Nudist Beach

I love nude swimming and sunbathing a lot. There arent any nudist beaches in Turkey but there are some beaches which are quite desolate and beautiful. One of them is Patara beach near Fethiye. On the way to my f****y house in Antalya, I visit this beach almost every summer and make new gay friends from all over the world. Mature and bear type of gays are plenty but unfortunately not many younger guys hang around here. After a 20 minutes walk away from the public beach (where no nudism allowed), you can finally be free and take off all your clothes. Few summer ago, I met a friendly Dutch on my way to the beach and had a nice conversation on the bus. He was around 45, married and definitely not my type but like all the other gay men going there, I needed to feel secure instead of being alone so I accepted his offer to sunbathe together. We walked quite far from the crowd of the public beach to a point where we began to see nudists. Most of them were male and over 35. We took off all the clothes and I had an immediate erection seeing Dutch’s firm ass. We laid our towels on the sand and started rubbing suntan lotion on each other’s bodies. For a while we watched nudists passing by, swimming and winking to me or Dutch. We swam nude after that and Dutch said that he wanted to take a piss in the forest behind the sand dunes and asked me if I wanted to join him too. So we dissappeared in the greenery and soon we stood side by side pissing on the hot earth. With the encouragement of a stimulating pissing session, he went down on his knees and started sucking my cock like he hadnt seen one for a long time. He said “Fuck me, fuck me here and now” I got him on all fours and fucked his glistening sweaty ass bareback and came on all over his back. Soon as I came I realized a naked old man (maybe over 70) watching us from behind and close, he was speaking in a Latin language I didnt recognize. He came close and grabbed my spermy and dirty cock and tried to suck me again. As I am not so comfortable with guys at his age so I said “no” for many times until he let go. Though Dutch let him suck his cock when I went back to the shore, had a swim and ate a sandwich. Soon Dutch came back bringing the old man with him. He was actually a friendly grandpa though I never understood what he said. Dutch told me that he couldnt say no to him wanting to lick my cum dripping off his asshole. It was an awkward experience for me but sad for the grandpa at the same time. I spent three days there with Dutch staying at a nearby guesthouse, had many sweet memories together and returned to Antalya.
41% (7/9)
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2 years ago
What's so bad about old guys? We have much experience to offer, and are respectful and gracious lovers.
2 years ago
The summer days for me are often short and have no logic;)
2 years ago
very short and has no logic
2 years ago
Good story
2 years ago