Bitch in the Dog House (Pt 2, More Rauncher)

In case You missed part one, it ended with me naked, in the backyard tied to the utility shed, on my hands and knees. Here's the final paragraph:

* * * BEGIN QUOTE * * *

I rushed to do all that Master said. When he came out exactly five minutes later he grabbed the leash, yanked it hard, tightened the collar until it hurt, and tied the leash to a hook by the door. Then he fucked my ass doggy-style until he came. During all this he didn't say a word to me. When He finished he walked back to the house and that's when i realized He had left no food or water. i heard him make two phone calls. First to my work to say i wasn't feeling well and probably would be in for the next day and maybe the day after. The next i don't know who it was, but i heard him say, "come on over and see the new dog I got, we'll have some fun with it." As the door of the house slammed shut, the sun started to go down and i began to shiver from the night air and from the thought of what might be coming for me when the punishment begins...


...i heard the sound of power tools coming from the basement. Some time passed, i don't know how long, but as the sun had just set when Master left me naked and on my hands and knees like a dog, i think it must have been about 8:00 p.m. when he returned carrying a long extension cord, two lamps with reflectors (the kind that photographers use) and two 2-by-4s bolted together to form an "X" and some rope. The wooden cross had small wooden cleats attached every couple of inches on one side. Without saying a word He placed the wooden cross on the ground with the cleats down so that at regular intervals there were gaps between the wood and the ground through which he passed the rope. Grabbing my hands, He bound first one, then the other wrist to the two of the legs of the cross. Then He commanded very abruptly, "Hands and knees!" i knelt on the cross with my hands bound and my knees resting on the wood. "Now the feet!," He commanded. i placed one foot on each of the legs of the cross and he fastened them there with rope. Finally he tied down my legs just below the knees so i could not move. The hardness of the wood hurt my knees and shins.

After trussing me up on the horizontal cross Master placed the flood lamps, one behind me where i must imagine it was focused on my exposed ass and cunt; one in front illuminating my face and shining uncomfortably into my eyes. "Don't you dare close your eyes, bitch!" Master stepped back to view his work and pronounced it very good. "You've been out here a long time, bitch, you must be thirsty," He said. And i was. "Oop, forgot to bring water for the dog bowl Well, no matter, open up." I opened my mouth and Master pissed in it. I could tell he had had a beer or two in the house, pee tastes really bad when made from beer. "Swallow it as I use your dog mouth as my urinal. Don't you let a drop spill or you'll be in for really bad punishment." After pissing in my mouth Master went back to the house without a word.

A few minutes later he returns with a cooler of beer and some snacks. He pulls up a couple of lawn chairs behind me. Then he walks away and i wonder how long he's going to leave me like this, naked in the cold night air, with no dinner, only His pee to drink, and with muscles cramping up badly as i'm tried to the cross. i hear footsteps behind me the suddenly, with no warning, Whack, whack, whack! In three quick blows he whipped my pussy with something. My God did it sting! Just then i heard a car pull up and a Man's voice, "Hey, i'm here to see that dog of yours, let's see if the bitch is as much fun as you said." I didn't recognize the voice. Then came the familiar voice of my Master, "Here's the bitch. She's been bad so I was just flogging her with this willow switch, want to try it?" "Sure" responded the other Man. ""Remember," said Master, "it's all in the wrist, you want to flick it quickly so the switch really stings her cunt lips. I want to see plenty of red stripes on that cunt tonight. Speaking of Red Stripe, I've got a couple of six-packs of Jamaican beer and I've heated up some chicken fingers." "Great!" answered his pal, "what could be better than beer, chick fingers, and some cunt to abuse. I assume we'll be fucking her to." "No fucking her cunt," replied Master, she was a bad dog and doesn't deserve a cock in her pussy, but her ass is available. In fact, I just fucked that ass about an hour ago so it's about time to use it again." "Fuck yeah, I could get into that ass, but first I think I whip her a bit to get myself in the mood," answered the mystery man.

Whack, whack, whack. Three more times my tender pussy lips were assaulted by the willow switch. It hurt, but not with the sting i had after the whipping Master gave me. "Pretty good, said Master, but try again with more wrist. You get it just right and she'll practically jump out of her skin. Watch." With that Master gave me a really brutal blow to my pussy. "Here, you try again, do it a few times, the first few don't count anyway, there're just for practice," i heard Master say. Then the other Man commenced to whip my pussy mercilessly. i can't tell you how may times. The pain was so bad at one point i thought i should pass out if He continued. At least it got my mind off the pain in the knees and shins and the thirst made even worse by the salty pee in my mouh.

"Say, this is making me horny," said the Man, "guess I'm ready to take that ass. You sure you don't mind if I fuck her up the ass." "Be my guest, said Master as he opened another beer, "I'll just sit back, have a beer and enjoy the show. The strange Man fucked me hard in the ass and everytime he thrust forward my knees and wrist where crushed against the wood of the cross. After coming He said to Master, "Damn, that was good, let me know anytime the bitch needs to be disciplined, I'm happy to help out." Master laughed as he whipped my pussy a couple more times. "Hey, I've got to piss like a race horse," said the man, it's all that beer." "Again, be my guess," said Master, "here's our toilet." I assume he pointed to my backside when He said that for the next thing I know I felt the Man's piss hitting my ass and dripping down. It stung like all Hell when it got on my sore pussy. "That's it," said Master, "aim it right on the cunt -- bulls-eye! Hey, don't use it all there, save some for the bitches mouth."

With that the Man stopped his stream and walked around to face me. With the light shinning in my eyes i couldn't make him out very well. He was white, a bit over-weight, and maybe 40 or 45 years old. He was wearing jeans and a workshirt. "Go ahead," said Master, "piss in her mouth, she loves it! And watch her swallow. If she spills any we'll have to punish her extra hard."

And so it went on. Each fucked my ass three times. They drank so much beer that I can't count how many times they peed in my mouth. As they drank the conversation got cruder and cruder. At one point Master asked whether there was anything else he could offer, perhaps something that only a bitch dog could do for the Man, something no self-respecting woman would do. The Man said he'd never had a woman rim him and stick her tongue up his asshole. Master said, "Go ahead, she good at it, you'll like it."

All in all they used me pretty bad. Finally the Man said, "Well, this has been fun." To which Master replied, "it certainly has, we must do it again sometime." "Well," said the Man, "as I said, this has been fun, thanks for the beer and chcken fingers. Glad you showed my the new dog, she's a fine bitch and should turn out to be a great pet if you train her well. But it's nearly midnight and I have to work tomorrow, so I'd better get going.

He left and Master untied me. "There's straw to sl**p on in the shed. Good nigh." And with that Master went back into the house.
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1 year ago
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
not as hot as the hype from the first part still an enjoyable read
4 years ago
Wow. No less than she deserved for being so displeasing to her Master.
4 years ago
A fine accounting of a hot episode, and raunchy, as advertised...I didn't yawn once!