The Bitch is in the Dog House

"Dinner can wait. I need to talk to you," said Master when he came home last night. It was the kind of "we need to talk" sound in the voice that you just know something is wrong. Master poured a drink and said down. "I read your online conversation with the Dominant Male." He was speaking of the one i posted the day before, the one about the stranger who tied me us, caned my bottom, and ****d my throat.

I thought Master would be pleased -- clearly, from his tone of voice, He was not. "I spanked you before, bitch, for being sloppy and inattentive," He continued, but apparently you didn't get the message, bitch." He had not asked for a response, so i said nothing. i tried to look remorseful, although i wasn't sure what i had done wrong. Then i recalled, that i swallowed the stranger's cum before i was given permission. Master is very strict about that. A Master's cum is His precious seed to do with as He wants. Just because He chooses to deposit it in my slut mouth does not mean He is giving it to me. It is His and He will decide when, and if, I am to swallow it.

Master asked, "Do you know what you did wrong, bitch?" "I swallowed His cum without His permission, Sir. I was a bad thing to do and this worthless slut who does not know her place deserves to be punished," i answered. "What else?" He asked. "Please punish me, please beat me, please make me feel pain so that i'll remember not to do it again," i added, thinking by "what else" He meant that i needed to beg to be beaten. "There's more than that, bitch." replied Master. I looked at him in a way to show that i did not understand. He hadn't asked a question, so i could not speak. "You are such a stupid cunt bitch that you don't even know what else you've done wrong, do you?" He asked. "No, Master, please tell me what you stupid idiot worthless cunt had done wrong and please beat her very hard for it so she won't do it again," i responded.
"Well," said Master, "let's go through the conversation you had with Dominant Male and see all the things you did wrong, bitch."

"How about this line?" <<i think i've been good today. Do You think this slut needs to be spanked?>> "what do you think of that, bitch?"

"i, um, i was letting him know that He should continue on the spanking theme. i thought Master would be pleased for me to me spanked, so i let the stranger know he should go ahead," i answered.

"Stupid bitch who doesn't even know what she is!" Roared Master. "What busy have You to <<think>> you've been good. Did you suddenly grow a cock? You are a worthless slut, not a man, the men do the thinking, you don't <<think>> your brain is not for thinking, it's for feeling, in particular for feeling pain, humiliation, degredation, and most of all gratitute for the priviledge of having a man use and abouse your holes."

"And what about this," <<Teased? well you could try me. What this slut likes is to be used.>> "Who the fuck cares what you like." All that matters is that a man likes using you. And look at this dialogue <<good, my hand is in my panties now.>> and <<my pussy is aching.>> "The Man was fucking your mouth and beating your ass," said Master, "did he ask you to put your hand in your panties? Did he ask how your cunt felt?" "No, Master," i replied. "No indeed," yelled Master, "The Man, remember the one with the cock, the one who controls everything, the one who does all the thinking, was abusing your mouth and ass and you bring pussy into the conversation! Why? Don't answer, I know why. It's because I have been too easy on you and now you are ruined as a submissive. You think when a man fucks you and beats you that you are supposed to get pleasure too, isn't it, you worthless piece of shit? You wanted him to fuck your cunt and make you come, didn't you? That's why you tried to draw his attention to your gash. So help me, if I have to beat, abuse, and torture your cunt until I've destroyed all the nerve endings a deaded it for feeling pleasure, I going to teach you that your pleasure is not what a stranger wants, he wants his pleasure. Do I have to have your clit surgically removed to get you to stop thinking about your pleasure when you should just accept that you a toy of a man's pleasure? Is that what you want, bitch?" I shook my head "no" and said, "No Master, please teach me how please a Man. Please beat me for being willful and thinking of my own pleasure." "Oh, I will beat you, oh, my will I ever."

"And what about this <<i am so contented to have you fuck my face that i have forgotten about the caning -- better spank me harder!>> what about this?" "I knew I needed more pain so I asked for it, isn't that good, Master?" i replied, trying to justify myself. "Oh, you're asking for it alright." And with that he smack me across the face so hard that I fell to the floor.
Then Master got very quiet, and addressed me in hushed tones. "That, that letting your pathetic excuse for a mind drift off the beating, is another example of your carelessness and sloppiness. I spanked you before for sloppy lack of focus when talking with strange men online. Remember the man who wanted to see you tits and you wrote in your blog that he wanted to come on your tits?" i answered yes. "And remember I spanked you then for not paying attention. I know see that you were also engaged in wishful thinking, that you wanted him to spew his jizz on you, that you were trying to steer the conversation that way to get what you wanted rather that focus solely on what the man wants." i marveled at Master's superior brain. Once He explained it, it was obvious that that is exactly what i had done. i was too stupid to see that. Master understood immediately, without a word from me and said, "Of course you didn't know that's what you were doing, your little whore brain can't handle big-word concepts like subconscious desire, that's why you need a master and it's why you must always be focused on you only purpose in life -- being available to me, and anyone i chose to share you will, as a toy to be used."

"Focus and attention are so important," said Master. "You'll never be a good submissive fucktoy if you don't focus on you role. And now that you are on xhamster talking to strangers, it is more important than ever. You have no idea who these men are. Sure they say 'I'm dominant-stud from Michigan' or "mytenincher from Ohio" but for all you know you may be talking to a serial killer. The way you've been giving out personal information about what you want you are right on a path to start giving out other shit like your real name, or where you live. Do you realize how serious this is?"
And suddenly i did realize just how serious it is. And just why Master is so angry.

"So bitch, get ready for your punishment. You really are a bitch -- actually worse than a bitch. A real bitch, I mean a dog, takes training better than you. Perhaps you need to be treated like a dog? Let's get you ready, you have five minute to strip naked, get a collar and leash, and through some straw on the concrete floor of the utility shed to sl**p on tonight. In five minutes I'll be out there to tie you up to the shed so the bitch doesn't run away. Oh, and you are to be on your hands and knees at all times whether on the lawn in front of the shed or on the cold hard concrete floor of the shed, except for when you lie down to sl**p. I don't want to see you on your two feet, understand. Oh, and I almost forgot, get the dog bowl too, I might relent later tonight and feed you. Now go.

I rushed to do all that Master said. When he came out exactly five minutes later he grabbed the leash, yanked it hard, tightened the collar until it hurt, and tied the leash to a hook by the door. Then he fucked my ass doggy-style until he came. During all this he didn't say a word to me. When He finished he walked back to the house and that's when i realized he had left no food or water. i heard him make two phone calls. First to my work to say i wasn't feeling well and probably would be in for the next day and maybe the day after. The next i don't know who it was, but i heard him say, "come on over and see the new dog I got, we'll have some fun with it." As the door of the house slammed shut, the sun started to go down and i began to shiver from the night air and from the thought of what might be coming for me when the punishment begins.
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2 years ago
a good sub should be treated like a dog to help them remember they are to obey.
3 years ago
Excellent story
3 years ago
mmmm very good, would love to be in your shoes slut!!!
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
4 years ago
Very exciting reading. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
Wonderful! Thank you for posting!
4 years ago
Exciting ending, can't wait for more...
4 years ago
Shame, shame on the slut. :( It always hurts when I find that I've disappointed my Master. :( I feel the sluts pain, but she deserved it for sure.