Weekend with my b*****rs

When I woke Friday morning I was all alone in the "man cave", Bill and Charlie must of gone to work, my parents and s****rs had left early for my grandparents and I had know idea where Doug was until I heard the water running.I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, the door was ajar, I peeked through the crack. Doug was in the shower with his back to me,his body was lathered with soap and he was washing his hair. His back was dark from a ton of freckles in contrast to his butt which was pure white and covered with lite red hair,even his butt crack was hairy but seemed a little darker.Suddenly he turned,his eyes were closed,and rinsed his hair. His cock hung on top of his hairy balls, just like Bill's but much smaller, my boyish cock was hard as I grabbed it but then he turned off the water and I ran to my bed.I was fumbling to put on my clothes as he walked into the "man cave","GOOD your up, Bill said for us to take a shower and be ready so when they get home we can go out", he announced. "OK" I said, and then I thought to myself, " GEE Doug being nice to me what's up with that?".I took clean underwear to the bathroom shut the door and locked it,not taking any chances for one of his pranks,took a quick shower, dried off , pulled on my underwear and went to the "man cave".Bill and Charlie had just came home," "Benny" is there still Hot water?", Bill asked.I couldn't look Bill in the face I just stared towards the floor and answered "Yes". When Bill passed me I could see his cock and balls swinging between his hairy legs,he paused and took his hands and rustled my wet hair as he went to the bathroom. Now all I think about was "does Bill know what I did last night?"I got dressed and went downstairs,Doug was watching T.V. so I sat in the chair and did the same.

Not long after Bill and Charlie came downstairs, " Just for covering my ass last night I would like to treat you guys to pizza and will pick up a couple a movie's to watch later" Bill said , and then added "and THANKS". I yelled "SOT+GUN" and ran towards the truck , we all piled in the truck. We ate pizza and went to the video store,Bill said "pick out two movie's an d I'll be right back" and left. Finally we decided on two movie's, Bill paid for them and we went home. Bill pulled the truck in the garage, Doug and Charlie ran up the backstairs and I followed.

" Benny" Bill yelled, help me with these bags,I went to the side of the truck and Bill pulled out two bags and handed them to me and then pulled out a 12 pack of beer. "Where did you get that?" I asked, and he replied, " I have my connections,besides nothing to worry about we're home alone and I'm in charge!" The whole time I was going up the stairs Bill kept grabbing and hitting my butt, the more I screamed the harder he did it, he chased me up the stairs.I made to the "cave" dropped the bags and turned to retaliate but Bill just extended his arm with his hand on my head keeping me an arms length away. The harder I tried the more he laughed and the madder I got. Before I knew what was happening Doug had jumped on the his back and Charlie was at his side pushing an d shoving trying to get him off balance.But as usual Bill was a monster, he flipped Doug off his back onto the bed ,Charlie was thrown to the the floor,and before I could think Bill took his arm through my legs and threw me on the bed laughing like a mad man....by then Doug and Charlie had caught him off balance and he fell on top of me and they pounced on top of us.

It was a "FREE-FOR-ALL" , hands were flying in every direction and not caring what they grabbed to survive,my cock and butt were grabbed several times so I just followed suit.Charlie had ripped Bill's T=shirt from the neck to under the arm exposing his nipple and gave him a "TITTY-TWISTER" Bill screamed" OWW, you fucker!!! your ass is mine!!!!!" With one swoop Bill shanked Charlie, even his boxers were at his ankles and grabbed a handful of his cock and balls...." OK OK UNCLE" Charlie screamed. We all were hysterical and Charlie was pissed,Doug was making fun of him,Charlie went after him and then did the same , Now Doug stood with his pants around his ankles,Bill and I both cracked up, and Doug came after me. I jumped and went to Bill's side , hoping he would protect me,but no he was just as bad as they were not only did they shank me as Bill held me down tickling me, Charlie decided to "TEA-BAG",me. Doug joined him, Yelling "yea Benny how do you like these nuts", both of them planting their hairy balls in my face.I tried to fight them off but it was no use I was pinned. Bill stopped tickling me and said "ENOUGH", Charlie back off but Doug kept squishing his balls in my face and just ignored him, "ENOUGH I SAID", Bill stated, but Doug just kept it up,Bill grabbed Doug by his neck,and Doug fought back, Bill said "OK BIG MAN", "see how you like it" and before I knew Doug was pinned to the bed and Bill had whipped out his cock and balls and planted them on his face, I jumped to my feet and looked at Charlie, he was smiling and moving towards me. I went to run and fell flat on my face,forgetting my pants and underwear were at my ankles.When I got up I froze, noticing Doug was now licking Bills balls, Charlie was playing with Doug's cock and Bill had reached and was stroking Charlie's cock.I couldn't believe what I was seeing, my three b*****rs playing with each other,not even trying to hide it and didn't care if I was watching.

