My little brother

This is a fantasy i****t story about two b*****rs telling how the older turned the younger into his own personal whore. Like most of my stories it's still in progress.


I am now twenty-four year old and I live alone with my younger b*****r Andrew, who recently turned eighteen. Our parents died three years ago and since then, my b*****r came to live with me in my small condo. I pay for everything since I've got a good load of work. I'm a film editor, so I can work from home on most of my contracts. Andy doesn't work and never has, in fact he doesn't do much these days since he just dropped out of school... He looks very boyish. He's small, he can't grow decent facial hairs and at some point I have even wondered if he has any pubic hairs... He has dark blond hair and bluish gray eyes.

About three months after he moved in with me, I caught him masturbating in the shower and since that day, I can't help but to be attracted to him. In fact sometimes I couldn't help but to picture myself drilling his little asshole with my prick and then smearing his hair with my thick semen. Well, that's not a problem anymore since I can do it anytime I want to. Some time after the shower incident I decided to take action and I turned my cute little b*****r Andrew into my personal slave, and I thought I'd tell you that story.

One day, I was very tired and decided to go out for a drink. All the time I kept thinking about my b*****r, about his little ass and his mouth. I kept imagining his dick and just how unbelievably great and satisfying it would be to fuck him good. I never knew if he was heterosexual or gay, or both maybe. He never brought back any girls home, but he never brought guys neither. He never even talked about guys or girls and for all I know he's never been on porn sites either. His sexuality was an actual mystery to me. It had been six months since I saw him masturbating in the shower and I still couldn't get him out of my mind. Around eleven o'clock I decided to go back home. On my way I saw couples making out and groping each others... It was unbearable. I couldn't take it anymore, so I thought I'd do my little b*****r that night. If anything had gone wrong I would have blamed it on the alcohol to get his forgiveness.

I got home around eleven thirty and found all the lights off. When I got into the living room I found Andrew lumped over the sofa, face down, wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of boxers. I knew my little b*****r was a heavy sl**per so I was pretty sure I could strip him naked without waking him, so I began. His t-shirt came off easily and Andy didn't even twitch in his sl**p. I stopped a second to admire his skinny, almost c***dish, body and proceeded to his boxers. These too slipped without trouble and my little cutie of a b*****r was now stark naked on my couch, sl**ping.

I went to the bathroom, where I stripped and took some lube and a rubber. I went back to the living room and was pleased to see he didn't move, not even an inch. I caressed his firm butt and began to apply the lube on his little rosebud. As I did he shivered a little and I found myself taken over by a sexual urge I had never experienced before. My cock immediately got hard like hell and began dripping precum, so I slipped in my condom and lied on my b*****r's warm body. The newly added weight of my own body made him move a little, trying to adjust himself, but he still didn't wake up. The urge was now way to much to resist. I slid my dick between his ass cheeks and began rubbing it a little before aligning it with his hole, then I gave the first push. He shifted uncomfortably under me, but I kept going and I kept applying pressure on his virgin asshole until it finally allowed the tip of my prick to squeeze itself inside him. Driven wild by that little intrusion, I forgot all about trying not to wake him up and shifted my weight so I could slam my rod as deep in his bowels as I could.

That single hard thrust woke him, sending waves of pain through his body. Maybe if I had used more lube, or if I had been more gentle... but then we wouldn't be here today would we? I felt his body tense up and try to fight my intrusion in his rectum, for a second it made me wonder what was I doing, but then the a****l urge to fuck that hot piece of meat took over my mind again and I just pinned him in the couch with all my strength. I outweighed him by a good forty pounds, so there wasn't much he could do. As I was pumping in and out of his ass, he managed to look back at his r****t. When he saw my face he immediately began to yell at me. He was outraged and looked like he wanted to kill me right there, but all of his energy and will to fight just drove me crazier and I increased the rhythm of my thrusts. When he spoke to me it was only to insult me and try to either threaten me or bargain with me so I would stop and leave him alone. A newfound sadism had awoken inside me and I couldn't help but to twist his left arm so he would shut up and cooperate. After about twenty minutes of the roughest fucking I ever gave anyone, Andrew had surrendered. He was as limp as a rag doll and was abundantly crying, his face buried in the couch and held there by my left hand.

