The Wives’ Revenge Part 1

The Wives’ Revenge

Michelle was a 22 year old and single, she was the local flirt, She boasted often of not having to go without sex but yet she never seemed to have a permanent boyfriend.

In the small town she lived in the local gossip was that she was known for fucking only married men and high profile ones too, Doctors Lawyers Police chiefs.
She trawled the net to find them,

One Tuesday Morning she received a strange invitation via her email, she had spent the previous weekend fucking the town doctor. She recognised the sender’s address immediately

The email was short and to the point…………..
“ Hi after the other night I thought you might be able to take on more than one guy, I might be able to arrange 10 guys, the way you rode me solid all night I am sure you can handle them. Fancy it? I have setup a personal email address for the guys to respond to. Send your reply to That way I can forward the mail to the others guys with your pics”.

Mmmm she thought this could be interesting, she loved the sound of the email address he had setup for her. They had always had pillar talk about her not being satisfied. She smiled feeling that familiar dampness in her crotch.

2 weeks later the night arrived, It had been set for a sports hall one of the guys who was to fuck her ran. No one would be concerned of noises coming from there as functions happened all the time. A smartly dressed man introduced himself “You must be Michelle, showing her the email, “the doctor asked me to meet you, He should be here soon”. The email had the details of how many men would be there “ We should be expecting 10 guys including me.

He took her into what looked like her old school gymnasium, It had that familiar sports hall smell, as she glanced around looking at the wall bars and climbing frames then she noticed a double mattress on the floor as well as a blindfold and in the corner was Wooden Horse.

He stripped her down to her thong and stockings and see-through blouse then blindfolded her. She asked what the blindfold was for. He told her that it was in the email he had received. She went along with it know how kinky her lover could be, it added to her excitement, she had never had more than 2 guys at one time before.
She was told to lay on the mattress and wait

She heard noises as she lay in wait, still blindfolded, she was introduced to 5 other guys “ I think we better get this party started I am sure the others will be here soon”
“This is going to be a night to remember” she thought.
She was on the bed getting fucked over and over until they put her in the doggie position and took turns slamming her until she was screaming; they were giving her a good pounding.
Camera’s were also clicking away as the men took time out to recover.

The 6 men moved around her, taking turns in her mouth and pussy and arse .
Mixed pussy juice and cum ran down her legs and soaked her stockings as she sucked cream cum from the cocks in her mouth Over an hour went by as each man got off at least twice, as she sucked them she was able to taste her own cum on each of the cocks that she sucked dry.

She had cum dripping from every hole. She had a cock in each hand furiously wanking them as she was pounded at the other end, her hair was filled with cum but never missed a drop that entered her mouth, she swallowed every drop.
Her arse and pussy being was filled at the same time. She could not get enough of them, her anus was being split open from the battering she was getting.
One guy then buried his face deep into the puffed pussy lips and gently bit her clit making her gush all over his face, he continued to work his wonderous mouth and tongue on every inch of her pussy, the lips, the clit, there was not a inch his tongue and mouth did not touch. Her thighs shivered with anticipation of the upcoming orgasms that rushed through her body. She felt liked she was being fucked into a c*** but knew she could handle more.
She was about to take a guy deep in her arse when the hall doors flew open A woman’s voice screamed out “ Get the fuck out of here” Michelle froze to the spot

To be continued….

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2 years ago
2 years ago
ouh damn... what happen next?
2 years ago
Part 2 Coming soon
2 years ago
great start
2 years ago
loved the story