gave him a look that left no doubt that this was what he thought it was - a call to action! She started to skip down an a****l path that ran perpendicular to the paved walkway, and the man shot up and followed in pursuit.

Throught the first thicket, he saw the woman standing in a clearing, leaning forward against a large log. She was pushing her ass back towards him, enticing him to come forward and explore her offering further. He approached cautiously, not wanting to scare her off, and as he wrapped his arms around her and began to inhale her scent, he fumbled with the zipper on his pants. Wishing to prolong the chase, and thereby increase the reward, the woman quickly bolted over the log and through the next thicket. The man gave chase.

He caught up with her again in the next clearing, this one more secluded than the first, and she turned to him and told him that she needed him inside her right now. The man, being cautious and unfamiliar with this kind of situation, began to make the usual requests for information regarding forms of protection, in light of the fact that he did not have any of his own. The woman told him not to worry about that, which he took to mean something entirely incorrect.

He quickly stripped out of his business suit, and she stripped down to her garter and hose. Normally, the man would have expected a woman to admire his cock, and stroke it and suck it before engaging in intercourse, but the woman pushed the man down onto his back, gave his cock enough of a lick to make it wet before mounting him. In hindsight, there was little need to wet the man's cock, as the woman's pussy was already soaking wet.

She let out a low, almost gutteral sound as the man's cock bottomed out deep within her pussy. She knew almost instantly that this is what her body had been craving. For the man, this was one of the most incredible sensations he had ever experienced. After all, it was not everyday that he was seduced and then humped like crazy by a nubile young 21 year old!

She pumped her body up and down his rigid shaft, keeping him in exactly the position that would bring her the most incredible feelings of fullness and the most stimulation of her engorged clitoris. She started to rock her head from side to side as an orgasm began to crash over her. The man, aware that she was completely oblivious to her surroundings, else she would have noticed the old vagrant sitting a few hundred yards away from them on the bench. At first, he thought that the old man was either so old or so fried that he could not see what he and the woman were doing, but then he noticed him smiling a sick and knowing smile. Then, a few minutes later he reached into his pants and pulled out a filthy, dirty cock and started stroking it rhythmically to the woman's actions on his own cock. Clearly the old vagrant was having his own fantasies about fucking this nubile young woman. This adds some urgency to the man's business. For some reason, he feels as though he must complete his task, mark this woman and spill his seed before the filthy old begger comes over to investigate further. There is no telling what he might do.

By this point the woman is screaming profanities. She is out of her mind in her lust, and the only thing she craves now is the hot stream of man seed that she is hoping to coax out of this complete stranger. For a brief moment, though, she becomes aware of her surroundings, and what is going on, and she too notices the old beggar. Without saying a word, she looks at the man and sends a very clear and direct message that it he is not able to complete the deal, she will abandon him for the next available. Not matter how filthy and nasty that might be. With this, the woman's pussy clamped down on the man's cock in orgasm, and the man's cock erupted with a six solid streams of potent seed. With this, the woman screamed a primal scream and watched the beggar soil himself further with a weak drizzle of premature ejaculate.

There is no time for post coital cuddling. The woman, having been bred, quickly gathers up her things and prepares to make her hasty retreat. Her sympathy for the man, though, does provide a moment for pause. He has given her so much, and a simple kiss seems so inappropriate. But that must be the only thanks he gets. She quickly runs away, as she is now very late for her work.

Everyday for the next three months, the man goes back to the exact same spot waiting for his chance lover to appear again. He makes enquiries after her at all the local shops and restaurants. He is almost ready to forget her, when finally one lead pays off with a name and an address. With great trepidation, he finds the apartment on the slip of paper given to him by a "friend". Outside the building there is a moving van. Is he too late?

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