When I finally came he held still, face down, even as I withdrew my hard member from his burning ass and emptied the content of my condom on his gaping asshole. My cum dribbled both in his sore rectum and down his balls and on the couch. I took out my cellphone and took a couple of picture without him noticing. Then I went to my room and quickly fell asl**p, spent by the intense fucking I just gave my little b*****r.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt ashamed of myself and thought I had to try to fix things up if possible. When I went to Andy's room I couldn't find him anywhere, so I went to the living room and found him lying on the couch, covered with an old blanket. As I approached he spun his head around and gave me a killer look. He stood up and ran toward me in order to smash his clenched fist on my stomach. He was yelling at me and threatening me. Guilty of being the r****t who took his ass a couple of hours earlier, I took it all without fighting back, although something was stirring again inside me. The thing is that my b*****r was still naked and clearly didn't sl**p at all. As I watched him, trying to hurt me, I noticed his cock; flaccid but glistening in what seemed to be precum. A quick look to the couch revealed something to me: there was a large dried up stain on the spot where his crotch was last night as I fucked him. I must have f***ed him to cum without realizing it.

That detail ignited back the sadist who violently ****d my little b*****r. I grabbed his wrists and launched my knee to his pelvis. I made sure not to hit his dick. He stopped fighting and began sobbing again. "Shut the fuck up for chrissake!" I slapped him across the face. "Look at the mess you made on the couch, you asshole! You came all over it didn't you!?" He lowered his head in shame. "Was it while I was pumping your ass, or after? Eh? I guess you liked it more than it seemed, you piece of shit..." I said my last sentence in a low, hushed tone. I quickly noticed that his cock was hard and mine was simply throbbing. I placed a hand on his throat and slipped out of my boxers with my other one. "Get down there and suck me, since you're such a little whore." Since he wasn't complying I told him about the pictures I took. I blackmailed him shamelessly and then I f***ed him to his knees, rubbing and slapping my cock on his face. Eventually he must have come to the conclusion that he didn't have a choice in the matter and was better to do as I said, he slowly opened his mouth and before he could close it back I slammed my rock-hard rod in his mouth. His disgust at my taste was apparent on his face, along with a growing hatred and fear. He was trying to push me away, but a quick kick to his stomach f***ed him to face reality and once again he resigned himself to submit to my desires.

He very slowly began bobbing his head on my cock. Soon I had both hands holding his head and forcing him to a much faster and rougher pace. He gagged and coughed each times my dick would hit the back of his mouth and I would always keep going without giving a damn. After a while of this I took my cock out of his slobbering mouth and shot my morning load all over his abused face.

Now that my sadistic self had taken over me again, the rest of the day went by with a series of different abuses. Andy was quietly enduring his day of numerous ****s when an idea struck me. To be quite honest I'm not gay, I'm bisexual, and as I watched him lying on the kitchen table covered in loads of both our cum, I suddenly had a flash back of a porn movie I had on my computer. There was that girl who was roughly fucked for some time before the guy taught her how to give herself an enema. Now, that's something I've been looking forward to doing with someone for quite a while and, looking down on my little b*****r, the need to try it came rushing back to my mind. So I grabbed my sticky little bitch of a b*****r and dragged him to the washroom. Then I went to the kitchen to grab my plastic funnel and a large measuring cup (a two liters one). I f***ed Andy on all fours in the bath and plugged his ass with the funnel. He looked dazed, not crying or whimpering anymore, but not sincerely enjoying himself either although he did cum a couple of times.

