Tricked played to fuck my Aunty

I am Naren and this is my story. Well I still really don’t understand that I was able to achieve an impossible task, something which I had cherished since I was a c***d. I mean literally a c***d. To be honest to do something crazy, which you really don’t think is possible you need to be patient... Well you also have to know how to act. At least that much which could convince people that you are telling the truth…obviously without money you cannot even buy trash. Last but not the least you have to have a plan... a plan which should be implemented successfully and you have to know that it gets successful coz there is no second chance. And this is how I had to be to fuck my aunty.
I belong to a middle class f****y. Well you could not call my f****y conservative but we have a sense of decency in us and the males in my f****y maintain a distance with women. Well I don’t know about others but I used to. You could call this my inability to attract girls. But I don’t know why I could never get a date or I never got cozy with anyone in my life. This wasn’t because I was ugly or a nerd or something…well to be fair I was a normal looking guy and girls enjoyed my company coz they felt that I had a good sense of humor and they all felt that I was a good friend. Well I think I was stupid most of the times coz I had settled their relations for them with their boyfriends. Actually I was very good at this I could tell my friends to pick any girl and could arrange it for them and this thing had given me the honor “Love Guru”. I never helped them personally talking or anything I was just the director…well may be this was my specialty and I never realized that I had such kind of potential in me, and this I had to get out of me to get my mami.
Well my mami (my mother’s b*****r’s wife) is about 36 years old and the mother of 14 years old boy, my cousin Tom. My mami is the daughter of my mum’s paternal uncle which made them cousins. I had learnt from my mother that my mamu had liked her when he had seen her during my mum’s youngest s****r’s marriage which was with mami’s b*****r and further mum said that mami was the hype of the whole area and many people had offered proposals to mami’s father. My grandma saw all this and as was the wish of my mamu they had been married after a year. Presently mamu works in a currency division in Dubai and makes a visit every 12 to 16 months and mami lives with my grandma and her son Tom. I had heard my mum talk that mami couldn’t give birth again after her fetus had died inside itself and I felt too bad for that, and may be for this reason mamu and mami had developed a strong relationship in support of each other.
I had cherished my mami since I was, I don’t know like 10 or maybe 11. Actually it had all started with my cousin Daryl who is like 2 years older than me and is very close to me. I had never seen my mami in such a way. My cousin was the one who had taught me how to masturbate and taught me about various pleasures. The first time I started watching my mami was in the summer vacations of 7th std when Daryl showed me how to watch mami’s cleavage. And from that time I had constantly started checking out my mami. And at that time she maybe she always felt that we were k**s and never minded bending in front of us or covering her assets with her dupatta. We used to watch her swinging her round ass as they way she used to walk could make even a blind man’s crotch moving in his pants. Once we were upstairs in her room and she had asked us to help her clean her room. And that day she was not wearing a bra may be coz it was late at night and she was in a nighty and damn the way her big melons were trying to come out. Once they almost came out of her nighty and if she hadn’t buttoned it we could have got a clear sight of her boobs. That night I masturbated like three times which was very rare for an eleven year old boy.
These fantasies went on for like two more years and in these days I had numerous pleasures of her. For instance whenever I used to hug her in any occasion I used to make it sure that I touch her ass and her press her boobs as much as possible. Whenever I went to my grandma’s house I used to spend most of the times with mami and watch her assets move jiggle and swing. For instance whenever we used to have food I used to sit in such a position that when she used to keep the utensils on the floor she would bend in front of me to serve food and before eating the food I would feast on her boobs first. Once mami was bathing and I was watching TV in her room and suddenly I heard her shout and she just put her kameez and came out of the bathroom as when she had gone to take the soap a cockroach directly jumped on her. I had to kill the cockroach myself and mami was so thankful. But I couldn’t stop looking at her boobs which could be seen as her top was wet. In this way I was so involved in my mami that I never felt attracted to other girls coz mami had developed a special place in my heart. In other ways I was so much attracted towards her that I had developed a soft corner for her in my heart. In other ways I had started loving her…these little instances had brought me very close to my mami and we used to talk like for an hour or two before going to sl**p... But my pleasures were cut short as my father had called us back to Mus**t as I was not concentrating on my studies.
To be fair my mami is like one of those BBWs (big breasted wives) which you normally find in India. Well but she is not like other Indian wives with slutty looks. She is fair, I mean like one of those Greek goddess, ok to compare with, Aphrodite. Well only if mami would have lost those extra pounds she could have easily been in any of those movies of the Greek epics. Her boobs are 36dd (which I came to know later). And I could write a bible about her boobs which are so soft and once you see them you feel like dying for them if you were asked to. If I was dying and I would be asked what my last wish was I would have demanded to see those boobs once for the last time. Her ass is like on e of those hottest porn stars you may see. It is so perfectly round and bulges outwards from her hips. She normally wears salwar kameez so most of the times one could have a good look of her swinging loose ass if she is walking away from him. She is like may be 5 feet 7 inches tall, 3 inches shorter than me, which is like the perfect height for me coz I don’t like short girls and I hate it if any girl is taller than me. ( I have this stupid thing that If I feel a girl is taller than me I any how go toward her and see if she is really taller than me or it look like that…). Her legs are beautiful which I had the honor to see when I was 12 or something and had gone to visit my grandma’s place and mami was washing some clothes, maybe it was her undergarments, and her nighty had come over her knees and those thighs were like you wished to lie on them while they were naked and you could feel them…the most important thing in her was her cute face…
Her eyes are black and big and she naturally has that fuck me look in them. Those eyebrows above her eyes are always so thin and make her eyes even bigger. She has those lovely cheeks and I imagine that when she was a k** people used to chew on them for sure. Her nose is neither straight nor fat, they are perfect in length and the tip is roundly pointed. Her hair is like Kajol had in DDLJ, very soft and slightly curly. And the best part in her face is her lips. Wide and fat like Salma Hayek, or frankly, like Serena Williams. You feel like kissing them all day and all night long, chewing and biting them and feeling their softness which I came to know later. She has long a long neck and her hair falls just a little below it and if she ties her hair you could see they exposed part of her back below her neck as most of her clothes have a low back and front which make her look sexy and anyone could get lucky if mami bent as it would reveal most of her breasts. She likes to wear tight clothes and I think her tailor might purposefully make it tighter coz she always looks like her clothes will burst revealing her assets. She used to spend a lot of money on her looks and I knew this that my mamu was a bit fed up of her for this reason. You could never find hair on her body as she used to keep her body waxed or and I was damn sure that even down there near her Loveland there was no grass. (This came out to be true eventually). So in three words I could call my mami as the hottest milf ever.
