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November update

Things have been hectic lately - I havent finisged writing about the last trip away yet this past weekend - I had another wonderful experience.

My slut has a girl friend (k**s at same school) and would you know we met up at the October play party held by Uber here in Sydney. This friend (I shall call her S for obvious reasons) is rather a strange one. She prefers women for emotional relationships (in itself not strange) yet she prefers rough sex from men for her physical edification (again not strange) however, everything in between can be up for grabs.........I really dont know how to explain further.

Anyway -at this play party, slut experienced her first public flogging. Something she had been beeging me for for a long time now. To say it went well is an understatement. After 50 lashes slut squirted everywhere (she is prolific) and S was watching all this with great interest. After I cleaned up and rejoined slut and S - S eeged slut to teach her how to squirt.............slut after having been taught by Me said S should be asking Me. You get the gist right?

Ok fast dorward to last weekend - I am at a long business lunch and I get a call from slut asking could we go to S place that eve and teach her how to squirt. Frankly I wasnt that keen on the idea as I am not into 3somes and or swinging and I wasnt really sure what S motvation was.....I agreed however.

We arrive late and ther are other guests. S makes a bee line for slut and frankly was a bit too overt in her advances - she had been drinking. Anyway, after having frighteed off her other guests S says bluntly to Me - right teach me how to squrt. I replied go aheadand clear the kitchn table whilst I talk to slut and in we shall start. In the meantime slut received her instructions as to how to behave and the parameters for the evening.

Ok - so clothes off for both girls. As part of all of this it is fair to say slut wanted to have a true bi experience and I agreed to let that happen with S with provisos. So as the ringmaster (joke) I had S lie on her back and slut was placed between her legs and started licking her pussy. At this point all I did was hold S head and talk to her re the need for to relax and understand how squirting really works. Its quite simple really - so much of being able to squirt is really just letting go - allowing yourself to let this feeling overtake you and succumb to it when it feels like you are going to pee. Embrace it allow this feeling to overcome you, go with it and when the time comes when its inevitable then............push and dont be scared.

During all this slut is licking her and tonguing her ever widening pussy. S lips and clit were engorged and turning a beautiful colour. Slut was having some rouble finding her g spot .......... and I interject here. How is it that I can find a womans g spot in a second yet so many women dont know where their own is or what it feels like etc.....perhaps its a result of 30 years research for me...smiles. Anyway - slut and I change ends.

Now I reached inside S pussy with 2 fingers and I tell not a lie - I had hold off her g spot in a second. I massaged it I rubbed it and used that hooking motion that just never fails. All the while speaking to S to let her know what I was doing, keeping her informed and asking her to identify with me the feelings she was having. Like - simply can you feel my fingers pushing on this spot - yes she would answer - ok thats your g spot I said. Does it feel good - yes she would answer - great let the feeling intensify dont be afraid of it and so on and so forth.

Look within 30 seconds I could feel her g spot engorge to the point I know she was going to squirt. It was now a simple matter of S letting go....which is what I asked her to do whilst instructing her to allow herself to give into this intense feeling. Easy done - I could feel her pubic muscles tense at which point I said to slut - watch this hold S head up so she can see and BINGO there it was - a massive first time squirt. I say masive because my shirt was totally wet as was all the front of my pants. My hair was dripping as was my face. S couldnt believe it - I just smiled.

Shortly after we were standing out on patio having a breather. S extolled the virtues of how exciting the experience was yet she still did not believe she could do it again so easily. Literally I said spread your legs please - I reached into her cunt again and in less than 10 seconds her face and body went tense - in a further 10 seconds she was squirting all over my hand and fingers in an incredibly intense orgasm. She went weak at the knees.........OMG she said you know exacly what to do....

Yes I do I replied.

So much else went on this night.... I just dont have time to write about it all but if anyone has interests in learning to squirt, fisting, orgasms via nipple only play and flogging pease just ask.

The mind is the most sensitive organ of all............and thats been my journey for 30 years. x

Master C
Posted by mastercolin 3 years ago
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9 days ago
Cheers rio

And yes - heres to more women 'letting go'

Happy to help Celine - winks
12 days ago
"The mind is the most sensitive organ of all" true ! Excellent report on a real event. Here's to more squirters !
3 years ago
you know Colin,
I am thinking I would Love to be shown how to squirt
3 years ago
very nice Colin,you must be a natural