I was used by my mami

Let start the story straightway. I just completed the primary education. We lived in a village named Sagorkandi which was 10 km far from the town. My Renu mami (maternal uncle’s wife)

Whose husband served in Army came to visit our house for a month. Mama (maternal uncle) got married with Renu mami 2 years ago and as far as I know mama came home once after his marriage for 5 days and that was 6 months ago. Renu mami lived alone in her father-in-law’s house. She was very cheerful and always loughing attitude in her face. So everybody liked him, particularly I was a great fan to her. She had fair complexion and very cute to look.

There was no electricity or water supply in our village home. We collected water from an earth well. For collecting water everybody had to use a bucket with a rope and pulled water from the well. So I couldn’t bath alone, mom used to collected water from the well for me and I bathed. I had another problem that I couldn’t apply soap in my body at the bath time. Because the soap went into my eyes and I couldn’t able to see anything and cried.

So whenever I needed a soap-bath my mom applied soap in my head and face, I only keep my eyes shut. When she finished washing the eye area, I could open my eyes and she left the bathroom. I finished the rest of bath then. One day I wanted to have a soap-bath and called my mom to collect water and apply the soap. But my mom was so busy in her household works as many guests were in our house, she only collected water for me and told me to complete bath with out soaping.

But I began to cry out and shouted as I got huge dirt in my body. I shouted and f***ed her to apply soap me. Renu mami also present there. Suddenly she said let me apply soap in your body. Holding my arm she drags me to the bathroom at that time everybody was busy either their household works or took rest. My father was in his workplace and no other male person was in our house. The bathroom was in a lonely place and noboday came near it without emergency.

Renu mami entered into the bathroom with me and locked the door. At first she removed her saree and kept on the cloth holder as it would be wet. I couldn’t but stare her things located on her chest. The hill like breasts wanted to free from her red blouse’s confinement. Her turmeric colored abdomen was looked so beautiful that I couldn't spare my eyes from there and the deep naval area attracted me affectionately that my penis grew hotter without my knowledge.

But as I wore underware it wasn’t visible from the top of my attaire. You all know about my first experience with Komola and then Sonia and other some girls, after that my penis gradually grew and it became 5” long and so thick though I didn’t reach the age of puberty. Mami soaked my bare upper body with water from the bucket. Then she applied soap on my head (in that period shampoo was not familiar to the village dwellers

The used soap mud or ash to wash their heads though we usually use soap) and face. After rubbing my hair she washed it with water, the whole time I kept my eyes closed whether I felt burning sensation in my eyes by soap foam. Then she applied soap on my upper body and cleaned it properly by rubbing with the scrabber. When she was washing my body by bending towards me I easily could stare the whietish cleavage of her boobs

They looked so supple that without any reason my penis hardened as an iron rod but couldn’t remove its confinement. She sat on the floor and said “now remove your shorts”. She inserted her index fingers of two hands through the shorts at my waist but I hold it tightly and warned her to pull down it. But she didn’t bother deny and by a sudden pull she removed my shorts. Now I was in only my underware and my hardened penis’s size was visible over that.

Staring my penis size from the outer shape she shouted, wow what is this? I felt shy to show her my penis I covered it with my two palms. She said “why do you cover it. I said “I am feeling shy. Renu mami said why are you shying from me and grabbed my hands and f***ely removed my underware and released my penis bare, it stiffed upward, staring that she said “dear, how your dick grew so bigger and hrad?

Surprising me, she held my penis with her right hand and began to rub my circumcised penis tip with her soft cheek. Renu mami was so excited that she caressed my penis with her soft cheek and moaned aahhh, she kissed on the head of my penis. Her warm breath came out from her nosetrails and my penis grew harder. Suddenly she inserted my penis into her mouth and began to suck it.

An electric shock jerked me as she sucked my penis and it began tingle. In the meantime she unhooked he blouse and removed that from her body. I stare her cleavage through her bra. I couldn’t do anything but only saw. She pulled out my penis from her mouth and holding it with hand bend forward and told “oh dear, please unhook my bra I obeyed. She bends her two shoulders and removed the bra from her body and lifted her head.