See this is the problem when I describe her; I get so involved in it that every time I forget what I was talking about... Coming back to the scene...
I had gone to Oman and at least one thing was positive about was that I had built up a good and friendly relation with mami. Even during my four years of stay in Oman I never could get out mami of my mind. The only time I could speak to her was if there was a festive occasion and my parents would call them. May be a couple of times I chatted with her in Daryl’s house when she visited them. So to be frank those were the days I missed her the most. And finally the time came when my 12th was over and it was time to go back. I was so delighted that I would meet all my relatives and of course mami. I had bought a good perfume as a present for her coz I knew she always liked to smell hot and was just waiting for her first glimpse.
And now it was the big day. I had to visit grandma’s house, which would mean I would see mami after four years. I expected her to pick up age a bit or she might get fat but it was all negative. The time I saw her, my heart lit up and I felt as if Aphrodite had taken another birth. Mami hadn’t old a day. Her figure was still the same, firm, perfectly fair, smooth and of course she looked hotter. I again felt the same softness of her boobs which I used to feel before, the smell of her aroma was still the same which was acting like an aphrodisiac for me and I felt my groin again recalled its desire for its most wanted hole, and it was at that time that I had made up my mind that whatever happens I have to fuck her and it would be her who would be insist. I gave her the present which I had got for her and she was very thankful and happy. I still remember that day I had spent most of the time talking to mami instead of anyone else, not even my cousins and I was glad that mami responded well and I was optimistic about something. Something that I dint realize before. In these conversations I also took her number and small details about the past and enquired about mamu etc.
Days kept on passing and I got admission in an engineering college. Mami was a regular entry in the call log of my mobile phone. I had started sending her funny messages and sometime even some love quotes and I made sure that everything to look normal I sent the same messages to many of my relatives. Many a times I used to talk to her when I used to call grandma on their landline and mami would pick up the phone. So in other words I started flirting with mami without even her realizing that what I was up to as I was never vulgar or spoke anything cheap. Day by day I was getting more and more restless as I wanted mami very badly and due to this I decided to decrease the frequency of flirting with her. So I had developed interest in rock music and started smoking and these things subsequently affected my studies and I had failed in the first year. I was a bit depressed in the beginning but as days passed I was back to normal…
My mum’s oldest b*****r’s f****y also used to live nest to mami’s house and they had decided to move o another place maybe because the two s****rs in law were not getting along well. So I decided to visit my grandma’s place. I heard grandma talk about visiting our native place in the summer vacation after Tom’s exams are over, and asked me if I could come with her. And this news made bells ringing in my ears and suddenly my mind had in one instance planned the whole mission to my mami’s pussy.
I told grandma that I would also some with them as I would clear all my papers in December and would go with them and told her to book my tickets in advance as it is very difficult to get a reservation in April. But I had something else in my mind. I had to clear 11 papers and I worked so hard that I was confident about clearing all of them. Hence, my results were out in Feb. and I had cleared all the subjects. This is where I had to initialize my plan of which there was very less chances of success but I had to give it a try that if I wouldn’t get her on bed I was sure that I would enjoy a lot.
After getting my results I went home and told everyone that I failed in four subjects very badly and would have to appear in May for the papers again, and warned them not to leak this thing out and I would tell everyone when I felt that the time had come. My ticket was already booked and the second thing which I had to do was to convince Tom to go with grandma as she would need a helping hand all over her journey and during her stay and seriously that fool was not so easily convinced. Then I acted about studying and constantly showed everyone in my home that I couldn’t study at home as there was always some disturbance and this went on for two weeks. Then I finally told them that I had failed for this reason itself and I need some place peaceful. I told this to my grandma also and I know that she cares about my study a lot and the plan worked just as I had expected. My heart lit up and I felt as if I had won the first battle of my war when I heard the net lines from my grandma’s mouth,
“Ok Naren I have a solution to this problem of yours. Why don’t you stay here for your exams? I and Tom are anyway going to our native place and I was worried about your mami as she wasn’t able to get a reservation and moreover your mamu is also coming in May for Cris’s marriage (Cris is another cousin) and our stay is longer than that. As this bad luck has struck upon you and you had to pull out, I had to take Tom with me as there is no one else who is free. If you stay here you will be able to concentrate on your studies and will be a support for your mami.” I saw a sign of relief on mami’s face and she was literally happy as I was there to fill Tom’s shoes. So the first mode in my initialization was achieved. I had a whole month to stay with mami alone.
The very next day I took my stuff and came to mami’s and I had to win my grandma’s confidence that I would take good care of everyone so I had taken almost all responsibilities of the house on myself. I had to improvise that I was studying in mami’s room all time as it had a study and was feeling good so that grandma was satisfied that she had made the right step by calling me in. Days passed by and finally I waved goodbye to grandma and Tom and I was all on my own with my very hot and sexy mami alone and now started the business end of my plan.
Now to get a woman you always have to know how her character actually is in present conditions. According to my assumptions if her husband is abroad she must be a bit frustrated sexually. I had to know how she interacts with her husband in such circumstances. So I checked mami’s mobile phone for messages but all were normal ones. I waited for the night and heard sms tones. When mami slept I sneaked into her room carefully and saw the text messages. They were all vulgar sms from my mamu and mami had also responded well. I felt so hot that I wanted to bang mami’s ass out then and there itself. So one thing I was sure of was mami was very desperate, she was having phone sex with mamu and she had no problem in getting dirty.