He was watching me absentmindedly as I filled my measuring cup with tap water and a drop or two of dishwasher soap. I stirred a little and then began pouring the soapy water down the funnel and deep in his gut. When he felt the water inside him; he offered a little struggle that quickly calmed down when I slapped his balls before squeezing them a bit. I managed to empty the two liters. of soapy water in his bowels and then took the funnel out. Then I f***ed him in an especially uncomfortable position where he had his ass over his face, and held him like that. He knew he would have to hold it in as long as I didn't release him from that pose, otherwise he would shit on his own face. After about ten to fifteen minutes he began to beg. I kept refusing and took a delightful pleasure to watch his face twisting itself as I caressed his stomach with one hand; when I thought he could take it any more I released my grasp and allowed him to empty himself. He let it all out, lying face down in the bath. As soon as he tried to get out I grabbed him and ordered him to get back on all fours. He was reluctant, but eventually complied knowing he wouldn't have a chance against me. So I filled my measuring cup again, but with plain water this time, and then emptied it again down his intestine. I repeated the process two more times to make sure he was clean and then cleaned the bath with the garden hose.

When I was finished I found Andy crawled up on the couch, on the very same spot where he got his first f***ed anal orgasm. He was staring at his feet when he noticed I was back in the living room. Since I fucked his face that morning, we both stayed naked. I walked to the couch and sat beside him. I slipped an arm around his small shoulders and began caressing his slender body with my other hand. As I began spreading his legs, his cock began to rise. Although he was still reluctant to admit it, he was already really into submission. His face suddenly was empty again, as if he just left his body, knowing my intentions. I began playing a little with his erect member before turning him over so I could have access to his deliciously tight ass. I spat on it a couple of time before pressing the tip of my already hard dick on his little rosebud. When he felt the bare flesh of my rod, he quickly turned around and faintly asked me if I wasn't going to use a condom again. I laughed a little and explained to him that it was one of the two reasons for his previous enemas; so his butt hole would be nice and clean for me. Then, for the first time, I wished I could see what was going on in his cute little head; as I kept pushing, with a grin on my face, his eyes stayed locked on my body as it came closer and closer to his hips. In fact he kept watching my hips for at least half the time I fucked him that afternoon. Eventually, as my pumping got rougher and faster, he closed his eyes and face forward again. Not long before ejaculating, I had a look at his face; it was twisted in a mixture of pain and pleasure and he was drooling down on my couch with his face pressed against the cushion, lying on his chest. The whole time I could hear his hard dick slapping against his flat stomach, together with the distinct sound of my balls smashing on each his. Moments before allowing myself to cum I began stroking his dick and quickly we both came. I shot my load as deep as I could in his ass as he shot his in my hand. Once he was done, I let go of his prick and smudged his cum all over his pretty face before giving him a good spanking, with my cock still inside him, reminding him that he was nothing but my little bitch.

I am glad I didn't fell asl**p too fast that night. After a little while I heard the door of my room creak as it was being opened. My little b*****r was standing in the doorway, with his slightly shy posture and small figure. I turned on the lights to see to my greatest surprise that he was still naked too and stroking his half limp dick. He blushed furiously as tears filled his eyes before he began to talk. Then he told me: "Can you... please I... I can't... It's no use..." He was looking down at his member. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was convinced I had doomed us by my actions and that I had no other choices now but to keep on abusing of him or never see him again and risk jail, but here he was begging me to help him to play with his cock. It seemed that a whole day of sexual abuse and **** had awoken in him the submissive little puppet, and it also seems that I procured him enough pleasure to accept that new role of his. I sat on my bed and gestured him to sit by me, which he did without ever taking his right hand off his dick. That's when I noticed how much he was now into this. At first I couldn't see where his left hand was while he masturbated with his right one, but now I understood as I saw it come out of between his ass cheeks so he could sit down.

