Master's Cumslut Takes Anal

Master is pleased that His slut has been blogging and posting comments but He thinks that perhaps the post have been a little too tame. Master says that from what he sees alot of the people on xhamster are freaky perverts and if this blog is to gain a readership it's going to have to be dirtier. So here goes. Blog posting day 5 on xhamster, wherein the slut does anal.

When the relationship first moved from normal lovers to Master and sub, the whole topic was thoroughly discussed and the rules agreed to. From henceforth there would be no "him" and "her", rather only "Him" and "his slut". Slut would not be allowed to say, write, or think the words "my body," rather it would be "Master's slut's body."

Master owns the body and He can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants, and in whatever way He wants, with it. That last part "in whatever way He wants" was more that a little scary as it immediately brought up the question of ANAL. Slut had never had that type of intercourse and had no desire to every try. Master explained that it would be simply impossible to have a Master/sub relationship if sub acted like the sub controlled access in anyway. So there it was, the slut had to agree to be fucked in the butt, or the whole agreement was off. Master loved His sub and was willing to go back to the old, more conventional relationship, but, frankly, He had found he liked being Master and if this woman wouldn't accept those terms, He would find another who would. The thought of having a lover who played out his Dominance fantasies by fucking another woman was unbearable, so, this slut agreed to submit to Master on His term, including offering up her virgin ass.

Time went by blissfully, with Master enjoying His sub's mouth and pussy and sub experiencing the joy of being under the guiding hand of a Master. Sometimes the sub was naughty an Master had to paddle her bottom for her own good and the sub felt very contented knowing that a firm Master was bringing the sub along in proper training. Sub even started to think --hope-- that perhaps the whole discussion at the beginning about anal was simply to make a point. After all Master had never really shown an interest in using that hole. That is until...

About three months into the Master/slut relationship Master informed slut that the time had come for Him to "fuck that slutty ass." Master is justifiably fond of his penis and says that normally he wouldn't want to put it up a dirty asshole, but that proper training requires discipline, both for the Master and for the sub, and that it would be a grave fault to let a slut think that one hole is not totally the property of Master, and the only way to establish that is for Master to use it.

Master was gentle that first time. He gave slut a relaxing warm bath and half a bottle of white wine. Then He spread the slut face-down on the bed, massaging her buttocks and slowing working His well-skilled hands about the anus to relax the muscles. When He finally violated her last frontier with his cock He used plenty of lube. Then He fucked, thrusting his hips and pushing his cock deeper and deeper into the slut's bowels until He spilled his seed inside her. The slut felt so dirty, and so pleased that she had at last, submitted to Master in every way, and slut marvelled that she had ever entertained the notion of not having Master's hard hot cock in her butt-hole.

Masters says He wants the slut to tell you how it feels when He fucks her ass. It's hard to explain, but in an odd way it feel good to have a very hard, hot, and throbbing cock inside that hole. The sense of submission is wonderful.

Since then Master has butt-fucked His slut a few times, mostly when, because she had been naughty, she was being denied the pleasure of having Master's cock inside her the normal way. When Master really wants to fuck, fuck really hard, but slut hasn't earned the priviledge of having Master's cock in the cunt, Master sometimes fucks her ass very hard, not at all gentle like that first time. Sometime it hurts, but that's what a slut's ass is for. That's the day Master's slut became a true submissive, not a just a sub in name only, the first time Master used the slut's ass very hard and rough, and the slut took pleasure from the pain because it pleased Master to have it so.
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2 years ago
Anal sex is required of all my slaves. No slave should ever be allowed to turn down anal sex.

Glad Master exerted his dominance.
3 years ago
that got me hard
4 years ago
very good & wonderful
4 years ago
I do hope you cleaned Master's cock in the proper way, after he pleasured your reluctant ass...
4 years ago
I was wary about submitting to my Master the first time He suggested that to me, but I learned quickly to appreciate that Master was giving me His cock at all.
4 years ago
Interesting post cumslut. Glad you two are coming along.