Bill stood up, unbuckled his jeans, and dropped them to the floor, Doug and Charlie removed their clothes to. I looked at Bill and he smiled, "Benny", "what are you waiting for?,if you want to join us loose the clothes and come here" as Bill patted his side. With no hesitation on my part I kicked off my shoes and pants and pulled my polo shirt and went to his side. " Doug you have my cock , Charlie you can have Doug's cock and Benny and I will have yours" Bill suggested.Bill laid halfway across the bed ,Doug crawled between his legs, Charlie did the same to Doug and with out any encouragement started playing with their assigned cocks. I stood there looking at Charlie's hard cock laying across his stomach and then back at Bill.He took my hand and said "Don't be nervous just follow me" and patted the bed beside him, I climbed over him and laid inside the circle that they had made,our faces looking at Charlie's cock.Bill took my hand with his and placed it on Charlie's cock, forming them around his it and slowly started stroking .My eyes were glued to Charlie's cock, just like Bills, the head popping in and out of the foreskin , as we stroked it. Bill released his hand and stated playing with his balls,I continued the stroking.Bill Gasped, I looked behind me and Doug was sucking on Bills cock,his mouth going up and down stroking his cock with his lips.....I turned to Charlie's side and he was doing the same thing,only difference was that Charlie was taking all of Doug's cock in his mouth at one time and his lips were touching the hairs.

Now all I could hear were moans and wet slurping sounds.Bill had moved back between Charlie's legs and looked at me, "Benny " " Watch, this it's called a "Blow Job" or "Giving Head", and with that he engulfed Charlie's cock his lips hitting my hand as he went down on it. Bill took my hand and relaxed it,showing me how to follow his lips up and down and also started a circular motion while doing it. Charlie's cock was slippery from all the juices coming from Bill's mouth and made it much easier for hand to glide following Bill's motions. He released Charlie's cock and said "Benny why don't you try"and took his hand placed it on my head guiding me to his cock,I opened my mouth and Bill placed Charlie's cock in it." Now just the head for starters, and keep your hand close to your lips so Charlie doesn't gag you" he whispered.The taste was different and the excitement was sending chills down my body. Bill watched me and encouraged me by holding my head, "Now try to take a little more cock in your mouth" That's it" Benny " your a champ" Bill said. Bill moved but not sure where, all I could do was concentrate on Giving my first "blowjob" to Charlie and I was loving it.Then I gasped,I felt Bill's tongue run across my balls,I jumped, It tickled as he licked my balls . I was getting that tingly sensation again,I felt Bill's wet warm mouth cover my cock and balls,his tongue swishing around my balls and cock and a vacuum feeling as he sucked.I closed my eyes, the feeling was unbelievable, and that's when Charlie slammed his cock down my throat,I thought I was going to throw up , my eyes were watering I was coughing and gagging. Bill released my cock and yelled at Charlie," Hey Charlie cumon be careful" in return Charlie said "Benny sorry it just felt so good", "It's OK "I said as I wiped my eyes.Bill returned to my cock and balls, his hot mouth and tongue, and sucking were just to much for me to handle. I had goose bumps, uncontrollable shaking, the shivers,the sensation was unbelievable. Bill sucked harder and was like chewing on my cock and balls , it just through me over the edge, I gasped for air, I was cumming...I lifted my head and asked did I shoot, Bill just chuckled and said yeah "AIR", "Give it time little Man give it time" and kissed my cock.