The next thing I had to do was to share some more close information with her so that I get close to her. In my whole life I never had a girlfriend as I said earlier and for this reason I had to make a virtual one. I had to tell about her and needed a way to do it, but mami made it easy for me.
As James’s marriage was coming up once while having lunch we were discussing about it and suddenly mami giggled,
“After his marriage it is Daryl’s turn and then yours. Hope you have someone in mind”
Hearing this I blushed and mami suspected something.
“Hey why are you blushing? I think you already have someone in mind. Isn’t it?”
“What no??”
“No mami you know me, there is no one.”
“So why were you blushing?”
I just kept silent and smiled.
“Come on you can tell me. I won’t spread it. I have never.”
“Ok. I have a girlfriend and I am in a committed relation with her. We would marry her aftermy engineering is over.”
“You have grown up….”
And like that I came closer to mami and she would share info like how she misses mamu and with me being here she was relaxed to talk about her feelings with me. Actually I really think she used to miss mamu a lot coz whenever mamu used to call and if the phone was not near her reach she would run for it and if mamu dint call for a while she used to get anxious.
So the next step to make this relationship a little more intimate I had to see mami’s body naked or semi-naked. For this also I had something in mind. My grandma’s house is a duplex, actually two duplexes joint side by side. The main entrance of the first duplex opens up in the kitchen with an attached bathroom. And upstairs is my grandma’s room. The living room opens up in the attached duplex and upstairs goes mami’s room with an attached bathroom which was attached perpendicularly with the entrance. There was a section which was meant for changing and it was in front of the bathroom door and could be covered with a curtain.
Now when ever at night or at any other tine if I was in the room and mami wanted to change clothes she dint head for the bathroom instead she used to put the curtain and changed, and when I was not in her room she used to close the door and change which I came to know by peeping under the door gap.
Now what I had in mind was something weird. The next day I had managed to get a cockroach and put it inside a box and kept it in my bag. As usual mami came upstairs after finishing all her work and headed to change into her nighty. I waited for like 20 seconds and let the cockroach out of the box into the changing section from beneath the curtain and like after 2 seconds mami screamed. And now it was time for action. I quickly moved the curtain and enquired what happened and couldn’t believe whether it was the truth or I was dreaming. Mami was only in her panties and her big melons were hanging freely in air. She was so scared of the cockroach that she didn’t even mind my presence nor did she cover her breasts. I started looking for the cockroach and killed it. Still mami was standing there frozen. When I got up with the cockroach in my hand she again screamed and I kept my hand on her mouth and assured her that it is dead and then she realized that she was standing topless in front of her nephew and quickly covered her boobs and as I had to act normal I swiftly got out of there and disposed the cockroach. She came out in her nighty and saw me and we both started laughing and then we both went to sl**p. I used to sl**p downstairs in the living room while she slept in her room.
If I was not near my phone mami wouldn’t mind to answer it and tell me later. She had also started reading my messages my friends used to sent and even read some dirty ones, so I decided to buy a 2nd hand mobile phone and with that I used to text on my mobile as my girlfriend which was supposed to be my girlfriend. And mami also used to read those if I was not around. Once she asked me about my virtual girlfriend’s looks. I told her that she was fair and beautiful and the next thing which she asked was something unexpected,
“How is her figure?”
“It’s good only if you would be a little thin you would look like her.”
“What do you mean by thin? Am I fat?” she smiled as she said that
“No mami I dint mean that, only if you would have been thinner.”
“Ok so you mean my figure is not good.” Now this conversation was getting spicy
“No mami you are perfect. I have never seen a woman of your age with such a body.”“How could you say that? As if you have seen my body except for once, accidentally” She started laughing after saying this and I joined that. I had understood that I had won mami’s confidence in me and she had also started flirting with me casually. And as days passed she began talking more freely with me about college and stuff and I had noticed a change I her that she never thought it necessary to put on her dupatta when I was around. She dint do it coz she wanted me, she had this change in her coz I had gained her confidence.
The other day I was watching football in her room, she came upstairs took off her salwar and changed it in front of me while her kameez was still on and headed to the bathroom. I would be looking at her thighs but I professionally avoided her noticing that I was watching. When I went out with mami for shopping or to get food stuff I used to take utmost care of her, walking her from safe paths, move away the crowd, and many a times I also used to hold her by her hips or her shoulders if there was some serious crowd in a way that she would get the feeling that I am her protector. So she had developed a casual relationship with me. Sometimes before taking bath she used to ask me what she should wear and I would pick a dress for her and she would wear that. I also used to take bath in her bathroom and many a times sniffed her undergarments and masturbated. On the other hand I had to take care that other visitors such as neighbors or relatives don’t find it out that mami was cozy with me around so whenever anyone came to visit I used to act as it I am studying and concentrate on my job only and avoid mami as much as possible and do all the household duties in excess.
It was now the mid of April and there was no progress in our relationship and I was getting a bit frustrated. One evening as mami came out of the bathroom she was in a hurry as she had kept something on the stove and dint wipe her feet and as the floor in the room is slippery, she tripped on the floor and hurt her legs badly thank god there was a mattress which I used to put If I wanted to watch TV or sometimes while studying. I was lying on the mattress and studying and as she fell I hurriedly got up and picked her up and took her to the bed. I went down and switched of the stove and ran back upstairs. It seemed like mami had hurt her back and her thighs. She asked me to give her the balm and I got it and saw that she was in pain. I insisted that I will apply the balm myself but she refused
“No it’s ok. I will apply it myself.”
“But how will you apply it on your back? Let me do it” I kept on insisting and she finally gave up.
“Now mami lie on your face and lift your kameez” she did and I got a good view of her panties under her semi transparent salwar. I started applying balm and gently started massaging her back. I saw that she was feeling relaxed and in between I was also brushing my hand on her ass cheeks. My dick was rock hard and only I know how I controlled myself. I gave her a good long massage for maybe 10 mins and she relaxed and moved down her kameez. As she was going to get up the pain in her thighs made her lie again. My heart started racing and my throat became dry as I gulped the next words,
“Mami if you want I may apply balm on your thighs also”
“No. That won’t be necessary. I am ok.”
“No mami if it is not taken care of now it could be a major problem later on.”
