The Sexy Swede – A Very Naughty Girl!

The following story is 100% true and my own personal experience! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did experiencing it!

It was Friday night and my friend Rich and I headed out for a few drinks to a local live music bar in Edinburgh to enjoy some local bands play. Towards the end of the night, we drifted into the company of two females who were also out enjoying the music and having a good time.

One of the girls, Anna, was an attractive Swedish girl who was 27 and studying for a post-grad in Edinburgh. She had the classic Swedish look of long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wonderfully pale complexion of milky white skin which looked soft and smooth. She was also very fashionable, as one would expect with an art student, dressed all wintery in a pair of ugg boots, tight hipster jeans, a fluffy white jumper and a scarf that hung loosely round her pale neck.
It was clear Anna and I got on as we enjoyed chatting with each other, talking mostly about music but also about her art, Sweden and Scotland.

After a couple of jager bombs, Anna asked if I fancied dancing to which I answered, “well, I’m certainly not the best dancer, but sure why not, it’ll be fun!” To be honest, even if I had one leg I wouldn’t have refused an offer to dance with such a pretty looking girl! Being joined by my friend Rich, and Anna’s friend Nicole we hit the dance floor in good spirits for some banter.

Anna was a nice mover and luckily for me it didn’t take too long for her to start teasing me by grinding her petite 5 ft 3 figure up against mine while at the same time making sexy eye contact with me as if to provoke a response. Naturally I obliged by holding her curvy hips and dancing with her to the music all the while she continued to rub her figure up against mine.

After spending about an hour enjoying ourselves on the dance floor, the lights suddenly came on and the four of us were on our way to grab some food which is virtually a ritual at 3am in Edinburgh after a good night out! Anna stayed fairly centrally on my way home and asked me to walk with her while Rich and Nicole headed their own separate ways. Approaching her flat, Anna said in her lovely Swedish accent, “I’m never going to finish all of this pizza by myself, do you fancy coming back to my flat to help me eat it and maybe have another drink?” Well it was probably a good 20 minute walk back to my flat and with it being such a typically freezing Edinburgh night, I was in no position to refuse such a generous offer.

Inside, Anna fulfilled her promise and poured us 2 large vodkas as we settled down on her bedroom floor chatting some more about music and laughing about our antics on the dance floor. It really was nice to be in the company of a female who as interesting and intelligent as she was attractive.

Time was rolling on into the small hours of the morning and it was clear from our now flirtatious conversation that we were attracted to each other but the questions was when would we finally put all the subtlety and coyness aside and just kiss each other? Fortunately I didn’t have to wait much longer and the moment came when I leaned over Anna to change the music when I noticed her gazing at me with a soft, inviting smile that insisted I kiss her. Our lips met and I began to kiss her very gently feeling her soft warm lips against mine as I ran my fingers through her beautiful flowing locks of natural blonde hair. “I’ve been waiting to do that all night, you’re a very nice kisser” she said in a rather cheeky tone to which I replied “me too, I can’t believe it took us so long!”

Well it wasn’t long before we were locking lips again this time in a more passionate manner as Anna straddled me on her bed my hands clasping her back, reaching down to feel her curvy bottom. She was such a sexy kisser, slowly sucking on my lips and gently probing my tongue with hers as she stroked my neck and shoulders. Inside my head I was thinking, awesome this is going to be a great end to the night (or start to the morning) and I imagined we would go through the usual routine of getting naked and fucking each other until we both came – yet I was in for a surprise.

Anna suddenly asked “would you like me to dress up for you? I have quite a few different outfits!” I was a little surprised by this as she really did look stunningly beautiful as she was but I was certainly not going to stand in her way if that was what she wanted to do.
“OK, well turn away while I get changed” she said which only added to the suspense and excitement of the situation which I must confess was rather turning me on! I could here her fumbling about in her wardrobe, rummaging through all sorts of things I imagine and my mind was racing with anticipation as to what she would decide on wearing! “You can turn around and look now” Anna said, inviting me to feast my eyes upon her dressed in a pair of beautiful black, silky stockings, suspenders, lacy panties and a bra to match!