Once he was beside me on my bed, I took his hand off his cock and wrapped mine around it. He instantly got hard and quickly began spurting pre-cum. I stroked him a little before stopping to nibble on his perk nipples which seemed very sensitives. Then I grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head back a little and asked him a decisive question.
"Alright you little twerp, you seem to have turned into a real little sex addict haven't you?" He nodded.
"I have a deal for then. In exchange for making you cum and satisfying your urge for sex you will have to become my slave, OK? You'll be treated like my little pet, my bitch. You'll have to obey every single order I give you. How does that sound?"
He took a moment to stare at our dicks before he said "Yes, OK. I'll do it." and began stroking his dick again. I told him to stop it, and he did, reluctantly. Then I ordered him to ride my cock, and he took a hold of my erected rod and aligned it with his painful ass. Since he came in my room, I've been dripping pre-cum non-stop, so my dick slid in his back door with ease. he sat on my hips with my cock buried inside him and a lustful look in his eyes. It was still hurting him and it showed, but now he also loved it. He was facing me and slowly began hopping up and down, impaled on my hard shaft. I held him by the thigh and ran my hands up to his ass. The whole time, I kept shifting my hands between his ass cheeks, his prick and his hard nipples. After a while he came all over my chest with a tremendous orgasm that f***ed him to squeeze his rectum with random, uncontrollable spasms that made me empty a generous load up his ass. Then I laid down, holding him by the neck, keeping my cock deep inside him, and made him eat his own cum off my chest. When I pulled out of his ass I made sure to get all my cum that was slurping out of him in my hands, and then made him eat it too.

An hour later I dressed up, and strapped two leather belts together, with one around his pale neck. It was all he had on him and I took him outside. We stayed in the shadows until we reached the small park nearby, then I walked him there for while. After ten minutes I sat on a bench and told him to suck me. The whole time we were in the park he had a raging hard-on. When I got close to cumming, I stopped him and pulled out of his heavenly mouth to cover his face with my hot semen, then we walked back home with his face covered in cum.

That night we didn't sl**p much and the next day, he could barely sit down.

Sore as his ass was my little b*****r woke me by sucking my cock to full hardness when we got home from our day walk. I was drooling pre-cum, my rod stiff and wet with my pre-cum and his saliva. He come up off of me with his mouth and begged me to fuck him. He knelt, his chest down, butt up in the air, legs apart.

I looked at his red, raw hole and made my decision right then. I put my cock to his little puffy boypussy and slid it deep into him. I rocked back and forth, pulled and pushed him by his hips, sawing my randy, sloppy wet tool in and out of his anus.

He moaned, groaned happily.
After all the cum he had gotten out of me I fucked him lazily. I reached to the nightstand, picked up my cell phone and called my best friend. When he answered I wasted no time, "Want some pussy?" I asked.
"Hell yeah," he answered, then chuckling asked, "You offering me yours?" He added, "I've wanted to fuck you ever since we sucked and you fucked me."
"No," I answered, "come on over and fuck my little b*****r. If you behave I will suck you hard to fuck him and clean your cock in my mouth after you dump a load in him."
I put the phone down and concentrated on riding my cock back and forth in my b*****r's tight boycunt real slow. Soon my best friend came right into the bedroom where I was fucking my little b*****r's ass.
My friend stripped naked and got on the bed with us. His cock was already hard, drooling pre-cum from watching us.
"Fuck his mouth," I told my friend. "Let him suck you some."
We fucked my b*****r in his mouth and ass until I took my friend's cock out of my b*****r's mouth and put it into mine. I worked his meat good, slobbering all over it, fingering his ass to get him slimy wet and super hard.
I slid my cock out of my b*****r's back hole and invited my friend, "Come fuck him. He's only had mine in him, never one as big as yours."
I moved away. My friend mounted my b*****r. "Spread your cheeks honey," he cooed to my little b*****r. My rod is big, thick, long with a huge knob. Spread 'em wide and back up onto me."
My little b*****r did as he was told, trembling at the idea of having a shaft up his boycunt other than mine, a bigger one.
With his mushroom head pressed against my little b*****r's red, raw anal opening, my friend said, "Now take a deep breath and grunt, push back."
"Ungh, oooh, yow, ouch," my little b*****r squealed as my friend's knob stretched my little b*****r's sphincter wider.
"Breath again honey," my friend said. "I'm going to push it all up in you."
Gasping, shuddering my little b*****r took a deep breath.
"Aaaagh, oh, no, please," he huffed in short breaths, "unnngh, argh, I can't take it," my little b*****r huffed.

