My Eighteenth Birthday Part 3

This is not my work, its cut and paste.
In part one, I told you how my Daddy tricked me into remaining a virgin by promising me an expensive car and the finest college education that money could buy. He made good on his promises. After my extravagant eighteenth birthday party, Daddy called me into his study and disclosed his true motive for wanting me to remain a virgin; he wanted to be the one to pluck my cherry.

Daddy showed me a videotape of my beautiful mother, whom he had divorced several years before because of her alcoholism, giving him and her b*****r hand jobs. He referred to this tape as a training tape made for my benefit. After watching in awe for awhile, Daddy ordered me to strip, then he trained me to give him hand jobs. Eager to please, I enthusiastically jacked his enormous cock until it spewed semen all over both of us. We swapped hand jobs throughout the evening. Under his skillful touch, I experienced my first breathtaking orgasm. I came so many times that my cunt muscles ached for days afterward.

My training continued in part two, which took place a few days later. Daddy knuckled my pussy while I watched a tape of my mother sucking his and her b*****r's pricks. When we were both red hot, he put his enormous cock in my mouth and trained me to suck him like a little whore. But it was not a one-way street. Daddy skillfully tongued my pussy until my extra virgin olive oil flowed into his mouth. I came again and again, with each one stronger than the last. We sucked each other for hours until we were exhausted. I loved every minute! Of course, I begged him to fuck me, but he said that was on the schedule and that I would have to be patient.

My feelings were hurt when a week passed without any attention from Daddy. I was afraid that he had decided that fucking his own daughter was too great a sin to commit. When I asked him why he had not given me further training, he said that he wanted to be in peak condition when he harvested my cherry. That very night I became a woman!

I went to my room and found Daddy stretched out naked on my bed masturbating to pornography on the big screen TV that he had bought for me that same day. "Oh, Daddy, thank you. What a beautiful television set. It's even nicer than yours." He slapped his enormous cock around as though punishing it for having such awesome power over him. "You deserve it, Pumpkin. Pornography looks so much better on a big screen. I'm sure you'll be watching a lot of it. It runs in the f****y."

My only article of clothing was a simple cotton dress. After pulling it over my head and tossing it aside, I thanked Daddy for the beautiful present by taking his plum-sized cock-head into my mouth. As I sucked on the enormous bulb, I wondered how it would ever fit in my tight little cunt.

"That's enough sucking for now, Pumpkin. Come and lay beside me. I have something to show you." I pressed my naked body against his and took his throbbing rod in my hand. "Be careful with my gun, little girl. My balls are boiling. I don't want to waste my gravy on a premature pop."

As always, Daddy had set up his video tape recorder to capture everything we did. He wanted the tapes to jack off with in his golden years. He pressed a button on his remote control and my mother's pretty face came on the screen. The tape had been made years before she became an alcoholic and d**g addict. She looked genuinely happy and seemed to be enjoying the fucking that she was getting. After she winked into the camera, it panned down to show Daddy's huge fucker pumping in and out of her pussy. I wasn't surprised in the least. The other two sessions had also started with training tapes.

The sight of my mother and father fucking like two a****ls pleased me very much. "Is that how you made me, Daddy?" I asked. "I don't know, Pumpkin. The missionary position was our favorite, so it is very likely. In those days, we fucked so often in so many different ways that I can't be sure. Your mother was always like a bitch in heat until the liquor and d**gs destroyed her sex drive."

After Daddy shot his load into my mother's cunt, her b*****r came forward to take his turn. As always, he turned his face away from the camera out of shame for fucking his own s****r. I watched my father and uncle fuck my mother in scene after scene. They had her in a different way each time. "There are so many different ways to fuck, Daddy. How will I ever learn them all?" He laughed at my naivete. "Having so many different ways to fuck makes it more entertaining. Don't worry, you'll learn them all. I will see to that. I wouldn't be surprised if you invent some new ones."