“No I am fine. You don’t get it how can I remove my salwar in front of you.”
The next thing which I uttered from my mouth was the bravest thing according to me which I had ever said to a woman
“Ok so don’t remove them completely just take it off till your knees. And anyway while changing you don’t mind removing your salwar in front of me. And moreover your kameez would be covering your bottoms. ” (I avoided using the word ass or butt or anything close to it.)
Hearing these words she relaxed and I had again won mami and she did something strange. As she was lying on her face she lifted her ass a bit and untied the knot of her salwar and revealed her milky white, hairless and smooth thighs to me. I lifted her kameez a bit up to her ass and I took the balm and first applied on her right thigh and started massaging them. The feelings which the touches on her body were creating were so hard to resist. I kept on massaging and saw her face, she was deeply relaxing and her eyes were closed. So very carefully I moved some more of the kameez upwards to partly reveal her black panty which was partly trapped in her ass crack revealing half of her ass cheeks. I moved my hands upwards very carefully but brought them down and was satisfied with her thighs.
Now I started massaging her lefts thigh and she was giving soft moans of relaxations. Very carefully I took my face near her ass and sniffed the exotic aroma of her love tunnel and I almost came in my pants then and there itself. I kept on massaging her thighs and in some time told her I was done. She turned and came on her back which made her kameez to move totally from her panty and she again lifted her pussy and in a flash pulled up her salwar and tied the knot. She thanked me and I told her to relax and I would do the rest of her work for today and left her. We ate dinner and I went back to study and slept on the mattress and it was the first time I had slept in my mami’s room.
The next morning she asked me to get henna cones and said that as mamu is coming she wanted to practice some new designs. I got her that and as usual after she had finished cleaning the house and preparing food she came upstairs and asked me what she should wear. I purposefully gave her a semi transparent white salwar kameez for I knew what I had in mind. So she came out and after she had finished dressing up she went downstairs for applying henna as I had kept the cones downstairs and she dint bother coming upstairs. After a while I came down and told her that I am making maggi noodles for myself and she apologized that if she hadn’t applied henna she would have made it for me. I took the noodles upstairs and kept it under the fan for cooling. I didn’t put the noodles in a bowl but in the KFC bucket which was already there at home maybe her son had ordered it. I went down and checked on mami, she had applied henna on her left hand was doing some work with her right hand. Seeing me she asked me showing her hand,
“How is it?”
“It’s beautiful. During my marriage you only will apply henna on my bride’s hand, its final”
Hearing this she was flattered and thanked me
I went back upstairs and called mami,
“Mami where is my jeans which I was wearing yesterday. I have my money in it. ”
“It’s on the hanger.”
“I can’t find it there. I think it is downstairs on the hanger there. “
“Yes I found it”
“Could you please give it to me?”
Now I was in such a position that I had to step some stairs and mami would give me m pants. I had the maggi bucket in my hand and While I was reaching for my pants I purposefully dropped the paper bucket on mami’s white kameez I such a way that the soup in the bucket would land directly on mami’s boobs with the noodles to follow.
“What the hell Naren, why did you have to carry those noodles??”
“I am sorry mami I dint expect this could happen.”
“Now look what you have done” she said by wiping her dress.
“Mami those stains are turmeric stains and you have to wash them as soon as possible or your dress is spoilt. Come upstairs”
Hearing that mami hurried upstairs and told her to wash her kameez. But mami stood as dumb.
“But how do I take it off” she said waving her left hand which had henna on it.
“Ok so there is no other option than me taking it out” I had to gulp down the last words
“What? How can I take off my kameez in front of you? I would rather wash my hands”
“No” I screamed “plz mami don’t wash your hands. I love that design. And anyway its not going to be the first time I am going to see you without your kameez. I am your nephew.”
I don’t know was it my scream and concern for the henna or was it the next part of my sentence that made mami talk’
“Ok then you would have to wash my kameez also as I can’t do that also.”
“It’s ok. But you have to direct me.”
With that she came near me and lifted her hands. I reached the bottom of her kameez and held it with my forefinger and my thumb in such a way that all my other fingers would be brushing mami’s body. And with that I started pulling her kameez upwards while my other three fingers were brushing her body. As I took the kameez above her salwar I felt her skin and as I moved further I felt her bra and I slightly brushed her boobs too. I took the kameez out of the right hand and smelled the aroma of her deodorant mixed with sweat and was having a good look at her breasts. I then slowly took her left hand outside and with that my sexy mami was standing there in her bra and salwar. I quickly went to the bath room and kept the kameez while mami called me and told me to take out another kameez from inside and make her wear it. I did that and mami was covering her boobs with her hands. I asked mami to lift her hands a bit which she did and I got a grand view of her partly covered breasts. I wasted some more time by acting as if I was adjusting something while all the time I was watching mami’s twin melons. After playing a little I put the kameez in the same way as I had taken it off and went back to wash the dirty kameez while mami directed me.
So that day morning I had once again stripped mami into her bra and enjoyed her softness and I dint want to halt these developments with her. I had slept with her in the same room the previous night and I had to make it a regular and moreover a normal practice and for that I had something in mind. I asked mami that would she like to watch a movie at after dinner coz I was getting really obsessed with all the studies and stuff and Mami readily agreed. I had a horror movie with me which was quite interesting and I pulled it out. At night mami came upstairs and as usual went started changing into her nighty. Suddenly her phone rang and she asked me from behind the curtain;
“Who’s it?”
“Ok give me the phone.”
I thought that she had asked me to come in and hand her the phone and I thought this might be a good opportunity and straight away moved the curtain and went in, not noticing her hand which she had taken out from the other side of the curtain. As I went in I saw mami was standing with her topless back facing me and her right hand popping out of the curtain and her nighty in the left hand. I was a bit taken by this and kinda got nervous as I thought that I had messed the whole thing up. I slowly called mami and she turned, not expecting me there. I got a quick look at her hanging soft balls before she quickly covered with her nighty and snatched the phone from me. I thought I was fucked and quickly got out from there. She attended the phone and when she had finished changing she came out and I was expecting the question;
“Dint you notice my hand coming out?”
