Typical Morning for a Slut

One of my sweet readers asked what i wear when in write my stories---

Mostly it's nothing exciting..whatever i happened to be wearing...at computer on the desk. But when i'm expecting a real serious xhamster session i spice it up -- i think you'll like it.

i use a big over-stuffed chair in the den and put the notebook computer on a tray-table, sort of like a TV dinner table, that i can pull up close for comfortable viewing and typing. To save the upholstery i sit on a big bath towel folded over once. The towel is not the most comfortable thing on my bottom when after several minutes it gets hot and damp, but it works. i've tried folding a bedsheet over several times to make a pad to sit on, it is more comfortable, but washing and folding big towels is itself a pain in the neck, so i usually accept a little discomfort below and use the towel. Besides it help to make it seem a little more realistic when the Men i talk to want to spank me or beat me.

Anyway, when it do those long sessions i sometimes wear a t-shirt so i don't get a chill in my shoulders and panties so i can put my hand in and play with myself. Other times i wear a silk dressing gown of a sort of Chinese pattern. I lift up the skirts of the robe so my bare bottom is on the seat. It's open in front and i imagine Men watching my breasts as i finger my pussy. That gets me very hot.

* * * Here the hot session that starting this morning * * *

10:34 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
Hi there, how are you today? I woke up with an erection this morning and am just trying to decide what to do with it. Got any ideas?

10:47 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
i just woke up too and i need my breakfast and i think i know exactly what i'm getting. i see You are already hard, so with one quick movement i take Your beautiful circumcized dick in my mouth. i feel the heat of Your hard cock in my mouth and i work my mouth up and down very fast.

10:48 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
that is the right idea, but not so fast. I'm thirsty, so I want to fasten my hungry mouth to your dripping cunt

10:52 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
i move on top of You offering my pussy for You to lick. Slowly i lick the head of Your cock. i reach around and grab Your butt cheeks and take You back into my mouth. From this angle i cannot work my tongue on the underside as i like, but i still enjoy Your cock in my mouth and the anticipation of Your tongue on my pussy.

10:55 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
I move over on top of you, spread your legs wide and with my hands I pull your ass cheeks wide too. From this angle I can see your tight little cunt gaping and beggin for attention. I'm loving your cock sucking attention while I enjoy the view. then, I lean over and ram my tongue as deep as I can up your puckered little rosebud

10:59 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
Shivers up my spin as Your tongue invades my ass. i love the weight and heat of Your body on top of mine. Your hips start bucking so You are fucking my mouth. i try to suck Your cock, but all i can do with my mouth is have it be a willing recepticle for Your cock, and, i hope, for Your cum.

11:02 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
I know you are licking the precum from my cock as I fuck your mouth, but as I start to get into the swing of things I get a better idea. I turn around, roll you over on your knees and slide my cock into your dripping pussy. I reach under you as I am fucking you to pinch your nipples. would you like to see what you are really doing to my cock?

11:05 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
yes, fuck me!

11:07 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
in and out, in and out, but as I've already mentioned I am very visually stimulated, so I roll you over, put your ankles on my shoulders, bend your knees out wide so that your cunt gapes open in anticipation, and then I stick my cock in your ass. I love the way your cunt gapes each time I ram my cock deep in your backside, and then slams shut each time I pull out. I can feel the cum boiling in my balls

11:10 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
oh god you shoved that in my ass so fast with no warning it hurt a bit at first. But now i'm just enjoying your hot cock filling me up while my wet pussy is open and on display for you.

11:12 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
I am so hard, and you are so wet. I am really enjoying our morning fuck, in fact way to much to let it end so soon by blowing my load in your butt this fast. I decide I want to take a short break to cool down. Besides, I still haven't had my morning pee and my bladder is really full. I pull out of you, take your hand and pull you to the bathromm and ask you to hold my cock for my while I pee.

11:13 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
it will be an honor to hold your cock and direct the stream.

11:16 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
lets have some fun with this . . . how about a squirt, a suck for you, a lick for me, maybe a squirt for you too and around and around

11:17 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
sounds fun.

11:19 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
ok, sit on the toilet, spread your legs wide and show me a squirt of pee, while you suck my cock

11:21 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
yes it's morning and i do need to go. i lean forward a bit and take your semi-hard cock in my mouth.

11:22 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
as you suck I put my legs between your feet and spread them as wide as I can so that I can see your pussy better, waiting for the yellow stream

11:25 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
yes open me up, i want to be totally exposed, it feels so dirty to sit on the toilet spread open and peeing while you watch. i wish i could see the leering expression on your face, but my face is buried in your crotch as i suck your dick.

11:27 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
I pull back - that is enough for now. time for me to return the favor. I can see drops of piss still clinging to your cunt lips as I drop to me knees to lick your sopping cunt, wet with both your juices and your pee

11:28 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
yes. lap it all up

11:31 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
while you are sitting there I lick your gash and use two fingers to fuck your asshole while I lick you

11:33 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
sounds lovely, but i have to leave shortly for work, so maybe you should use me to finish yourself off.

11:36 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
in that case I stand up and push my cock back into your mouth

11:37 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
yes, use my mouth, fuck my mouth, i've been a dirty tramp so treat me like one.

11:38 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
can you taste your ass on my cock? hey, I still have to pee, that was the whole point of this. I pull out of your mouth and piss all over your tits

11:41 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
you cock tastes and smells nasty from my ass at first, but soon my saliva has washed it clean. When you pull out of my mouth i'm disappointed, but then when i see the pee-hole open and the piss start to stream out i'm fascinated and i wonder where you are going to direct that stream -- tits, pussy, face, mouth?

11:44 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
you are going to get sprayed everywhere. your tits to start with, then your still gaping cunt and finally up to your face. will you open your mouth?

11:46 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
i see i'm going to have quite a mess to clean up. Pee is hitting me everywhere and spraying all over the room. You slap my face and say "Open!" I open my mouth so you can use it as your urinal.

11:51 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
I fill you mouth, but now I want to cum. I pull you down onto the floor in a 69 with you on top and tell you to finish me off, but I want you to pee in my mouth while you do

11:54 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
my pee is running all over, some in your mouth, some down your chin and onto your neck, and to the floor. I work my mouth open and down on your cock, sucking and tightening my lips around it. i want to catch every drop of your sperm in my mouth

11:55 am, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
between your golden nectar flooding me and your mouth on my cock I begin to cum in huge gobs

11:59 am, May 22 masters-cumslut
it spurts in my mouth and i suck in deeply to prevent any escaping. It's difficult to do in this position where my mouth is pointing down, but i manage to eat every drop of your cum. I get up, wipe the pee and sweat off my body and without washing dress to go to work. I leave yout to shower and go back to bed to rest from this activity and prepare for how you will use me when i return tonight. You leave the mess is the bathroom -- that's woman's work.

12:01 pm, May 22 Hard Man in the Morning
you better have a skirt on, and no panties. I have plans for you for when you get home

* * * I'll probably need to use some air freshener when i get the office :) * * *
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4 years ago
Very nice exchange! Lots of talent.
4 years ago
The times are the time/date stamp than xhamster automatically puts on messages.
4 years ago
timetable? nice were you looking the watch continously?
4 years ago
Love what you wear writing...I'm so very hard for you!