Another night with princess of puddles part 1

I remember it as though it was yesterday. I can still feel the aching in cunt, aching from the most intense fucking I have received to date, and aching from wanting more….

Following Your instruction, I selected my latex skirt and top to wear with the red underwear that you enjoyed seeing me in. Having showered, I fixed my hair and make up in preparation of your arrival. It was a huge disappointment to find the red bra did nothing for the latex outfit. In fact it looked awful, a look I am sure you wouldn’t approve of. Unfortunately the buckles on the latex top didn’t sit in quite the right place and with the latex clinging to my skin, the shape of the bra was visible from the back, ruining the whole effect. Wanting to please you, I kept the red push up bra and matching g on, and put a pair of black lacy suspenders and stockings on with it. Coupled with black high heels, the ensemble worked well, all I needed to do now was select an outfit to wear over the top of it.

I settled on the black dress with the front tie, which cut away down past my cleavage. I like the fact there are no buttons or zips on the dress and it provides H with very easy access to me. The dress sat well over the red and black and I thought it gave a very sexy peek at my tits, which I hoped H would like. So now I was ready, the involuntary twitching between my legs told me that much.

Downstairs I enjoyed the flush of heat passing over my body as I thought of what tonight held in store. You told me tonight was going to be a good work over, and that I should expect to be completely fucked. I couldn’t wait. Pouring a glass of wine, I relaxed into the lounge and contemplated the nights events a little longer…. although I knew I should call you because I hadn’t followed instruction with the latex. It was good to hear Your voice H, and immediately I had a reaction. I explained the dilemma with the latex, and You nominated the PVC as the next best outfit to wear. As You were so close I rushed upstairs to change, but wasn’t completely ready when You arrived. Ignoring the butterflies in my tummy, I walked downstairs to greet You, and as usual You looked so dam good. I always remind myself how lucky I am to have such an incredibly well put together Master when I see You, You make it so easy for me to serve and pleasure You. Greeting You with a kiss, You complimented me on the outfit and said how good it looked. I love it when You pay me compliments. Relaxing a while, sharing a glass of wine I pointed out that I had left my red g string on for You, although in conversation You had in fact told me to remove it, leaving just the suspenders and stockings underneath. I thought it would please You, and even though you reminded me that I should have removed it, You commented that my ass looked good in it. Lifting the bottom of the dress high enough to take a look You rubbed your hand over my crotch, teasing me even more. I wanted to fuck You there and then.

You told me I could have a choice of new videos to watch as I had been holding on the others for some time now. Peeking into Your bag of goodies, I randomly selected a number of videos, of course You were able to direct me as to which would be the most enjoyable. Glancing over the covers, I admired the women in various poses with their perfect bodies on show in a range of positions and sexual activities. I commented on how considerate You are to share your collection with me…….it is my intention to learn from these girls and to become the perfect slut for You H.

Adding to my frustrating state of arousal, You stood behind me whilst I made my selection, holding me around the waist and positioning Your cock to rub against me. It felt so good as You held me there, planting small butterfly kisses on my exposed back, so sensual I loved it and wanted so much more. I pushed back onto Your groin as You kissed me, leaning forwards slightly so my ass was sticking out as You pushed against me, still kissing my back. You must have sensed my desperation, telling me to kneel in front of you as you pulled out the cock that I love to serve so very much. “Now, let’s see just how much You have really missed it” you said, and smiling I gladly sucked Your delicious cock into my mouth. I savoured the feel of it as I sucked and licked, drawing You further still into my mouth. I was so hungry for you H, so very hungry. I could feel Your thickness growing in my mouth and I loved it. Bobbing my head up and down on the end of Your cock, I sucked You for all I could, I wanted You to know how serious I was about pleasing You. But it wasn’t to last long, as you pulled me off and helped me stand. Already I was losing myself to my submissive state of mind, caught up in the need to submit to You completely.
And so You calmly continued the conversation…as if nothing had happened. Sipping my wine, I tried to hold on to reality, trying to ignore how wet and hot I was between my legs after sucking your cock, tying to forget how badly I needed You to fuck me.