“No mami. I am sorry. When you told me to give you phone I thought you had called me in and I straight away rushed in as I know how urgently you always attend mamu’s calls”
I think my explanation was enough to calm her down and she gave me a big smile and nodded her head as if I am a stupid k** and seriously I was so excited when I saw her smile that I laterally bit my lips and wanted to bit hers to.
We started watching the movie and as soon as mami realized that it was a horror movie she told me that I should have informed her before coz she gets really scared after watching such movie. I convinced her by saying that it was not that scary and it is very interesting and the end is very good plus I was there with her so nothing to be afraid of. Mami was a getting scared as she had used the toilet like three times that night, and frankly telling the movie was a bit creepy. It was about a lady who used to kill her victims by pulling their tongues out if they scream med on seeing her. The first time I watched it, I got nightmares as I slept. After the movie was over I turned off the TV and started going down and as I had expected mami spoke
“Naren please sl**p here tonight coz I am really scared after watching the movie”
I felt as if the fish had caught the bait and was so glad that my plane worked out again. So I slept in the same room that night. Actually I couldn’t sl**p as I was busy admiring mami’s body as she was changing positions in her sl**p. A couple of times her legs would come out of her blanket and nighty would rise up revealing her thighs. I used to slowly pull it upwards to reveal her fat panty covered ass, actually her ass was always partly covered as her panty always used to get trapped in between her ass crack, what a sight it used to be. That night I masturbated like I don’t know may be 5 times before I finally slept.
The next morning I got up late due to my adventures last night and saw mami was arranging the room. She had removed the curtain from the changing section for laundry and again my wicked mind started working. As usual I had my breakfast and got mami some things for cooking and went upstairs to study. As usual mami came upstairs and asked me what she should wear. I went near her cupboard and asked her if she had a sari coz I had never seen her on a sari and she pulled out a purple and showed it to me and I said it was perfect. So she took her matching blouse and petticoat and headed for the bathroom, I had some work so I had gone out and after about three hours I returned. By that time mami was dressed and shining. She was literally looking like a perfectly married, mature, and big breasted and an innocent housewife that day and the first thing I did was gave her a big smile and checked her body for top to bottom. The way her ass was bulging out from her sari was perfect and her boobs were looking so healthy as if she had just milked a baby. I gave her a complement and she was flattered and thanked me. We had lunch and just like that the day passed out.
At night I was watching a football match in her room when she came upstairs to get ready for bed. She dint mind pulling out her sari in front of me displaying her lovely tummy. Then she paused for a moment and I think she was a bit confused where she should change as she had given the curtains in the laundry and forgot to put new ones. She looked at me and I acted as if I was glued to the match. I don’t know what she felt about me that time, maybe she thought that as I had seen her body so many times it was not a problem changing in front of me, plus the ceiling height of the bathroom was also a hindrance that she decided to change right in front of me.
She turned away from me and started opening the buttons of her blouse and completely removed it. I was having a good look at her back and my tool started growing up. She took her nighty from the hanger and put it on and let it fall only till her hip level. Then she removed her petticoat also letting her nighty fall down. What a sight that was for me. So mami had no longer thought me an issue and even the next day she took her out kameez in front of me despite of putting the new curtains and now she dint even mind to face me and used to casually talk with me while she was changing. A couple of times in the morning she used to just take out her nighty out in front of me and go to the bathroom in just her undies for a shower. Only when she had to remove her innerwear she used to go behind the curtain.
It was now the last 10 days of my stay with mami alone as mamu was going to come on the 5th of May, so I had to get enter her pussy as soon as possible. Of one thing I was sure that mami would be sexually exited as she would know that very soon she would have wild sex with her husband, but actually it was much before that. I used to hang my pant on the hanger of changing section. One night while I was studying (well acting) Mami came in and went into the changing section and I understood that she has to remove her undergarments. So I quickly got an idea, I had left my phone in my pants and as I said earlier I had bought another mobile phone which I used to keep in my bag, I gave a call from that phone on my number and it rang inside the changing section. I knew that mami would check it which she did,
“Naren I think it’s your girlfriend.”
As soon as I heard it I shouted a big, “noooo…” and entered the changing area where my mami was standing without a single piece of cloth on her body.
I acted as if I really dint want mami to attend the call and so I had to enter. I quickly came out after getting a quick look at my mami’s treasures and cut the phone. I sat there hanging my face as if I was really depressed and something had really gone wrong, but actually my heart was pounding so fast. After a few moments mami came out dressed in her nighty and looked a little puzzled that what was so serious about the phone call that I had to bump in like that so suddenly. She came and sat next to me on the bed and asked me,
“Is everything alright?”
“No. something isn’t right or you would have entered like that even while I was changing.”
“I am sorry mami for that but I really can’t explain why I had to stop you from attending the call.”
“I was never going to attend your college. And anyways you have seen me without clothes so many times and even naked a couple of times so it doesn’t really matter. Actually there is something really serious I suspect or else you would have never taken away your phone. What is it that you are so troubled with?”
Ito be frank I never expected things to get so free that mami wouldn’t mind to get naked in front of me and I was getting so horny hearing that I could just walk in while she was naked and she wouldn’t mind. But any how I came back to my senses and replied,
“Mami you won’t understand. It’s something weird and may be you would think ill of me.”
“But at least you could try. May be I could be of some assistance to you? Please you could tell me.” And with that she rested her hand on my thighs and I was sure that I had made her curious.
“It’s actually my girlfriend. I had gone to meet her yesterday. As I was meeting her after 10 days she was kinda you know exited…”I trailed that sentence with some discomfort.
“Excited? You mean in what way?”
“Actually err…sexually. I mean I have never got involved into anything with her before but I don’t this time she was acting different. She tried to kiss me and I don’t know I just dint feel like doing that as we would eventually do that after we are married and I moved my face away. She got pissed off and left and since then she has been trying to talk to me and I’ve been ignoring her.”
“Well that seems to be something you can’t help it. Don’t get me wrong but I think she was just trying to ooze out her feelings and that’s normal.”
