For the Sake of Art...

Once I met an artist in a bar who asked to make a nude painting of me. I was sure that he was joking so I continued with the jokes for he rest of the evening. I had drank more than enough and actually became too d***k to fuck him that night. We went to his home in the middle of the night which had a nice view of Golden Horn. The last thing I remember was that he helped me to his bed and took of my shirt and shoes. In the morning I woke to find him all naked lying beside me and suprise! I was butt naked too! I didnt wake him up and slowly found my clothes and left his apartment in silence. After couple of days he called me, again it was a surprise that I didnt know I had actually given him my phone no. He asked me to come to his place and he said we had unfinished business. All I could think of was of course banging that smooth ass. When I got there he said he wanted to Show me something special. Then I saw the biggest surprise, he had made a nude painting of me that night when I was sl**ping like dead. The painting was done in a strange perspective focusing mostly on my cock, looked like a giant cocked man sl**ping. He asked me if I liked it, and I lied. So he wanted me to Show how much I liked it in bed. After a long time, I saw the painting in a open air modern art exhibition and got my next surprise, it was named “Awake” and in the definition it was told that the artist used also sexual bodily fluids on the painting other than paint which belonged to the model of the painting. So I remembered suddenly that I had a strange feeling of a sore cock head on the morning after which meant I had been sucked dry for the sake of art in my sl**p.
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