b*****rs Boyfriend

I woke in a daze,Charlie and Doug were both dressed and stating they were going out with there friends to the Mall and would check in later. Bill was coming out of the bathroom drying his hair,stopped and looked at me and said "you need to get showered Bobby is coming over to hang, and since your b*****rs have plans I guess you'll have to hang with us". I really didn't like the tone,it was sort of hurtful but I just did as I was told.I took a short shower,dried off and went into the cave to get dressed. Bill was busy straitening up the cave, tossing back the mattresses on the beds also the blankets and pillows. I just got dressed and went to help him, "I need to wash the sheets on my bed, think you could do that for me?" Bill asked. I went right over and stripped the bed and took the dirty sheets downstairs to the washer, before putting them in I raised them to my face and took a deep breath,It was like I was sniffing Bill,the sent smelled just like him.I threw the sheets in the wash and and went back upstairs.

Bill had re-made the bed and had the cave looking presentable and really there was nothing left to do. I was a little disappointed, not that there was any cleaning left to do, but there was no acknowledgement of the night before,I guess it was only a big deal to me. I went and laid on my bed and Bill just kept doing what he was doing, he was like pre-occupied with something, and that something wasn't me. I guess I didn't mean the same to him as he did to me,I just wanted to be in his arms, em brassed by him and with this not happening it just made me sad.I just laid there having a pout session. Bill came over to me and sat down He raised his hand and rustled my hair saying "what's wrong with you, your acting like someone has pissed in your cheerio's", I just looked at him,he continued " well with what happened last night I at least thought you would be happy",and his tickling hands had made way to my stomach,I busted out laughing fighting him to stop. See there's my happy "lil man" and I thought to myself and see there is my" Big b*****r". we both jumped when door opened and Bobby entered.Both of us looking like we had been caught doing something we shouldn't of been doing.

Bobby just looked at us and said "Jesus Bill, I didn't know you were into "CHICKEN" Bill stood up and said "SHUT UP Bobby",and they both laughed. I just laid there thinking "Chicken"???????? Bill grabbed the bag out of Bobby's hands and looked in it,"GOOD GOD BOBBY", " where did you get all this booze?" Bobby said "well since your parents aren't home maybe I could stay the night and we could get fucked up and well, you know".Bill just laughed " No Bobby, I don't know" and started laughing....Bill walked over to the cooler and put the bottles in and grabbed two beers, and handed one to Bobby, popped the top of the other and took a gulp and handed it to me, I hesitated,Bill said " Go ahead " "consider it a congratulations for last night" with pride I took the beer, and Bill reached in and grabbed another. with two pops and Bobby saying "cheers" we all took a drink, It was cold and had a strange taste but I drank it.I really didn't care for it but I just wanted to be one of the guys

"Before we start drinking Bobby,I need to fix something to eat, now and for dinner". Bill said,Bobby just smirked and said we could have "Chicken" with that Bill smacked Bobby upside the head and went downstairs.Bobby stood there stunned I followed Bill downstairs. Bill pulled out a casserole Mom had in the freezer for dinner,I pulled out the ham and cheese from the fridge and we made a sandwich, Bill yelled for Bobby but he didn't answer, I got the nerve to ask Bill what Bobby meant when he said he was into "Chicken", Bill nearly choked on his sandwich. "Lil man don't listen to half the stuff Bobby says", come on Bill , I replied,Is he making fun of me, I want to know."OK OK" Bill said "It's An young boy regarded as a sexual object for an adult homosexual.further more I guess I am, because I'm really enjoy fucking around with you". I blushed, and got up and hugged him. "You know Bill" I whispered "I like when we fuck around too".....and with that he hugged me.

Little did we know Bobby was standing in the doorway. "You two fuck around" Bobby said, Wait a minute Bobby, Bill said, "it's not what you think" you got to be k**ding me , my boyfriend fucking around with his b*****r....Bobby said shaking his head, Bill stood up and Bobby walked to him they were eye to eye and Bobby leaned in and kissed him,a deep kiss and Bill was kissing back.I left and went to the cave.

Later Bill must of explained everything,because they both walked into the cave as if nothing had happened. Bobby came over to me and sat on my bed, Ben he said ,I too love your b*****r we have been together all through high school we have had to hide our affection for each other because alot of people don't except two men together, and with your permission I would like to be able to act myself with you and Bill meaning if I want to kiss him or hold him In front of you it would be OK. I looked at Bill, he was shaking his head and said "Lil man" "what he is trying to say is we don't want to hide our love for each other and we don't want to have to hide it from you", I , I mean we don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.I just laughed " why would I feel uncomfortable I love you too Bill and if Bobby is your boyfriend then I love him too". I said, Bobby yelled "GROUP HUG" and that we did Bobby even bent down and planted a kiss on my lips.... and we all sighed.

