Back in Vegas

In retrospect, it probably wasn't the smartest thing I could have done. After 18th months of marriage, I found myself alone in a hotel room in Las Vegas. My second wife, my 28 year old trophy wife, had left me for good. Our marriage had been one long simmering argument about fertility and starting a f****y. She had desperately wanted to have k**s, and I thought that I was doing everything I could to facilitate that, but at the ripe old age of 55, I was the obvious weak link in the whole process (or so she assumed).

I had been to fertility specialists, naturopaths, homeopaths and even saw a witch doctor. No one could figure out why I could not produce k**s, but nevertheless I was given a whole d**gstore worth of things to try. One d**g in particular was probably what caused the end to the marriage. It is a new d**g, still in an experimental test phase, call Holophereloft. I found out, after the first use, that it has some very strange side effects. As a d**g that works on your neurologic centres of arousal, it blocks arousal until the body absorbs a certain volume of female pheremones. This prevents the taker from masturbating to sexual imagery and achieving orgasm while on the medication. The intent is to increase the intensity and duration of erections and delay orgasm until at least half an hour after you are in the presence of a woman exuding pheremones. My ex-wife did not believe any of this, and could not understand why I spent my days watching porn and stroking my cock. She did not understand that I was just stroking, and that nothing was being spilled.

I was now in a Las Vegas hotel room. I was seriously contemplating taking my last dose of Holophereloft and a cocktail of other fertility d**gs. At this point, I did not care what happened to me. They could find me dead on the floor with a huge erection and I could care less. I swallowed all the pills, and lay on the bed waiting for them to take effect. The sensation was amazing as everything kicked in. I had a raging hard on, and began to watch porn on TV. But it wasn't enough. I needed a woman. I could tell that the d**gs were having an effect. Hell! I could actually see my nutsack swell in size as my body created more jizz. Then I remembered. I had been on the strip earlier in the day, and someone had given me a flash card for a hooker. I had never called on the services of a professional before, but what was stopping me? I was in Vegas, and I was now freshly single, and I needed female scent to set me off.

I remember looking carefully at the card, then calling the number for the sexy blonde with the big tits. Her name was Candii, and she said that she could be at my hotel room in about an hour. I then fell asl**p on the bed.

I awoke to some gentle knocking at my door. I arose from my bed in a groggy sort of stupor, and put my robe on to cover my semi-erect cock. This must be Candii, I thought. My heart raced. I opened the door, not to find a tall willowy blonde with store-bought tits, but rather to find a shorter, fiery looking latina with an all-natural body. "Candii?" I asked, rather inquisitively. "Uh, no" she replied, "May I come in?".

I ushered her into my room, and she began to explain that her name was Rita, and that I had dialed her number by mistake. I was confused. A wrong number, but she still shows up? I felt oddly on the defensive, but she quickly put my mind at ease. "I am not a hooker. I work as an accountant in one of the casinos. I get a surprising number of wrong-numbers for Candii. A lot of guys get the 1s and zeros mixed up. Anyway, I decided that I would try this, see what being Candii for a night might be like. If you had your heart set on Candii, I will understand, and I'll go and let you call her."

I stood dumbfounded. Here was a gal, probably not more than 21, ready and willing to be my high-priced call girl for the evening, and yet I had a complete newbie! What could be better. "do you like cum?" I asked.

She hesitated for a moment. "I must confess," she answered "it is one of the reasons I decided to do this. I love cum. The more the better."

I then proceeded to tell her about my current predicament, and she then asked if she could use the bathroom to get changed.

(to be continued)
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