Again, how intuitive you are, dear H. Coming to me with a gentle kiss, You looked down at me and turned me to face the kitchen bench. Moving the chair aside, You told me to stand with hands on the bench, one either side of my body. I did as you said, standing with the palm of my hands face down on the bench, and then I felt it. You walked behind me as I stood in a prime fucking position, legs apart, back arched slightly and ass sticking up, waiting for you to claim it. I didn’t have to wait long as I felt You stand behind me rubbing Your cock against my cunt. But I was still wearing the g string and I silently cursed myself, hoping that wouldn’t stop you giving it to me. The knob of you cock rubbed my pussy up and down, taunting me, all I wanted was to have it shoved up me and I spread my legs a little wider as if to tell You. Of course You already knew how desperate I was for it, you could probably sense it on me. And then it happened. Sliding the flimsy piece of red material aside to expose my cunt, you said you were going to see how ready I was for you, and then stuck your hard cock right up my waiting cunt. Oh god it felt so fucking good to finally have it in me, I had thought of nothing else for days and now I was getting a good hard fuck right there in the kitchen. Wanting to give full access I arched my back some more whilst pushing my ass back to meet you as you rammed it up me from behind. I was so ready for this, and held on to the bench to balance myself as I thrust myself back to meet your pounding cock in my pussy. I let myself go, it was such a relief to have you take me like this again, I had wanted if for so long, and as I felt your cock drive deeper and deeper home I felt myself cum over you. I knew I shouldn’t have allowed it to happen, but my body betrayed my mind as you fucked me. Immediately, You knew and asked me if I had cum. Nodding my head yes, you punished me in the most effective way by pulling you cum covered cock out of me. I apologised and turned to face you, explaining that I didn’t mean to cum but the intensity of having your cock thumping into me like that drove me to the edge. Mocking me, you told me I would now have to clean my mess, and had me kneel in front of you to clean you cock. I didn’t see it as punishment, more absolute pleasure, I love the act of tasting my cum all over You, cleaning and licking and of course sucking you deep to the back of my mouth. It is so erotic to have your cock in my mouth knowing it had just been buried high up in my cunt with my cum dripping all over it. I wanted more of you.

Pulling me to my feet, You suggested we take our wine and go upstairs together. Of course I wasn’t about to argue, I could still feel where you had been inside me. Walking up the stairs in front of you again you told me my ass looked good. I smiled and felt warm inside, happy that I had pleased you.

Once upstairs we sat on the bed and you went to examine the array of equipment we play with. Pulling out the enema kit you opened the box. I felt apprehensive as I hadn’t used anything like that before, and reassuring me you told me it would be alright and that you would show me how it worked before we used it on me. After all if I wanted anal you said, then I would have to be nice and clean for you. As much as the idea of the enema worried me, I knew you were right and I wanted You to take me in every conceivable position and if that meant using it, then I would do it. Having put the kit together we went to the bathroom so you could demonstrate how it worked. It didn’t seem so bad I thought, and I was grateful to you for showing me. Then you realised the tap was broken on the kit and we realised we wouldn’t be able to use it. Im not sure at that time if it was disappointment or relief that I felt the most. Relief that I wouldn’t have to use it, but disappointment because that meant we couldn’t explore and push my boundaries with anal sex, and I had already decided that I want to go there with you as my Master. Filling, stretching and fisting it as You did with your cunt.

Returning to the bedroom, I sat on the bed as you undressed. Again I was reminded how lucky I am to have you. Telling me to lie across the bed, I did as I was told. With my head now hanging over the edge of the bed, You crawled on top of me and shoved your cock straight back in my mouth. Taking full advantage of the position I opened my throat and took the length of your cock all the way to the back of my throat. I could feel my eyes streaming as I took you all the way, with my hands holding onto your ass cheeks. Getting into a rhythm I started sucking up and down the length of your shaft, around the base as you told me to, and your balls. I curled my hand around your thickness as I licked you, loving the feel of your hard erection in my hand. Adjusting your position slightly you moved so that I now had full access to your ass cheeks as well as your cock. The whole while you had a perfect view of my already fucked cunt, and you were using the mini vibrator on my clit, I knew I was so close again already. Giving myself up to You, I licked and teased the skin between your balls and you ass. Intensifying the buzzer on my clit now and pulling my cunt lips open you told me to push my G spot out for your to see. I was completely lost now, as I felt my cunt open wide, exposing my inner cunt and G spot in all its glory with your face just inches away from it. As I pushed it out I felt my juices flood out and then gush some more as you put the buzzer back on my clit. You told me to keep going, push it out more you said, and I did, revelling in the sensation of being pinned down by you in such a vulnerable position with my clit sticking out like a little cock and my cunt being blatantly exposed. As I came again, you told me to turn my head and look at myself in the mirror. The sight was enough to make me cum again, as I looked at the image of myself with my legs spread wide and with your face so close above my quivering cunt, with you positioned on top of me, and your cock dangling in my face. It was a scene straight from a porn movie, and I responded by first sucking your hard thick cock again but then rimming my tongue around your ass. I loved it, and I could tell you enjoyed it too which please me more. If I thought I was in sexual abandonment at that point, nothing prepared me for what happened next.