The phone rang and Bill answered it, It was Charlie asking permission for him and Doug to spend the night with their friends, Bill even talked to his parents to make sure it was OK , and with that Bill gave them the OK. Bill hung up the phone and said it looked like it was just the three of us tonight. That was cool with me,and Bobby and Bill. All I could think of was will I be able to see or even better play with Bill and Bobby tonight. Bobby kicked off his Chuck Taylor's and pulled of his socks, what are we going to do? he asked, I just stared at his pale white large feet with the darkest black hair on them, I was intrigued, and couldn't help but wonder what the rest of his body looked like!Bill said well "we can start with a couple of drinks watch some TV, play some cards.....Bobby yells" Strip poker "and laugh's, I sort of like that idea,but kept that to myself...Bill said" HMMM Let me think about that "

Bill grabbed three beers and jumped on his bed,Bobby jumped right beside him,I just stayed on my bed. Bill patted the bed and said" Benny get over here, there is plenty of room for both my men" man that made my day, and to his side I went.Bill popped open the first beer again to a swig and handed it to me, then handed one to Bobby, they both popped theirs and we drank. Of course they drank half theirs to my sip. Bobby got up and went to the cooler and pulled out a bottle,and two more beers, all Bill said was "let this party begin" Bobby said sounds great but I have to piss and left and went to the bathroom. Bill looked at me and said "look don't drink alot,he handed me his empty can and said go fill this with soda, and drink it instead of beer, I want to get Bobby fucked up and he is all I can handle I don't need two d***ks on my hand. besides I want to have fun tonight and not have to worry about you," OK "lil man" I jumped up and filled the can with pepsi and got back on the bed before Bobby returned.Bill just winked at me and we both chuckled,

Sure enough Bobby was ready to drink, and Bill knew it, but what Bobby didn't know was Bill was going to get Bobby d***k which I thought was hysterical. "So" Bobby said "lets play some cards" Bill said "first rule Benny only drinks beer no hard stuff, and the looser has to take a shot of jack and chase with a drink of beer" Bobby said "cool" "lil man" "get the card out of my top drawer" Bill said I handed them to Bill Ok here we go lowest card drinks......he spread the cards on the bed and we all grabbed one...count of three we show, 1 2 3, I had an 8 Bill had a 3 and Bobby had a J..... " Shit " bill said and took his poison, 1 2 3, I had a 10, Bill had a 7 and Bobby had 4..and Bobby took his poison 1 2 3 I had a K Bill had 5 and Bobby had a 2, and bobby drank his poison this went on for awhile , Bobby nor Bill were feeling no pain, I just laughed at both of them. I lost patience with it and them both and turned on the TV and laid across the bed and the fools just kept playing. after awhile I saw Bobby was laid out on the bed and Bill looked at me and smiled......

Bill said "I have to piss you go in the garage and get the the clothes line on Dad's work bench and bring it back up here." By the time I returned Bill had Bobby spread eagled on the bed he had took off his pants and shirt. I couldn't take my eyes off of him his body was gorgeous his skin was pale white with the darkest black hair covering his legs and chest It looked like he brushed it the way it laid on his skin,Bill took the line out of my hand and started to tie him to the bed. When he finished Bill looked at me and said" Bobby likes to play rough and his fantasy is to be tied up and ****d"..I must of had a strange look on my face" Lil Man" "IT'S ROLE PLAYING," "it's just a game no one gets hurt and it can be alot of fun, what do you think? you want to have fun don't you?"I just looked at him and then Bobby and just smiled, and said "What's the plan????

Bill just laughed and said "Lil man, this has to be kept a top secret you can't even tell Charlie or Doug really no one for that matter" "for starters we need to blind fold him so he doesn't know who is doing what to him,go down stairs and get Mom's sl**ping mask and bring it here"," Where is it" I asked, "I think it's on the night stand" and with that I flew downstairs to my parents bedroom,and sure enough that is exactly where it was.I returned to see Bill was pulling off his pants, his cock was tenting his boxers. I handed the mask to him and then placed my hand on his cock, he froze and gasped "MMMMM" We have plenty of time for that lets blind fold Bobby and wake him up....Bill said,I said "what do you want me to do" well Bill said "Get the scissors and carefully cut off his underwear, your real good at that" I just froze and looked at him, he winked and smiled "you mean you you knew I did that" I asked, he shook his head and replied " and I enjoyed every minute of it". nervously I took the scissors and started at my task,I was shaking, my hand near his cock and at the same time being watched by Bill. Bill took his hand raised the elastic and the leg band for me to cut through the material easily and did the same for the other side and finally there it was Bobby's cock limp and laying ontop of his large balls.A ghostly white engulfed in the darkest black hair. Bill lifted his cock and stretched it, it was huge, by the looks of it he was bigger than Bill and Bill had a big cock. Bill looked at me "come on lets start" I'm going to wake him up,"go get me some ice water out of the cooler " I got up and did just that, I handed the him the ice water and Bill through it on Bobby. Bobby screamed," What the Fuck"hands and legs struggling to get loose, but Bill did a good job tying him down. Bill looked at me and put his finger to his lips telling me to be quite, I shook my head and raised my finger to my lips and did the same. Bobby was panicking until Bill put his hand on his chest.......Bill is that you? Bobby asked Bill said nothing, Bill looked at me and signalled for me to rub his legs.

To be continued

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2 years ago
Loving it
2 years ago
It is up and it's under taboo
2 years ago
Cool! Checking out part 2 next.
2 years ago
looking forward to part 2!