Part 2

And so with my freshly fucked cunt recovering from the pummelling it had received You told me to relax back on the bed. My breathing was still rapid and my heart was pounding as I tried to come down from that special headspace I go to when we are together. Of course it was pointless, you are all consuming and I could focus on nothing else except you and the power you had over my mind and body.
I admired the length of your body as you lay back on the bed looking relaxed and content. I took it as a sign that I had pleased You and hoped that to be the case. Still in total awe of you I crawled across to rest near you. My hands traced your stomach and down to your cock that I adore. I caressed you gently at first, enjoying the moment. My thoughts soon turned back to the rough fucking you had given me, and again my cunt muscles stirred.
Having rested now, my mouth traced my fingers down from your chest and across your stomach and to your prize cock. Hungry again for more now, I kissed your cock softly, and wrapped my fingers around you. Moving further underneath, I took your balls in my mouth individually, delicately savouring the taste and feel of you. Responding to my touches, I took your growing cock into my mouth now and sucked it until it stood rock hard once again. I love devouring your cock, and I took great pleasure in opening my jaw and swallowing you in the way into my throat, although I had to stop occasionally as your cock gagged the back of my throat. Still determined to please you some more, I held your cock at the base of the shaft and squeezed as I licked my way around to your arse. Opening yourself to me, you pushed onto my face and smothered me with your arse cheeks, my tongue just centimetres away from probing your arse hole. Using my tongue all over you, I worked my way back to your delicious cock. By now you had manoeuvred me so that my cunt was again within your reach with my ass sticking in the air as I went to work on you. Making sure I was fully exposed, You brought the flogger down onto my bare cheeks. I wasn’t expecting it and I flinched from the pain. Again you brought it down harder this time, and continued to build a rhythm to flog me with as I sucked you hard. I was aware of how much the feel of the suede against my skin was turning me on and I gyrated my ass, sticking it up in the air for you to take aim.
When the flogger hit my clit I wasn’t prepared and it stung, it had been quite some time since You had last inflicted my cunt to a good flogging. Pulling away from Your line of target You told me to open up again, and to take it. “Love pats” you called them sweet H, but in fact they were far from it. Still it didn’t stop me quivering in anticipation as you lined my arse and cunt up for another whack of the flogger. Picking up on my desperation to be fucked by You again, I did as was told and moved off the bed to remove my g string which had been well and truly soaked with my cunt juices a hundred times over. As I moved to climb back on the bed You presented me with Your gift of GDT…….grand daddy Tom. You had already seen me fuck Big Tom before, and you had seen me impale myself on GDT on cam, but I reminded you that now it was time to show You in person.
Encouraging me all the way, You poured lube over the massive head of the giant dildo as I held the huge base with my hands. Gently rubbing the lube over the entire head I tried to cover as much of it as I could with the lube to help ease it inside of me. With my fingers all sticky and wet from the lube, I rubbed the rest of it onto my cunt lips, not that I needed it as we were about to find out. Manoeuvring myself astride GDT, I positioned him between my legs and rubbed it against my clit, making sure you had the perfect view.

Slowly I edged it closer to my hole, wanting its fullness inside me. Laying back to enjoy the show You encouraged me to go down on it, and used the mini vibrator as an incentive to get the huge width of it inside my cunt. Leaning forward You held it against my clit, sending a pulse through my entire body again. And then you moved it away, teasing me and edging me closer to the ultimate stretching you were about to witness. Sure enough, with my pussy juice flowing now, and with the extra lube I pushed him in just enough so that he sat inside my lips. Not daring to move, I took in the feeling of being stretched so wide by the object inside me. With the mini vibrator off my clit now, I wanted it back and started to rotate on GDT. Just an inch more to go you told me and then my clit would be in contact with the buzzer. Holding onto the base now I started rocking on it, wanting it to go as far up my over stretched hole as I could. Look in the mirror you said, and watch yourself fuck it…….you said it was a beautiful sight and it was. My pink lips were stretched around the width of the black monster dildo, and it looked magnificent especially knowing you could see everything so clearly. Opening myself wider I felt it push higher into me as I got closer to the little clitty vibrator. Holding it against my swollen clit now, I reached the point of complete abandonment and fucked that big black giant dildo for all I was worth, and managed to get more inside my now gaping hole than ever before. Riding it hard and with the vibrator held firmly in place I wanted to cum again. Increasing the pace I bounced up and down on it, mesmerised with my full pink lips against the black shaft, and amazed that it was so far up me. Moaning in complete ecstasy, I fucked myself good and hard and once I had embedded it as far in me as possible, I gripped it tight with my cunt muscles and held it in place to show you. Looking in the mirror I saw the big black end sticking crudely out of my cunt, and finally I gave in to another huge orgasm that was so strong it f***ed him out of my sloppy cunt.
You were pleased with what you saw you told me, and that made me glow even more as you showed me on the dildo how far I had got it in. Next time would be the whole thing you said, and I made a silent note to practice more often if that was to happen.
Telling me to lay back and relax against the pillows I regained my composure as my heart beat and breathing returned to normal. Considerate as always, You gave me a drink and told me to rest. Little did I know what my dear Master had in store for me next!
Placing the blindfold on me again, I felt you between my legs, your workspace. It is all yours for the taking in any fashion you want and today was to be no exception. With my legs open You started teasing me again, first with your expert fingers and then with the buzzer vib again, knowing it to be a personal favourite of mine. My senses heightened in the darkness I felt a sharp pain on my cunt lips. Then another..then I realised, pegs! You were clipping the pegs to my sensitive pussy and then running the vibrator over them sending shock waves through my body. More pulling with your hands on my wet lips and more pegs were clipped onto me. The pain hit like lightning as you roughly dragged the vibrator over the pegs towards my clit, and then back down towards my begging wanton cunt. I wasn’t sure if it was pleasure or pain I was experiencing, the sensations went from one to the other in seconds. Having pulled my dress down to expose my bare breasts now, a peg was clamped over each nipple and then teased some more. As much as it hurt, I was aware my body was reacting to the mixed sensations and I heard myself crying out. But then came real pain as you removed each of the pegs one by one – it was excruciating as the bl**d started to flow again and your fingers replaced each peg. Again I couldn’t figure out if this was intense pleasure or intense pain, such a fine line between the two maybe.