Doug screamed "I'm gonna shoot" Bill and I looked, Charlie took Doug's cock out of his mouth and started to stroke it fast and within seconds Doug shot his thick white globs of cum all over his chest and stomach and Charlie's hand.Charlie laid there and gently stroked Doug's as it lost it's hardness. Bill returned to me and Charlie's cock and whispered "Lets make him blow his load" I just smiled," Benny you lick his balls and I'll suck his cock",I was nestled between Charlie's hairy legs and under Bill's hairy chest, and the manly sent was delicious, as I was licking I could see his balls tightening and getting close to his cock, and soon he was yelling "I'm gonna shoot", Bill pulled me up and took my hand with his and pulling Charlie's cock back to us, sticking straight up, we started stroking it.He took a deep breath and squirted globs of cum in the air like a fountain, it landed everywhere.

Bill sat up and said "GUESS WHAT?" we all answered " WHAT?" "IT'S MY TURN BOYS" and with that we all got up and let Bill lay on the bed he spread his legs and said "OK BOYS MAKE ME CUM".His cock was huge,and dripping wet," Doug must of done a good job" I thought to myself.Doug and Charlie went to each side of Bill's cock and were sucking the sides up and down, lapping it with their tongues not caring when they both touched each others, taking turns on sucking the head over and over. I crawled in between his legs and played and licked his balls,I even sucked them. I took my hand and put it under his ball sack and took my fingernails and scratched following a line that was there from his balls to his butt crack,It looked like a seam and was there to follow,I heard Bill say "YES LITTLE MAN just like that" which made me feel like I was the only one making him feel good!I continued to massage and scratch his line and noticed that his balls were tightening and watched as they move closer and closer to the sides of his cock, and not hanging like they normally do.I looked up and noticed Bill was stroking his own cock and Charlie and Doug were sucking his hairy nipples."I'M REAL CLOSE GUYS JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING" He said. I raised my head I could see him looking at me and he winked,He pulled his cock straight up and then lowered it in my direction, "DON'T MOVE LITTLE MAN THE FIRST SHOT IS YOURS" he grunted with that said he shot a strand of white warm cum and hit me in the face,and then pulled back at Doug and Charlie and planted thick ropes of cum on theirs,and the rest of his heavy load all over his chest.I noticed my b*****rs were eating Bill's cum from their faces and Bill was licking his fingers,so to be like them I did the same Bill looked at me and said" WOW thanks Little Man for tasting my load" "If you want you can clean my cock" and smiled. I laid along his legs Bill took his lifeless cock and offered it to me , Doug and Charlie both said "Good job Benny" and said they were hitting the shower. I smiled and opened my mouth, looking at Bill, he inserted his sl**ping gooey cock, pulled back the foreskin an d feed me the remainder of his load that was trapped. I played with it in my mouth sucking his head to make sure I got it all. Bill pulled me to him, face to face , "Little Man you did great are you OK?"I just looked at him and kissed him on the lips and he closed his eyes and kissed back. I could feel his tongue tracing my lips I opened them gently and his tongue met mine,It was like a sword fight, but he won ,His eyes opened once he realized I saved his cum,and he could taste it he sucked my tongue into his mouth like a vacuum and then released it. That was a surprise Little Man," "I love you"Bill said and with that I melted in his arms.....we lay there motionless for awhile the he said "lets go join our b*****rs" and with that we got up and headed to the showers.......I thought to myself "WOW AND THIS IS ONLY FRIDAY".....

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1 year ago
Great story.
2 years ago
one hot story.
2 years ago
Awsome Story.....
3 years ago
Fantastic story. Very hot. I hope there will be more chapters.
3 years ago
H O T !!
3 years ago
I love family get togethers.
3 years ago
Nice story!!!
3 years ago
Great stuff. Never had a brother seems I missed more than I realised!!!
3 years ago
Another great story from a talented writer. A budding career here?????
3 years ago
very very very nice
thank you more please
3 years ago
You are one lucky fuck, man. Wish it was me in that group of hot sex. Had sex with two guys at once. I bet with 4 it was really hot.
3 years ago
hot!!!! can't wait for more
3 years ago
SVERY FUCKING NICE - please share more