Picking Wild Flowers

Last summer I went to a small seaside village at the southwest of Turkey. I was among straight friends and I never thought that I could pick a wild flower on my way. On the first day after doing a sightseeing tour around, we came back to the place where we stayed for lunch. There I saw a blonde young boy with incredibly beautiful face and very sexy smile. He was working as a bellboy in the small boutique hotel. I thought he was a student working for the summer but later on I learned that he was a farm boy from a nearby village who didnt want to do farming org o to university so his father sent him here to make him learn some business. The first time he saw me I felt he was kind of ashamed, maybe he almost knew we were looking for the same. In the evening after we returned the hotel, he visited me in my room to ask if I needed anything. I straightforwardly told him I needed company. He asked “you have a lot of friends, why are you looking for one?” I told him they didnt understand me at all and saw that gorgeous smile once again. He stayed for a small talk and left in about five minutes. When I saw him in the morning, I asked him if he was staying at the hotel or going back his village. He told me he was staying in a room at the back of the hotel and once in a week he had an off day which was tomorrow so he would leave the hotel in the afternoon. I asked him if he would like to show me his village with an exchange of some money. Next day I told my friends that I had a different plan to see somewhere else and stayed in until the boy came to fetch me. After a rich breakfast session we disappeared in the forest and came by a small pond and a waterfall. He said we could stop there for a swim here. I happily agreed and we took off our clothes as noone was around. I was all naked but the boy was wearing his white underpants. The water was freezing cold but the weather was also too hot so it was wonderful. We sat on the rocks by the pond and I noticed a couple of times he was looking at my half erected cock and also blushing a bit. After a short silence, I said “you have to take that underpants off to let them dry, you cant wear it like that”. He looked at me with a nasty smile and took it off baring his delicious bubble butt. It was an open invitation of what I dreamed about so I held his hand placed it on my cock and said “let’s have some fun”. He started jerking my cock a bit hard like his own as I did for him too, until I positioned him on all fours and with some spit I entered very softly. His pink hole almost sucked my cock in with hunger and I fucked him really soft and slow, kissing his soft lips, caressing his smooth body and golden hair. We swam and fucked again for a couple of times more spending the whole day there. It was so good that I could go on like forever and drop dead. He said we had to leave before it gets dark and so we did. I took out some money to pay him and he took it without counting. On our last day at the hotel I didnt see him much, he was carrying around stuff and we just smiled at each other. When we were finally leaving I didnt have a chance to say goodbye but I hope he is doing well now.
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i love your storie