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Ramble part 3

I promised someone I would write about my past weekend experience - so here goes.

I had promised the newbie slut (mentioned in previous posts) that I would accompany her on a weekend away to a girlfriends 40th party. It was a good 6 hours drive so off we went early Saturday morning. Party clothes packed (check), refreshments (check), toy / tool bag (check) - and the most important bag of all of course.... We were booked into a very private cabin up in the mountains so the after birthday activities were assured in a quiet private peaceful environment.

I required slut to keep some implements in the front seat with her to entertain me on the long boring freeway - so as we are about an hour into the trip the conversation has now turned to matters more pressing. Driving long distance gives two people a wonderful chance to engage in meaningful discussion - and we did. Gentle probing questions along with masterful explanantions when required all lead to slut becoming highly excited.

Now if you have read earlier posts you will know that this slut is a prolific squirter. Coupled with this is her ability and control of her innermost muscles (kegel & others) so much so that she can orgasm easily & quickly by 'clenching'. As she was now rather excited she, as she is under instruction to do, asked my permission to cum - and I gave her that permission. So she put her feet up on the dashboard, spread her legs, pulled her skirt up out of the way & pulled her g string to one side then proceeded to clench her muscles and writhe on her seat all the the while getting closer to orgasm.

The little strumpet had a plan as I found out later which included squirting all over the windscreen as I was driving - knowing it was a frequent thought of mine. Reaching her point of no return she asked again could she cum and would I mind if she squirted - I said go ahead. Almost before the words exited my mouth she pushed her fingers onto her pubic bone and spread her lips wider and I k** you not the spray of her incredible cum juice was f***eful and huge in volume as the intensity of her orgasm was such that the pressure she must have exerted with her muscles literally made this an explosion of sorts......

Frankly I loved it. The inside of the windscreen was all wet - so wipers of no use. In fact her cum splashed off the windscreen all over me as well. My shirt was wet my shirts were wet I was even sitting in a small puddle in my seat. Did I mention I loved it.

Sluts breasts were heaving and she was shaking her head back & forth as wave after wave came upon her - obviously she is multi orgasmic as well. Now her fingers were pushing harder against her bone - just outside where her g spot is - and she couldnt stop her clenching therefore she was building again to another monumental orgasm. She asked - I agreed and with a moan more like a b**st in pain than you would think a intense orgasm could muster - she squirted again - this time 4 in a row. Now look as much as I love this - it was starting to resemble a dam break inside the car........... So I pulled over in a rest area, wrapped my arms around her and bought her back to me, to the real world, kissing her gently and whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

As we continued our drive a short time later - I asked her about the intensity of her orgasms and she replied that I had taught her to let herself go into that special headspace where she knows she is safe (in my company) and where all her inhibitions leave her and she can be totally free in mind and of spirit - hence the heightened intensity with anything she does at that point....

Wasnt that a wonderful endorsement of the true meaning and benefits of two likeminded people engaging in a wonderful D/s relationship?

How unfortunate for uninitiated that they may never experience something like this........ then again.......fuck em. Laughs....just k**ding

Winks talk soon - (later that night there are more tales to tell)

Posted by mastercolin 3 years ago
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3 years ago
Mmmmmm such a lucky slut to have you teach her how to squirt .
Loved it :-)