"N-No, s-stop it, please!" begs Andrew, fingers digging into the soiled bedsheets as your friend grips his girlish hips and continues to mercilessly slide his cock into the younger boy's bowels; your friend looks somewhat sadistic, getting off on the cries of the helpless submissive boy under him, and you completely understand-- Your own cock quivers and comes to life once more as you watch your best friend slowly fuck your little b*****r, working his fat cock deep inside of Andrew's miraculously still-tight anus.

"Oh, ouch!" moans Andy, in a mix of pleasure and pain; his thighs are spreading as he tries to take the cock in a little easier, but it's not working, the hard meat pressing into him is just too big to go in easy. "It's too big, it's too big! Ah, I-I just can't fit it inside me! It hurts!" Glittering tears slip down Andy's smooth, flushed face, and as you stroke your own ballooning erection you get an idea.

"Andy, say 'ah.'" Andrew looks up at you from his position of lying flat on his chest, his eyes a little unfocused, but your friend knows what you're going to do and smirks as you cock-slap Andy for not obeying you fast enough. Your little b*****r whimpers, moaning a little as the mushroom-shaped imprint of your fleshy cock-tip turns red on his fair skin. "I said open up your goddamn mouth, you little bitch!" Tears coming a little faster now, Andy obeys you in a hurry, obediently opening his mouth to receive the hot red cockmeat you immediately stuff into it. Your cock-head hits the back of his throat fairly quickly, but you shove it a little further in anyway; Andy gags a little but dares not protest your cruel treatment of him.

"Now suck me off, twerp, and when I cum you'd better drink it all, or we're gonna teach the little slut-bitch a lesson!" Half-terrified and half-turned on at the thought of what you and your friend could both do to him, Andy quickly begins sucking at your cock, his tongue stroking your rigid shaft and playing with the slit of your piss-hole. "Ugh, yeah, just like that you little cumslut!" you moan, tangling your fingers in his hair and yanking on them roughly; tears well in Andy's eyes and slip over his hairless, boyish cheeks, and your friend, turned on by your rough treatment of your helpless little b*****r, really begins shoving his full length inside of Andrew's tender asshole. Andy's eyes fly open wide as your friend begins pounding into him, and he moans like the little bitch you've made him, the sound stifled by your cock as it fills his mouth; he tongues your sensitive cock even faster, sucking like a vacuum, and you can feel your balls clench as your friend groans lustily and pumps himself into Andy all the harder. The abused young boy is crying hard now, abandoning himself to the double-teaming, and he reaches up on his own to lovingly stroke and massage your hairy balls, squeezing them gently as though trying to milk you for more of your cum. You can hear your friend's balls slapping hard against Andrew's soft, pert little asscheeks as Andrew furiously humps the bed, trying hard to get himself off and giving into the sexual enjoyment.

"I'm cumming!" you groan, thrusting into your little b*****r's hot, wet mouth, and your friend grunts a reply as he speeds up even more, trying to make both himself and your little fucktoy cum at the same time. Pulling Andrew's head towards you by the hair, you push him into your crotch, his nose buried in your pubes as you prepare to cum.

In an instant's release, your balls unload their sperm, sending your thick, sticky semen flooding out of your cock and into your younger b*****r's mouth. Andrew moans around your thick meat, and as the jizz fills up his mouth and pours down his throat Andy continues trying to suck, but falters a little as his mouth becomes overwhelmed. You pull cruelly on his hair to urge him on, ordering him to resume his previous tending as you face-fuck him to your heart's content, and with a muffled, gurgling whimper Andrew has no choice but to obey. As you hump Andy's mouth, you can see your friend furiously unloading his own hot cum into Andy's asshole, pumping hard into the younger boy's anus and gripping Andy's hips almost painfully to keep them in place. From the way Andy's slender legs were trembling, you guessed he was probably jizzing against the bedspread as he continued to hump the mattress beneath him.