“I don’t know mami may be I am not ready for it. Actually frankly speaking I don’t even know how to kiss a girl. I mean I’ve never even touched a girl intimately.” I finished off this sentence with a smile.
“Oh so that’s the problem. You wanted to respond but you dint coz you dint know how to.”
“I don’t know may be. I just feel it disgusting.” Hearing this mami threw out a big smile.
“Well you can’t decide whether it is disgusting or pleasing unless you try.”
“Ok so who do I try it with like you before I try it with my girlfriend?”
“Are you mad? How can I kiss you?” she giggled.
“No I dint mean that but may be you could show me how do I kiss a girl. I can’t ask it to my girlfriend.”
“But why only me, couldn’t you find someone else?”
“Coz you are the only one so close to me other than my girlfriend. Who else could I ask?” As I ended this I looked straight into mami’s eyes.
“Ok but only this once.” With that she came closer to me. I dint even move an inch from my place and instead let her come towards me. My heart started racing as my mami touched my lips with her lips for the first time. It was as if I was in my wildest dreams. But still I had to act as if I am a beginner so I dint respond. Noticing this mami stopped and said
‘Kiss my lips back you idiot. And do whatever I am doing to you.”
So I did and kissed her back and there were little exchanges of kisses. I started moving slightly away to check if mami was turned on and mami kept on coming closer to me and at once bit my lips and enter my mouth and started sucking my tongue. I was not at all new to any of this as I had seen it in many movies and elsewhere, so I also quickly entered my tongue into her mouth. And we both started kissing passionately. In the mean while my right hand grabbed mami’s head and I was playing with her hair while my left hand was caressing her back and I am damn sure she was not wearing inside as I couldn’t feel her bra. She had also put both her hands on my shoulders and was kissing me passionately and we kept on kissing her passionately. I wanted to take this a bit farther and I slowly reached to cup her breasts and that’s when she realized that she had got carried away and broke the kiss. I removed my hands from her body and kept my eyes in hers when she finally spoke,
“See this is how you get carried away when you kiss a girl. You don’t realize who you are kissing.” And with that started laughing and even I joined her. I told her that it was a good experience and I would love to do it again
“Well only if you remain in your senses coz you may never know where a kiss could lead you” and with that mami started to walk towards the bathroom.
I called her, “mami!” She turned back. The next thing which I was going to do was something I had never done before and may be it could have shut the doors of mami’s pussy for ever for me but I had to give it a try and had to be ready with a good explanation.
I quickly got up from the bed and straight away caught mami by her hips and started kissing her, not wildly but very passionately. At first mami was taken by this action but soon she also started responding to my touches. My hands started wandering all over mami’s back and they finally rested on her big fast ass for the first time and after a bit of caressing them I gently started pressing the twin globes. As I had assumed there was no panty on mami’s ass and I could feel it with the way my fingers could so easily explore her ass crack. I don’t know whether mami realized all this as she was so involved in the kiss that she had held my face so tightly.
The whole scene was so intense and it was going out of hand and I knew that mami would eventually allow me to bang her also but it was not the right time for it coz I wanted mami to ask for it herself plus I had to act as if I was not a pervert. So finally I pulled out from the kiss and looked straight into her eyes and said
“See mami I am always in control. Not like you thought.” Mami’s hand was still on my shoulders and I was still holding her by her hip
“Well I admit you are in control.” She said and with that I left her and let her go. After all this we talked for a while and slept.
The next morning mami looked so hot that I wanted to fuck her then and there itself. I was confident that I had lit up that spark in mami’s heart and just had to add fuel to it.
The day passed and mami was so cool and casual all the time with me. I was just waiting for the night to come coz I knew I was close.
At night mami came upstairs and I was acting I was already in bed but was acting awake and as if I was busy in my phone. I had switched off the light and turned the dim light as usual while sl**ping. Mami came upstairs and straight away took out her nighty and then looked at me and saw that I was busy with my phone so she just opened her bra straps and took it off while I was watching it. As she was facing me sideways I could clearly see how her breasts fell from her bra as they had been imprisoned inside it and where looking so free in the air as if birds were set out of their cages. I could clearly see how thick and firm mami’s breasts were. She then put her nighty on till her waists and started pulling down her panties down. That was so hot that I felt as if my cock would burst all it’s cum out of it. I could see her naked ass and thighs as her panty slid down and simultaneously her nighty started coming down and finally she took her panty down her legs and apart from her body. With that mami hanged her undies on the hanger and came to bed. I had to talk to her and I wanted to ask her something which had bothered me for years,
“Mami, should I ask you something.”
“Yeah sure what is it?”
“Actually this question has been there in my mind for many years when I heard someone talking about it. Actually it’s related to you and I am not sure you may not like it.”
“Why do you always hesitate so much? It’s up to me whether I would like it or not and since you have always shared your problems with me I won’t mind any question from you?”
“Is it true that you cannot conceive anymore? I mean is it true that you cannot give birth to a c***d anymore?” mami’s face became serious and I felt so terribly stupid to ask such a question at this time.
“Yes Naren it is true.” With that she lied on her bed and I saw tears twinkling from her eye. I felt so bad that I had made her cry with that stupid question that I wanted to kick my own ass. But any how I manage to act decent and went near the bed and started wiping the tears from mami’s face.
“I am so sorry mami that I’ve hurt you. I should have never asked.”
“No Naren it’s not your fault. Actually I am crying on my own mess.”
“What? No. it’s nothing you could do about it. You are still so lovely and pretty that any man could lead his whole life even without k**s if he married you.”
“I don’t think your mamu thinks the same way.”
“Well how do you know? He loves you so much we all do and if you feel that people hate you for this just remember that there is one idiot in this world who is ready to be with you at all times whether it be ill or happy.” Mami looked up at me and I looked into her eyes and I could clearly see the expression in her eye that I dint wait for another moment and straight away kissed her and the way she responded made me feel as I am her husband. We kissed slowly in the beginning like lovers and I could clearly see that love in her eyes. While kissing her I climbed up the bed and was for the first time lying in the same bed with mami. We were kissing so passionately and my hands again started exploring her ass. She was so into the kiss that she dint even mind being on the same bed with me. I had put both my legs on hers and my toes were playing with her heels and how soft they were. I could have yet again gone far but I had to make mami wait for the ultimate pleasure and we finally broke our kiss after like 3 mins of horny wet kissing and slept on the same bed for the first time with mami sl**ping on my arm and my hand embracing her.