“You look amazing” I said as I wasted no time in resuming the fun we had started recently by kissing her again this time with more vigour and passion. She really was a sexy kisser, gently tickling my tongue with hers as she slowly began teasing her hands down my stomach undoing my shirt as she went. Revealing my torso, she suddenly said in the sweetest but minx-like voice, “would you like me to do a lap dance for you?” I of course accepted this offer most graciously and she proceeded to turn up the CD player which was playing a track by The Black Keys – one of my favourite bands. I must admit that this was something else I really liked about Anna, that she was also a bit of a rock chick!

Well, she really was a very sexy dancer too as she began teasing me with her moves, caressing herself all while maintaining an intense, sexy eye contact with me. It didn’t take me long before I joined her dancing as I had done earlier in the evening but this time our embrace was deeper and our intentions clear. Even under the influence of quite a few drinks, I had no trouble getting extremely aroused as I felt Anna’s beautiful figure shimmy up and down against mine. Not before long, she prompted me to remove the remainder of my clothes, all of them, and I must say it felt amazing to be stood completely naked next to Anna. Perhaps even more amazing was the feeling of my now throbbing cock rubbing up against the top of Anna’s silky black stockings!

To even things out, I slipped off her bra to reveal a wonderfully gorgeous set of breasts which were perfectly white and firm. Anna moved her head back, inviting me to feast on her delicious tits which felt soft and warm. I quickly moved my attention to her gorgeous nipples which were a lovely light pink colour and starting to grow hard with gentle flicks of my tongue. At the same time, my hands were caressing her firm thighs which were tightly concealed in those beautiful black stockings.

Things took another slight twist when Anna suddenly said, “I wonder if you would like to spank me, only if you want to?” I am not one for inflicting pain during sex (I always think it should be purely about pleasure!) but feeling Anna’s soft, smooth fleshy bum cheeks with my hands convinced me that this could be a lot of fun. With the reigns firmly in my hands, I ordered Anna to position herself over my knee with her curvaceous rear slightly raised for the task at hand. I removed Anna’s suspender belt and pulled her black panties down which were clinging to her bum and struggled to come free from in between her sexy cheeks. I must admit I did take a few moments to marvel at the sight of Anna lying over my knee with her blonde hair flowing down her soft, smooth back, knickers at her ankles and completely at my mercy!

I started of by gently spanking her bottom which responded by wiggling in a very sexy, rhythmic manner with each stroke. This also prompted Anna to begin to let out little moans and I could tell she was beginning to get very turned on as her breathing quickened. I increased the intensity of my rhythm which only seemed to add to Anna’s enjoyment and prompted her to let out a gasp of, “please keep spanking me, I deserve it, I’ve been very naughty”. Well I was rather enjoying administering a stiff spanking and if she desired it be a little rougher then I was by now in the mood to make sure she got what she deserved. “You have indeed been a very naughty girl Anna and you deserve to be punished for this” I said which again prompted yet more gasps of pleasure from her.

It was at this point that I really began to feel the dampness of Anna’s pussy on my thighs which felt lovely and warm. “Does all this spanking turn you on?” I asked her to which she replied “Oh yes, please keep spanking my ass”. “I can do better than that” I said as I ordered her to get up and bend over the bed placing her hands behind her back such that her face was buried in the bed covers. “I’m going to treat you like the naughty, dirty girl you are” I said as I parted her still stocking clad legs very slightly! The sight of Anna bent over her bed, with her amazing ass on display was more than enough to bring every inch of my cock to life which I now began to use as my weapon of choice. I rubbed my rock hard cock against Anna’s thighs while giving her ass a few more spanks just to show her again who was in control.