Thrusting your hot meat into your little b*****r's open, willing mouth, you feel yourself coming down off of the orgasm as Andy noisily slurps down all of the cum he can stomach, and you get half-hard again, imagining how you're filling your little b*****r's stomach with his older b*****r's seed. As you glance down, you see that some of your cum is dribbling out of the sides of Andy's mouth-- It was just too much for him to take, and it looks like even though he sucked down as much as he could, he just couldn't cut it.

He gags a little as you pull your cock out of his mouth, his pink lips slightly swollen from your harsh mouth-fucking, and then he cries out as your swollen cock-tip slaps him again on first one cheek, then the other.

"Ow!" he cries out, his voice weak, obviously pained from the anal reaming he'd just received, your friend's cock still buried deep in his bowels. "Wh-Why're you doing that?" he asked plaintively, only to earn himself another cock-slap on a cheek that's beginning to be tender from your abuse.

"Call me MASTER, you little bitch! Remember, you're my bitch now, my slave, so you'd better damn well show me some respect, you little slut!" You nod to your friend, and - buried hilt-deep in your little b*****r's asshole - he draws back his hand and brings it down on one of Andrew's asscheeks. Andy utters something between a shriek and a squeal at the sharp spank and immediately moans out "I'm sorry, Master, I'm sorry! I'm your bitch, I'm your slave!"

"Yeah, you are," you confirm, but you notice that he seems to be trembling a little more, and he's started to rub himself against the bed again after that slap. "But maybe you're just enjoying it too much, huh slut?" You nod again to your friend, who grins sadistically and slaps Andrew's vulnerable asscheek again, causing the taut, firm flesh to jiggle as Andy squeals again and squirms, impaling himself further on your friend's cock.

"Looks like the little bitch likes getting spankings from real men, doesn't he?" taunts your friend, and he slaps Andy's ass again, this time once on each cheek.

"N-Noooooo..." moans Andy, but he sounds aroused as well as humiliated, and he's beginning to pant again as his tender white skin begins to redden with handprints. "I... I'm not..."

"I think you are, you sick little fuck!" you yell, getting horny all over again as you look down at your naked younger b*****r, lying on his belly with your thick cum dripping down his chin and your best friend's handprints obvious on his fair skin. "You LIKE getting spanked and abused, don't you? Don't you?!"

"No, n-no," moans Andy, though when your friend spanks him sharply again he groans as though he's having a mini-orgasm and begins humping the bed even harder. It seems that your **** and abuse of him has made Andrew into the consummate slave, and it's awakened his love of corporal punishment: You grin in sadistic glee, ready to try out the entire range of BDSM on your helpless little submissive of a baby b*****r.

You suddenly grab a handful of his dark blond hair and yank it upward. Squinting from the pain, Andrew quickly propped himself on his arms and awkwardly got up on his knees. The movement f***ed your friend out of your b*****r's well-abused ass and made him fall back. As he lost balance off the bed, his feet barely caught the floor and he had to grab the desk behind him to steady himself.
Still pulling his hair you look your baby b*****r head to toes. As you do you quickly notice his small dick bouncing up in nervous spasms with a long line of cum still leaking from his dick-head, sliding down his shaft and along the center of of balls before dripping slowly. He seems to have cum plenty and/or many times. Looking down you see there's a large stain of fresh cum on your sheets where is sissy cock was rubbing. You guide him to the edge of the bed and then push his face right in the pool of his own slimy cum. The feeling of his warm, fresh sperm makes him whimper but you and your friend love the sight. Your friend takes a camera and snaps a couple of shots as you hold Andrew down. His well-fucked asshole is still gaping open, cum bubbling out and his dick is still twitching out of pure lust.
"Look at this little cum-slut! He came from getting ****d senseless!"
Your friend laughs at the worthless sissy-bitch in front of you.
"You came all over my sheets you little shit! Clean it up while you're there! Eat your fucking dirty cum right now! You hear me?"
Andrew gasped a meek "Yes, Master" and started lapping at his cum.
"And keep that ass up!"
He nodded.


To be continued
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hard and heavy made me so horny looking forwards to the next chapter
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very hot
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Part 2 ???
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what a great fucking story!