The Hook Up - A Night of NSA Sex!

I had always thought about the idea of meeting up with a complete stranger for a night of totally uninhibited, no stings attached sex so I decided to place a classified ad on the internet.

As well as receiving the usual spam etc. I also attracted a number of genuine replies although one stood out in particular from a lady named Suzie. She was 26 and described herself as an outgoing, fun, adventurous and down-to-earth person. Looks wise, she sounded great describing herself as 5 ft 5, slim, dark haired with brown eyes and was one part Italian.

After connecting over a number of e-mail exchanges we finally set a date and time to meet up one Friday night. We arranged to meet at a central place in Glasgow familiar to us both at 9pm and I being a punctual person was there 5 minutes early. I waited rather anxiously for her to turn up wondering whether in fact she was having second thoughts about the whole thing. At exactly 9pm I was relieved to hear the words “Hi, are you Matt?” to which I replied “yes, you must be Suzie!”.

I was instantly attracted to her and she was exactly how she described herself – very attractive with long dark hair, beautiful brown eyes and a very sexy figure which looked great in her tight, skinny jeans. As planned, we made our way to a quiet cosmopolitan bar for a few drinks and to get to know each other in person. We instantly got on with each other and the conversation really flowed between us and it was clear that we not only liked each other but also felt more than a little mutual attraction.

With the chemistry feeling right, we decided to head to another nearby bar and on the way Suzie suddenly took my hand and told me that she really liked me and found me very attractive and that she wanted to spend not just the night with me but the whole night with me. She then kissed me and her lips felt amazingly soft and plump as my hands got their first feel of her flowing hair and her gorgeously tight, fit body.

Feeling the sexual chemistry, we checked into a nearby hotel as this was something we had agreed previously should we both feel comfortable and attracted to each other. Once inside the bedroom we continued kissing each other passionately with me now no longer being able to hide the bulge growing inside my jeans! I removed Suzie’s top and bra to reveal the most beautiful pert and sexy breasts which seemed to invite my tongue to slowly tease her nipples. She by now was keen to see me and invited me to strip down to my boxers so she could feel my naked body press up against her as I continued to play with her perfect breasts. Feeling my rock hard cock up against the inside of her thighs seemed to get her very hot and excited and she teased my cock out of my boxers with her soft hands.

While she began stroking my eager cock, I slipped off her jeans to reveal a sexy, skimpy pair of pink panties which Suzie looked fantastic in. Her legs were very smooth and her ass felt lovely and pert as I cupped my hands round her bum, pulling her closer to me. Moving onto the bed, I began kissing her sweet neck before moving down to her slender shoulders and onto her stomach. Suzie began making little cute gasps of excitement as she seemed to will me to go down further in exploration of her great body. Reaching her thighs, I began to notice a damp patch on her pink panties which only added to my own excitement and anticipation.

Realising this was turning her on; I decided to tease her a little and asked her to turn onto her tummy where once again I proceeded to kiss her gently down her neck, shoulders and back using my tongue as a guide. This time upon reaching her panties, I slowly peeled them off to reveal her very beautiful smooth and perfect bottom which looked just so inviting. I began to softly kiss her bum while stroking her thighs and using my tongue to tease between her delicious cheeks. To show my appreciation of her body, I slowly ran my hard cock up and down her back before gently slapping it off her soft arse!

Not being able to stand the tension any longer, Suzie suddenly flipped onto her back and pulled my dick into her mouth using it to furiously suck my long, hard shaft. I must confess the sight of my cock being devoured by Suzie’s hot, willing mouth as she fondled my balls was such a turn on and had me oozing pre-cum. Wishing to return the favor, Suzie and I slipped into a hot 69 and the sight of her arse in my face exposing both her delicious, wet pussy and tight ass hole seemed to make my cock even harder. Taking in the wonderful aroma of Suzie, I began to lick her slit, which by now was glistening in light white pre-cum, while at the same time gently teasing her clit and sweet arse with my fingers. Suzie responded to this with increasingly tense moans of pleasure as she continued to gobble my cock frantically while caressing my smooth shaven bollocks!

It wasn’t too long before Suzie had her first orgasm where she seemed to explode with pleasure, letting out a massive scream of delight, her body tensing and tingling and I certainly enjoyed the wonderful sticky juice that accompanied this. We took a few moments to kiss each other before I slipped on some protection and gently eased my way into her slippery wet love hole missionary style which felt amazingly hot and tight. I began to work up a rhythm, thrusting my rock hard 7 inches deep inside Suzie as she squeezed my ass, increasing the intensity of each thrust. She begged me to fuck her hard opening her legs wide for me to drive deep into her juicy pussy as I buried my face into her neck and flowing hair.

Now in a passionate frenzy, Suzie took control and straddled me allowing full access to her great tits whose nipples were now completely hard with excitement. Suzie fucked me hard, sliding up and down my pole, clasping my hands to support her flowing, riding motion as she was once again moaning with pleasure. Encouraging her to ride me, I squeezed Suzie’s gorgeous ass pulling her onto my cock and at the same time eased a finger into her tight sweet arsehole which only intensified her cries of pleasure.

Taking control again, I ordered Suzie to get on all fours which she did obediently placing her head on the pillow and exposing her pert, tight bottom high in the air for my pleasure. Seeing her in this position drove me wild and I simply had to bury my face between her amazing cheeks tasting her sweet smelling pussy and delicious arse. I could no longer stand it and I drove right up her hard with my rock hard tool, clenching on to her arse as I did so. Again I worked up a strong thrusting rhythm, pushing my dick deep into her juicy hole which seemed to grip my cock perfectly building up my excitement slowly. This was further enhanced by Suzie placing her hand between her legs and fondling my balls as she felt me drive deep inside her soaking wet pussy. Suzie cried out moans of “Oh yeah, fuck me hard, fuck me so hard and deep!” which only encouraged me to fuck her harder and faster continuing to build the sensation in my now swollen bollocks.

By now Suzie was in a complete frenzy begging me to fuck her harder and I could begin to feel her love hole tighten further round my thick cock which brought me closer to that moment of ecstasy that I now so desired. A few more thrusts had me exploding in pure pleasure, my balls releasing hot, thick, sticky cum just in time with Suzie who also climaxed in a wave of delight only having enough energy to muster the words “fuck, that felt amazing”.

We both collapsed on the bed, embracing each other tightly and kissed each other tenderly knowing that this was to be the start of some great sexual encounters between us, the next of which would follow early the next morning! Indeed, Suzie and I continued to see each other for some time, enjoying many great sexual meetings until she finally had to move abroad for work reasons but we are still in touch and who knows a reunion may well be on the cards at some point!

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3 years ago
Very Erotic hot and sexy you could almost call it a love story thanks
3 years ago
Hi folks,

Thanks for reading my story here, I do hope you enjoyed it! I want to just add that it is in fact a 100% completely true story so hope that adds an extra dimension of spice to it!
3 years ago
Good one!
3 years ago
Good one!
3 years ago
put some more adventures from Suzie on please