interracial f****y

well lets put it simple i got a girl friend that has a f****y that loves blacks the mother white and she had a white daughter and 4 mix k**s yup half black half white and one died it a sad thing but back to the story
the wife married a black man and the oldest daughter had two k**s with a black man and the other daughter dates black to and her other son dates black i sure lucky my girl dates me xD yeah all her f****y is a slut for the blacks but for my gf and if i up for black on white i just watch one of her s****rs do it and i get to keep my gf to myself how can it get better then that
50% (8/8)
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Posted by mastersexking
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4 years ago
I will be happy to help you put this into readable form. As it is it's not easy to know what you are trying to say.
4 years ago
should ALL be blacked lol
4 years ago
so what, you against interracial relationships? I thought it was 2010!
4 years ago
Yeh that would be nice.
4 years ago
dude..write some stories about it or post pics..would be hot