Following this, I placed my hot, pulsing dick right between Anna’s sweet ass cheeks, sliding it up and down her crack before pushing her onto the bed and rubbing my cock all over her soft back and immersing it in her soft flowing hair! “I so want to suck your beautiful cock” Anna said as I continued to dominate her with my rigid pole. Well if she wanted to taste my cock, I was happy to oblige and I ordered her to turn onto her back allowing me to now straddle her with my erect dick positioned over her tits and pointing almost completely upwards.

She immediately engulfed my tool with her sweet red lips, sucking my head firmly while working my shaft with her hand and keeping the other free to play with my cum-filled balls. By the look on Anna’s face, it is fair to say that Anna really did enjoy sucking my dick and she gave an amazing BJ with lots of sexy eye contact making the experience all the more intense. Of course, I by now was dying to taste Anna’s sweet Swedish pussy so I asked her to lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide open for my hot, lustful tongue to get to work. Her pussy was truly a beautiful site: a pretty pink colour with perfectly shaped lips and mostly shaved save for a lovely strip of hair above her clit. The smell was incredible too, a wonderful, sweet musky aroma that just seemed to draw my face in between her thighs to taste her delicious, moist pussy.

I had only just started to work my tongue on Anna’s slit when she said, “I have a better idea… lets do a 69!” and we quickly moved our bodies into this most horny of sexual embraces. It was a beautiful site to have Anna’s thighs straddle my neck, exposing her gorgeous bottom over my face and allowing me an intimate look at both her fantastic cunt and arsehole at the same time. I naturally resumed my work on her pussy, using my tongue to ease my way into her lips and up and down her slit before working on her little clit. At the same time, she commenced working my dick hard with her mouth, often using her tongue to lick my soft, smoothly shaven balls.

Things got even filthier when Anna started to tease my own ass with her fingers which I have to say felt absolutely incredible and only made my dick more rock hard. I returned the favour by pushing my tongue deep into Anna’s beautiful little tight pink asshole which tasted as beautiful as her silky pussy. I could tell this was something Anna particularly enjoyed as she let out a massive sigh of pleasure every time my tongue gently swirled round the rim of her asshole.

After a while of us working each other, Anna stood up and had a rather naughty grin on her face and asked if I would use her dildo on her ass. It wasn’t long before I had Anna again bent over on the bed with her ass in the air all lubed up and ready to be used by her pretty pink dildo. I started to tease her with her dildo, rubbing it between her thighs and up along her pussy until it reached her pretty ass. I then slowly started to work it into her tight ass as my fingers continued to work her clit to keep her pussy nice and moist. Before long, I had almost the entire length of her 6 inch dildo submerged in her arse which really did prompt some hot moaning and panting from her.

“Fuck my pussy too” Anna said, which prompted me to reach for some protection and within seconds I was balls deep in her fantastic slit all the while her dildo was still plunged up her tight bum. As I found my rhythm fucking her pussy, I began to again work her dildo in and out of her asshole and I suppose the sensation of having both her holes penetrated really made Anna scream with delight as she orgasmed . Seeing Anna’s magnificent ass spread open and being used by her dildo only made my own dick somehow jealous. Therefore, it wasn’t long before my 7 inches replaced it by sliding up her slippery, well-stretched arse while I now used the dildo on her mouth.

The sensation of my dick thrusting in and out of her tightest of holes while my balls bounced of her cheeks was just unbelievable and it wasn’t too long before I started to get that very familiar tingling sensation down below. I told Anna I was close to cumming which prompted her to get on her knees as I stood over her with my tool absolutely throbbing. She licked my swollen balls and said “I want you to come all over my face and make me feel like the dirty bitch I am”. I continued to work my dick as I stared at Anna’s eyes which were very focused and almost seemed to beg me to cum. Well, I did just that moments later as my balls exploded thick, sticky white cum all over her pretty face and I felt my orgasm tingle my whole body in pleasure.

Anna seemed to enjoy her reward as she devoured every drop of it and started to suck my now semi-erect cock down to a flaccid stage making sure she got every last bit of nectar. It was around 11am when we finally collapsed into Anna’s bed exhausted from our antics but it certainly wasn’t too long before we were back exploring each other in even more kinky ways!

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