First Indian Woman

True Story – Craigslist can work on occasion.

I have never met any Indian females in my life but browsing online porn, I’ve noticed I find Indian woman incredibly attractive. Many have large breasts with big, dark nipples and curvy figures; the type of figure I find most feminine, most attractive.

I wondered what it would be like to have sex with an Indian woman. I found it unlikely, since I believed most are from really strict families, who pre-arrange marriages – I figured and Indian woman looking to hook-up must be non-existent.

I put an ad on the Boston Craigslist for the first lime (figured all SPAM and prostitutes), looking for and Indian woman. I figured “no-way”, but what the hell it was free so why not…

It wasn’t long before I received a response from a 32 year old Indian woman from the UK working in Boston; I was shocked, an actual real response. We exchanged a few e-mails and talked via Google chat. She sent a picture, and was incredibly beautiful to my surprise; about 5’7” with large breasts and a curvy, but not fat body. We continued to talk, and she told me she was in a relationship, but was still curious. To my utter surprise, she was willing to meet that day…

She was going to take public transportation to meet me.

I sat anxiously waiting for her; she called my cell as soon as she got off the train.

I was still surprised when I saw her in person; she was attractive and well dressed. I picked her up and we drove, and parked at the beach. We chatted a while, and she told me she worked in the medical research field (I think she was an MD), and her parents were trying to “arrange” a marriage for her. She said she hadn’t met anyone from the internet before, and hated when guys were overly aggressive. This was definitely her first time doing this as well.
So now I didn’t know what to do; I kind of sat there chatting afraid to try anything.

I eventually decided, what the hell, and asked if I could kiss her. She said yes, and I leaned over and kissed her. Wow, she didn’t just gently kiss, she was aggressive, tongue and all; I could tell she was really horny. We continued kissing and I began rubbing her breasts. I became even bolder, and began unbuttoning her blouse; she squirmed in excitement. She was kissing extremely deep and passionately as I put my hand in her bra and began squeezing, and rubbing her nipple. I pull her large breast out of her blouse; they were beautiful, dark complexion with really dark red/brown nipples. I latched on began sucking like crazy on her nipples; I was ecstatic, my first Indian tit in my mouth. I sucked hard, and would not let go; she squirmed in ecstasy…

She was extremely nervous and kept saying, “Matt, someone might see us”; as we were parked right next to the beach and it’s usually busy with joggers/walkers, but today was cold and overcast.

I continued to alternate between sucking on her big dark nipples, kissing her deeply and rubbing her crotch through her pants. We were both ready to fuck the shit out of each other, but didn’t know what to since this place was too public to have full on sex. We stopped and she put her titties away and composed ourselves. We decided that this was too sporadic and next time we would plan better to meet and fuck (I first received her e-mail about noon, and this was happening at 5pm).

We decided I would just drop her off at the train station.

My mind was racing while driving; I knew this may be my one and only chance to fuck her despite her telling me we could meet up some other time. On the way to the station we were passing a closed down Shaw’s Supermarket, and asked her if I could make out with her for a bit in the back since the building was abandoned. Surprisingly she agreed! I was shocked the whole time since she was obviously a normal, clean, educated woman; who grew up in India, went to college in the UK and came to the US to continue studying and working. She was just REALLY fucking horny!

We pulled behind the building, I was so horny – my dick was throbbing; I told her to get out and get in the back seat. She straddled me, and we began making out so deeply and passionately. I pulled out her tits again and began sucking her big, dark nipples until they were rock hard and raw. She asked me, “Want to see what you’re doing to me”? She unbuttoned her pants and I slid my hand in; her pussy was soaking wet – drenched. I said “I want to go inside you” while I quickly latched back on to her nipples while I fingered her soaking wet pussy. She took her pants and underwear off ALL IN THE BACKSEAT! I was shocked – I never imagined a woman like her doing something like this.

She asked if I had a condom, I said no – I didn’t think we would go this far. She said “don’t cum in me” and sat on my rock hard throbbing dick. My dick slid in her soaking wet Indian pussy with ease – she was drenched! She rode me while I continued to suck on her tits. Her tight, wet Indian pussy drenching my cock was some of the best pussy I’ve ever felt. She came in ecstasy!

I know this may not have been right but, but I’m young, and her tight wet Indian pussy excited me too much…

While she was riding me I did my best to disguise the fact that I had just shot a huge load in her, and tried to continue staying hard. I pretended I didn’t want to cum in her and was about to any second so I stopped. Anyway, she believed me.

That was about 6 weeks ago and I haven’t heard from her. I wonder if I got her pregnant?

89% (21/3)
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6 months ago
nice n hot story making me rock hard!
2 years ago
hehe funny maybe you did get her pregnant?
3 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story. I find Indian women so hot, also. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
why not just get a hotel room dude !!
3 years ago
nice story...but you should find out..