In the morning I noticed that I had mami’s blanket on me and mami was already awake busy with the household duties. The first thing that came into my mind today when I saw mami was that I am going to pump that pussy tonight at all costs.
One thing which made my job very easy was even after getting intimate a couple of times mami was still treating me as her nephew and in return I was also like that with her. Instead our chats had become more casual like I could hold her or kiss her cheeks and she would rub my hair etc and we were enjoying each other’s company. Today had also passed as usual and as the night was arriving I knew what I had to do to get mami on bed.
After finishing the dinner I had purposely gone out as mami had gone upstairs and I acted as if I dint see her. I quickly came inside the house and locked the door and went to my grandma’s room and turned on the light and then came down and headed for mami’s room. I peaked from the side of the stairs what mami was doing. She had finished changing into her nighty and went to the bathroom. I waited for like 20 seconds and came upstairs and quickly closed the door and stripped completely and opened the cupboard and started looking for my boxers. By that time mami had come out and I was acting as if I had not noticed her and instead was busy searching my boxers. As I turned and faced mami, I acted as if I was shocked and fell on the bed. I apologized to mami while I was hastily wearing my boxers
“I am sorry mami I thought you were cleaning grandma’s room as I saw the light was on.” Mami laughed seeing my discomfort and replied,
“Relax Naren. You have seen me without clothes so many times. It’s nothing to hide now.” And with that she came and sat next to me on the bed.
“But still I felt very uncomfortable.”
“You are just freaking out. As I said it’s all normal between us and there is no need to feel awkward.”
“Well you mean you wouldn’t mind if I saw you naked.”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t, at least not now after we have been involved with each other so much.”
“You are talking as if I tell you to strip now and you would.”
“Hell no, I wouldn’t but if it would have happened I wouldn’t have freaked out either.”
“See got the point. That’s why I was freaking out”
“Oh Naren….ok well fine if you are not at ease...” with that she got up and took off her nighty in one shot. I was blessing my luck and was feeling like I am the happiest man on earth. My mami had got so intimate with me that she dint mind at all staying just in her undies in front of me. But I controlled my emotions for what was nest in line.
“Ok if you are talking about this then even I am sitting in my boxers. Where’s the point in all that freaking out theory of yours.”
“Oh come on Naren I cannot do that I am a woman.”
“In the same ways I am also not comfortable in just sitting my boxers, did I ever reveal you my thighs before or came topless in front of you? No right, and that’s why I always wear tracks and tees while sl**ping also”
“I don’t know Naren why are you acting so dumb as if you are a girl, but since it’s hard to convince you…” with that she sat on the bed and pulled out her bra straps from her shoulders and threw her bra on the corner of the bed leaving her tits to fall freely under the action of gravity. I just couldn’t believe my eyes whether I was dreaming or not. It was for the first time I was seeing my mami’s soft breasts so closely admiring their beauty. Her light brown areolas and her nipple in the middle of them were looking like a chocolate lollypop to me and I wanted to suck them. I kept looking at them and in those fantasies absent mindedly asked mami,
“Mami what size are they?”
“36 DD, why do you ask?” with a confused smile
“I don’t know they are just beautiful…” and with that I touched mami’s boobs for the first time. Mami was not expecting this from me coz all the time I had never made her feel that I was checking her out and she said
“Naren, I don’t think you should be doing that” I began pressing them and mami was still puzzled. I took both the titties in both my hands and started playing with them.
“Naren what are you doing, are you even listening to me?” I looked at her and without answering her question I put mine,
“Mami could I please suck them…” I had to gulp down the last two words
“What are you mad?”
“Please mami. Why can’t I?
“I don’t know you just shouldn’t.”
“come on mami when I you kissed me you never thought liked that so why now” I think that was enough to please her and without waiting for her consent I straight away came down the bed an on my knees in front of mami’s breasts and took her right nipple in my mouth. I heard mami gave out a big gasp. I slowly started to suck her right nipple and sucked everywhere as if I was her baby. My left hand in the mean while was playing with her left breast and I was pressing it very hard and mami was giving sounds of “ah...Yeah….yeah...Yes...” while with my other hand I was caressing her back and hip and her neck. I then pushed mami side ways on her hand so that she lies on the bed and got on top of her and started sucking her left breast, while my right hand was playing with her right breast. While I was doing this my left hand was fondling mami’s hair and as I brought it down feeling her face and suddenly mami took my hand and started sucking my forefinger I looked up and what a sight it was. I kept on playing with mami’s boobs for like the nest ten minutes. I would make circles on her nipples and softly bite them and mami used to get out soft moans. Then I looked up and went above kissing her chest and her neck and was mami was really enjoying my touches I am sure as I was literally sucking her each and every where. Then finally I went upwards and looked into her eyes and she wanted to kiss me so she came near me but just to tease her I moved my face away from her lips.
The next time I went close to her lips and then kissed the tips of her lips for a moment and again parted them. Mami was really getting desperate for me and she grabbed my head and pulled it down and wildly started kissing me, that was the first time I felt I had awaken the lust in her. We both had literally exchanged our saliva that time and I had to admit mami is a professional if it comes to kissing. She had chewed and kissed my lips and tongue in such manner that I started feeling thirsty. We kissed violently for about 2 minutes and then I started to slow down with little kisses and once again started coming down from her neck to her chest then to her breasts. My tongue stayed there for a while again admiring the beauty of mami’s twin melons and then it again started its journey downwards to mami’s belly and I circled it in and around her belly button for a while and then finally I came down and for the first time I touched mami’s pussy but from over her panty and mami readily parted her legs hinting acceptation and I massaged her pussy a little and tried to locate her love hole. I had yet not stripped mami completely and I had two ways to do it. First was to reveal her pussy by just shifting her panty sideways from her pussy or to completely take her panty out. The first one meant more secure and would give me better idea whether mami wanted to get nude or the foreplay was all she desired. So I grabbed the cloth of her panty and moved it aside and there was no sign of refusal and instead her moans just started getting hornier.