Rocked by yet another orgasm of that intensity, I lay back on the bed and you came to join me laying next to me. My whole body was feeling the effects of the relentless going over you had given me today, and it felt fantastic. As though in confirmation of my thoughts You pulled me close to you and I wrapped myself around you, cherishing the way you held me and thankful for the privilege of being able to hold you too, a privilege you do not afford me very often. It felt perfect, and the muscles in my pussy were still contracting as if to remind me just how perfect it was.
Moving back down the length of your body now, I worked my way down between your cheeks and licked you very very slowly and with intent. I wanted to be the best fuck you have ever had. Licking and sucking you, I worked my way around to the base of the shaft and ran my tongue up the length of your pole. Tickling the eye of your cock, I softly probed it with my tongue before lunging back down to the base. Looking up at you as I ate you I remember thinking how relaxed and content you were. Taking you whole in my mouth once again, I lowered my head completely onto your cock, and held it in place as I felt the end of your knob against the very back of my throat. Coming up for air, and to wipe the tears from my eyes I did it again, sucking your entire length into my mouth. I love being able to worship your cock in that way, and holding my hair out of the way so you could see me nodding up and down on you, I knew you enjoyed it too.
Dragging me off you, I moved up the bed so my cunt was poised above you, your cock taking perfect aim. Telling me to crouch down so that you would have full view of your cock in your cunt, you gave permission for me to lower myself onto you. That position was amazing, as I felt you push past the entrance and straight up into my hole. My clit rubbed against you as I held onto your arms for support, and already I wanted to cum again. But then I felt you rubbing my g spot with you cock inside me, and I knew I was going to gush and squirt my cum all over you. It was the most awesome sight as I looked down and watch your thick hard cock disappearing in and out of me…… and out…and I slammed down onto you. I felt like a porn star fucking you that way and I loved it, giving myself to you as a sex toy. Another upward thrust and a feeling of unrivalled lust washed over me as I looked down and watched myself squirt my juices all over you, it was the most incredible sight. More you told me and continued to thrust high up into my cavity, and again I felt the pressure against my g spot and I let out a primeval cry as our fuck juices continued to literally pour out of me, spraying your cock and balls, and soaking your body. Still impaled on you, I leaned forward onto your chest, stunned at the intensity of your fucking me. Again I felt you rub inside me and again I gushed everywhere. Collapsing onto you now, I lost all control over my emotions and felt like sobbing with absolute pleasure at the mind blowing orgasms you had given me today. Ordering me off you, I knelt between your legs and cleaned you as instructed, lapping up the taste of my messy squelchy cunt.
Pushing me back to the other end of the bed you told me you wanted to see me fist myself, exactly how you had taught me. With the amount of fluid leaking out of me I didn’t need any lube and I stuck 3 fingers inside me and moved them around, feeling the wetness of my cunt against my hand. Now 4 you said, and I did as told. Trying to fold my hand into the right shape is always hard, but I still managed to get the thumb in position and got my hand into your hole up to the knuckle. Not happy that I hadn’t been able to complete my task, you asked if I need help, to which I replied yes, I would very much like your help to get it in.

And so, with my fingers caressing my clit you pulled me apart, stretching my cunt lips wide. Hooking your fingers in either side of my cunt, you lifted and pulled and stretched me. At one point you had hooked me so wide open that you would have seen deep inside of me, all the way up my tunnel. I was turned on by watching you do that to me and I gave in to complete abandonment once again as you manipulated my fleshy folds to have an up close look at your cunt. Then taking my hand, you shaped it into the fisting position. I spread my legs wide once more and started sinking my whole hand inside of me, liking the feeling of my lips opening up around my hand. Telling me I could do it and watching you stroke your cock, I pushed past that last barrier until I felt my whole being suck my fist inside of me. The power was just incredible and I felt the suction around my hand. Turning it now and wanting more, I rolled onto my side to give you a better view. Hungry for it now, I started to fuck your cunt hard with my fist pushing harder and deeper as I strived for a betted position to give me deeper access. Wanting you to see what a dedicate slut I am for you, I spread my legs wide so you wouldn’t miss the show.
Your cock was now rigid and your hand was sliding up and down the shaft, it looked and sounded just amazing. Working yourself faster now you told me how good it feels to have your fist buried in my cunt…and that set me off even more. Watching your jerk off was a huge turn on for me, especially as we were doing it together. And then you told me to cum with you………….as I gushed all over my own hand-incredible!
Moving quickly to position myself over your streaming cock, I opened my mouth and licked up the droplets of cum that had already spilled out of you. As usual you tasted delicious H, and I hope to taste you again very very soon.

Your very own Princess of Puddles x

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