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A ramble

Not sure anyone is even going to read this - no fuss its probably more about me just seeing my thoughts written. Is that the curse of a right brained alpa male?

As I said in my profile, I am a dominant and one of the responsibilities of being such is the careful planning, the thinking through all the scenarios and the foresight needed to (1) conduct safe sane & consenual experiences (2)bring to life the fanatasies and thoughts my partner has and me & (3) make these occasions mutually beneficial, enjoyable, edifying and of course, incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable.

I revel in the think... Continue»
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[Story] Part 2

And so with my freshly fucked cunt recovering from the pummelling it had received You told me to relax back on the bed. My breathing was still rapid and my heart was pounding as I tried to come down from that special headspace I go to when we are together. Of course it was pointless, you are all consuming and I could focus on nothing else except you and the power you had over my mind and body.
I admired the length of your body as you lay back on the bed looking relaxed and content. I took it as a sign that I had pleased You and hoped that to be the case. Still in total awe of you I crawle... Continue»
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[Story] Another night with princess of puddles part 1

I remember it as though it was yesterday. I can still feel the aching in cunt, aching from the most intense fucking I have received to date, and aching from wanting more….

Following Your instruction, I selected my latex skirt and top to wear with the red underwear that you enjoyed seeing me in. Having showered, I fixed my hair and make up in preparation of your arrival. It was a huge disappointment to find the red bra did nothing for the latex outfit. In fact it looked awful, a look I am sure you wouldn’t approve of. Unfortunately the buckles on the latex top didn’t sit in quite the ... Continue»
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[Story] The Twelth Hour

This is a true story - written by a wonderful submissive 'princess of puddles' to Me - her Dom Sir H about one of our incredible experiences.

I hope you enjoy.....


It seemed such a long time since our last meeting, and I was sure today would be a time to remember, even more so than our previous meetings. I was so incredibly horny just thinking of rubbing myself against him again. Although part of me was maybe just a little disappointed as I had secretly hoped he would stay the night with me. I have often fantasised that I would be asl**p and I would be woken up by H’s cock work... Continue»
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