My mouth and cunt were salivating as I watched the pornography. Daddy's knuckles sliding up and down my slit were driving me wild. "Daddy, I'm so horny I want to get fucked now. Please do it." He kissed me tenderly on the forehead. "I have a plan," he said. "The last thing in the world that I want to do is hurt my little girl. I'm going to suck on your pussy until you cum, and while you're cumming, I will pluck your cherry. I hope the pleasure will block the pain."

Daddy put me in his favorite cunt-sucking position with my ass on the edge of the bed, my feet on the floor, and my legs spread wide. Then he used his tongue on me the way a master artist uses a brush on a canvas. "Oh, Daddy, please promise me that you will suck me off every day," I begged. He mumbled something that sounded like a promise. When Daddy's tongue roamed lower and penetrated my number-two hole, I went off like a rocket. "FUCK ME, DADDY, PLEASE FUCK ME!"

But Daddy didn't think I was cumming hard enough and continued using his tongue to stoke the fire burning in my cunt. When his fingers joined in, I feared that I might spoil everything by passing out. Daddy struggled to keep my legs apart. My shrieks of joy made the windowpanes rattle. My nervous system was melting down. It was the moment Daddy had been waiting for. He came to his knees and put the tip of his cock in my slit. His cherry-buster plunged into me and ruptured my hymen in one smooth stroke. It felt as though my cunt had been struck by a lightening bolt. The pain lasted only an instant before being snuffed out by the ecstasy of the orgasm.

Daddy shot his wad on that first thrust. The thrill of fucking his daughter's cherry after fantasizing about it for all of those years overcame all of his self-control, and he sprayed my uterus with burst after burst of hot spunk. Every blast started me cumming all over again. Just before I passed out, I planted my hands on Daddy's muscular ass to hold him in place.

I awoke to the sound of water running. I looked down and saw a handkerchief over my cunt. Daddy had stuck it up inside of me to soak up the cherry juice. He returned to the room with a big smile on his face. "That was the best orgasm of my life," he said. "And of mine," I answered. "I like fucking. I like it a lot."

Daddy took the handkerchief out of my pussy and held it up. In the center, there was a scarlet spot the size of a quarter. "I'll keep this as a souvenir," he said. "Did you know that in some parts of Greece when a man fucks his bride, he soaks up the juice with a bed sheet and hangs it in the village square to prove she was a virgin. The villagers have a big celebration and the men bring their shotguns and use the stains for target practice."

Daddy tenderly carried me to the bathtub and lowered me into the warm water. "Your pussy will feel better after you soak for awhile. At least, that is what mothers always tell their daughters on their wedding day. Now we will find out if it is true."

I felt just fine, but I wanted to please him. I luxuriated in the warm, soapy water for awhile, then returned to the bedroom to find him masturbating as he watched the video we had just made. I pressed up against him and took his cock in hand. As I held it, I marveled at how so much meat could fit into the tiny casing between my legs. "Why don't you jack me off, Honey, and then we'll go to sl**p."

"No, I'm not going to jack you off. Daddy, I'm not a woman yet. My cherry is gone, but I won't be a woman until I've had a proper fucking. I need to know if a fuck will make me cum." Daddy frowned. "That wasn't part of the plan, c***d. I always thought that you would be too sore for more fucking."

"I'm not sore, Daddy. Please give it to me the way you give it to Mom on those tapes." He stood next to the bed and slipped his cock between my lips. I sucked until he was as hard as a baseball bat. After carefully checking the position of the camera, he put me on my back and spread my legs. Wet with spit, the huge bulb of his cock slid easily into my snatch. When the widest part of his cock-head reached the point where my cherry had once been, the pain was no stronger than a tingle.

It took only a few minutes for Daddy to get me so lathered up that I behaved like a shameless slut. "OH, DADDY, FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK HARDER, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM!" I came so many times that every muscle below my waist ached for days afterward. After Daddy shot his harmless load deep inside me, he kissed me tenderly on the forehead and said, "Just one more lesson and you will be a full-fledged woman, Pumpkin." Whatever did he mean by that?
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