How nice the scinery was! I saw two soft rose-colored round firm boobs with black nipples stiffed on her chest. They were fully round in shape and the nipples were stood in the middle of the tits with a wider black circle. They looked like the head of onion. I stared with the wonder eyes. Renu mami kept his left hand to the back of my head and pulled it to her left boob and said “now dear, suck it.

She inserted the nipple of her left boob inside my mouth for suckling. Nothing understood I began to suck her boobs it was so soft and tasty. She grabbed my left hand and placed it on her right boob and said “squeeze it” as she suckled me another. I squeezed the puffy soft boob, it was over-soft but some hard muscle inside the boob which slept by the press of my finger.

Reni mami was moaning like uhhhh sssoonaa aammrrr kkiiii moojjjaaaa. She suckled me her two boobs simultenously and after 15 minutes or so she lain me on my back on the floor. My penis was so hard that it was starightly stiffed at the roof. Soon she took off her petticoat I saw some blackish hair-covered pussy between her two legs. She placed her two legs at the both side of my body and sat on her knees and grabbed my penis with her right hand.

She set my penis head with her pussy hole under the clitoris and sat down ward. With a vigorous press she thrust my penis in full length inside her warm pussy. Then she began to swing her waist up and down. She bent down on my body and places her boob in my mouth to suckle it. I sucked and pinched on her nipple. She moaned like the sounds ahhh kiiii ooojjaa ree sona uuu eee aaaa and why not. After a while she lifted and pressed her waist madly.

A thap thap thap thap sound was made. At last she treambled as the earthquake and moaning vigorously aaaa eee oooooo aah and she jerked her pussy 3/4 times squeezing my penis with her pussy’s inner wall. Then a warm stream of some jelly like thick juice oozed out from her pussy and drank my penis. I then didn’t get the puberty and didn’t have any sperm and I also obscured about that

I enjoyed the whole session and felt pressure of pissing. She took off her pussy from my penis and whispered “dear, don’t reveal anyone about this” and carrassed me by kissing on my cheeck. Then she washed my whole body with the soap, dried with towel and hugged me eagerly. One the next day when I backed from school at noon, I asked my mom to collect water for my bath.

Renu mami willingly denied my mom and she came to collect water for me. She filled the buckets with water and took me in the bathroom. I understood her desire that she wanted a fucking session again today. I closed the door and mami brought out a bottle of liquid from her breast’s cleavage. I read out and that was the hair removing lotion. I wanted to know what she would do with that, she caressed my cheeck in answer.

She took off her all cloths and be started. I stared her beaatiful body structure and the belongings she had and my penis soon erected and became an iron rod. Her pussy was coverd with curly black pubic hair. She gave me the bottle and lain on the floor and told me to apply the liqud from the bottle on her pussy jungle and armpit. I poured some lotion on my left palm and rubbed her pussy hair frequently.

I touched her clitoris and the slit of her pussy she folded her leg upwards. Again I applied more lotion there and completely soaked the hair. Then I applied the lotion in her two armpits she giggled when I did that. She raised her body and knelt down on the floor and told me to suck her boobs. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked her boobs as babies drink milk from their mother’s bosom.

After five minutes or so she took some water and washed her pussy and armpits. Wow, all the hairs are washed out and the pussy was shining like the pearl. I wondered to see the beauty of an adult pussy and caressed it with my hand. How beatiful the creamy pussy lips and the blackish clitoris which was lifted between the crack.

I parted her pussy lips at the clitoris and found a narrow puce colored hole. She grabbed my head and descended upon her pussy and told to lick it. For the first time of my life I tasted a pussy with my tongue. Firstly I licked on the upper side and the inserted the tongue through the crack. Her pre cum went out and I got slight salty taste there but that was very enjoyable to me.

I inserted my tongue through her pussy hole to get more saliva from her pussy and I licked it clean. I bited the fatty pussy lips and chewed it with my teeth. She held my head by my hair and crashed it with her pussy and moaning loudly. After a while she spurted her semen into my mouth, it was so tasty that I licked it clean without wasting a drop.

My penis was tingling by its hardness so I pushed her to lay on floor on her back and folded her leg from knees. I sat between her legs and thrusted my penis through her pussy canal. I fucked her about 25 minutes or so till her next ejection. After that day Mami went to collect water from the well for me regularly and I fucked her in the bathroom before bath. Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion
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