It was actually happening, it was as if I am a tourist and I had got the perfect site, I saw my mami’s pussy for the first time finally after so many months of hard work. I was still not sure whether I was alive or I was just dreaming in my fantasy land so I quickly gave a soft kiss on her pussy lips to make it sure that it was actually happening. I had never seen a pussy like that before, even in any of the porn movies. As I said before there was not even a single patch of hair on mami’s body, her pussy was also the softest things you could ever see. It was a bit longer in size may be two inches and was pink like those pink roses which we rarely find. Its lips were like rose petals and I just don’t know what took me I just started sucking those lips. I did it for like another one minute and then pulled my mouth out but seriously I felt as if my mouth was a piece of iron and mami’s pussy was a magnet which was attracting me. I lifted my head and looked at mami and she looked back at me and she gave a big smile. Just as mami was smiling I did something mami might have not expected. I swiftly entered my forefinger into mami’s vagina in one shot and mami gave out a big sigh.
I gave a wicked smile and then started finger fucking her. Then slowly I slid my middle finger also in and mami really started wriggling her body in pleasure. I started to fell mami’s pussy becoming more and moister as I continued to fuck her. All the time I was fingering her I kept my eyes fixed on hers and saw that she was getting more and more ecstatic. While I was doing this my left hand was playing with her boobs and mami would sometimes hold my hand in between. Then I slid a third finger also inside and increased the f***e ant I had almost forgot about it when it suddenly clicked me, her clit. It is like a soft bud like you may find in the mogra flowers while they are budding. I got my left hand down and hit her clit and mami suddenly shivered with the pleasure she was getting. Her pussy started to become wet as hell and I kept on stroking her and I had decided that it was time that I completely rip apart the last piece of cloth from her body. So I took my fingers out and in one instant pulled out mami’s panty down and out making her completely naked.
I started getting a little wild now as I couldn’t control my desires and straight away started eating mami’s pussy as if it was some apple pie some something. I started sucking her clit and slid two of my fingers inside and put my other hand under mami’s ass and lifted it a bit and mami started fondling my hair with both her hands and the whole thing was so intense. Mami’s moan started to increase and mo my movements. Now mami was literally discharging and was breathing heavily but I continued to eat her pussy. I would suck on her pussy lips and sometimes even slid my tongue in her hole and felt the taste of her love juices. I was so involved that I dint even know mami reached her first orgasm. When I came to my senses I just saw the sexiest site of my life with mami squirting slightly and moving like a fish when it is taken out of water and giving soft moans of “ahh...ahh…yes…ooh…” and finally she calmed down in few moments. I saw her and she looked back at me and I went near her and gave her a very passionate kiss. Then she got up and pushed me away and came on top of me.
She kissed me lightly on my lips and went down with the same kisses through my neck, my chest, my abdomen and finally reached my boxers and grabbed my rock hard penis from over it and in just in another moment pulled my boxers down and out of my legs and took my penis in her hand. I saw her eyes lit up with lust as she held my dick and without wasting time opened her mouth big and gulped my cock at once as if it was an ice-cream. As she did this my whole body shivered as if it was hit by a wave of cold wind. And I really felt that nothing is more exotic than getting our cock sucked and that too by your own mami. She was literally enjoying my dick I guess as the look on her face suggested and I was on the ninth cloud. Mami would even lick my tool in between and the pleasure was so close that I felt I would cum in her mouth itself which I dint want to do but I couldn’t utter a single word from my mouth and suddenly mami took her mouth off my dick and held it tightly not slowing me to cum. I think she had realized it and dint want to spill my seed coz the next thing she uttered in my ears were like “mission accomplished” for me
“Save your semen for now as I have a better place for it” with that my face lit up and I felt as if I was the present Casanova on earth. With that mami stood on her knees on the bed and walked over my thighs and stopped over my dick. Then she stood on her feet but in a sitting position as if she was going to sit on a chair and gave a wicked look at me and I had understood what was about to follow. Then slowly mami sat down and with put one hand under her pussy to grab my dick and adjusted it on her love tunnel for my train to enter it. I let out a big sigh and in one single thrust mami sat down on me and her pussy gulped down my entire dick in a single move. She was so wet and hot inside and was her cunt was so slippery that my dick could easily slide in and out without any lubrication. With that mami started to ride me. She started to bounce in the beginning and in between she would just sit on it and rotate my dick inside her. I held her by her hips and she was really enjoying the pleasures which I was giving her.
Whenever my eyes met her she gave out a lovely smile and I still couldn’t believe that I was fucking my own mami. While she was moving up and down, the way her boobs were bouncing reminded me of little k**s jumping on the bed with joy. When mami would stop I would take charge and move my dick inside her pussy. I don’t know how I managed to hold on for so long for like five minutes and as I was nearing my climax I stopped my movements and as mami was experienced noticed it and started riding me faster and I closed my eyes as I was to burst the biggest shot of my life and mami fastened her movements and finally I came. Mami was enjoying me seed firing the walls of her vagina and I shot and shot and shot for like the nest thirty seconds and mami was still bouncing on my now getting limp penis and had her hands on her head and was stretching them in pleasure as if she was yawning with her eyes closed, just feeling every bit of my millions of sperms. When I was almost done with wall painting I pulled mami towards my face with my almost limp dick still inside her and we kissed as if we were lovers enjoying our honeymoon and finally I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes waiting for her to speak after almost an hour of love making

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1 year ago
kinda too lengthy for my taste but a least there was a pay off..from your physical descriptions of mami sounds like the type of chick I dig. huge jugs and a monster ass that swallow panties
and swings when she walks..what a knockout.
1 year ago
nice frd .u had enjoyed lot
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
2 years ago
Thanks for ur comment
I started writing stories now only
I will definitely improve as you said my dear friend Haseo89
2 years ago
very good