As I rimmed your ass, I felt your tongue on my clit, flicking it then sucking it. Losing control of my body and surroundings, I gasped as the sensation hit me like nothing we had done before. It was a defining moment I will never forget, as you expertly fucked my clit with your tongue. I was aware of nothing else except your tongue and my clit at that point in time, and I caught my breath as I felt the intensity building inside me. My back arching I knew I was about to have the most deep rooted, intense orgasm of my life as again You set to work with my clit, and alternating it between your mouth and the buzzer. I was paralysed with pleasure and had stopped licking your gorgeous butt, not realising until you told me not to stop. Continuing as told, I took your cock back in my mouth wanting to deep throat you but I couldn’t get away from the sensations that were rocking through my entire body and again I cried out as I felt another release of cum gush out of me. Panting and gasping, I tried again to take you a sexual high and starting to suck your balls one by one, and then had to stop again as I felt your fingers probing me as I pushed my g-spot out to meet your fingers. It was all I could do to focus on my task in front of me as yet another squirt emitted from deep within my fuck hole. In a million years I could never have imagined how good it felt to actually give you my G-spot and have your touch it with your talented fingers.
I was aware that you were moving off me now, and I could feel the void of where you had been working on me between my now saturated legs and cunt.
Holding the blindfold you lifted my head and covered my eyes, sending me into the comfort of darkness, and heightening my senses a million times over. Feeling you standing close to me, you told me to move onto the bed so my head was on the bed too. Helping me into position I lay on the bed waiting for my next instruction. Aware that you were climbing back over me, I opened my mouth and welcomed your hard cock back into my warm wet mouth. Trying to regain control of my senses and driven by the need to please you, I lovingly started to work my way back to rimming your ass. And I would have made it – except it was then I felt your mouth close in on my cunt and your teeth clamp hard onto my throbbing clit. Time stood still as I held my breath, feeling my body convulse with the intensity of the orgasm exploding through me, and with your teeth and mouth still clinging to my sex. I have never experienced anything that comes even close my darling H and it is a moment that will stay with me forever. Still reeling from the most intense climax and not sure what to expect now, You surprised me again. Turning away from my cunt now I assumed you were going to leave me to revel in my juices for a while. But instead I felt your mouth bearing down on mine. It was a rough kiss, hungry with intent and it let me know exactly who was in control. I loved the smell and taste of my juices on your mouth in that brief moment…and I wanted to cum.
In the darkness of the blindfold I didn’t know what you had planned for me next. Sensing you between my legs, I felt you grab the g-string and roughly pull the material together. Pulling it tight, you roughly pulled it into my crack and used it to rub my pussy. It hurt but I wanted more, I would give you anything you desired of me. Releasing the material and pulling it to one side now, I felt relief wash over me as your throbbing cock replaced the material. I couldn’t wait, I so desperately wanted you to take your pleasure in me. Legs wide apart I revelled in the feeling of your cock sliding so easily into me, I was so wet. My cunt pulled you in deeper, grabbing hold of your cock with my muscles squeezing around your delicious shaft. I wanted to open myself fully to you H, allowing you to penetrate as deep and hard as possible up my tunnel. The intent in your kiss was evident as you filled my hole with every hard inch of that cock. Forcing yourself into me deeper I put my hands behind my head and held onto the side of the bed to stop myself sliding back.
Slamming it into me now, I could hear the squelching of my cunt as you pulled it out before driving it deep into me again. ‘H knows how to fuck you’ is what you said, and that is so true, giving it to me hard and fast like that, pinned down underneath you, powerless to do anything except take it deep. My body belongs to you and as you continued to pound it into me, I felt myself cumming over your cock.
Pulling out of me, I felt empty and immediately wanted to have you back in my fuck tunnel. Knowing how completely abandoned I was now, you used your cock to slap my clit and my pussy lips. The result was instant, I could feel the cum gushing out of me, and as you slapped me some more with your cock, I felt my juices land on my legs, and then my tummy, my arms and even my face. Roughly shoving it back in me you fucked me again like there wasn’t going to be another chance. The bed rocked and I held the side of the bed once again wanting to meet every one of your thrusts and f***e my cunt down onto your cock. Although I couldn’t see, I sensed you were close to cumming, your rhythm quickened as you fucked me with my legs spread eagled, your cock was banging the wall of my cervix as you relentlessly shoved it higher and higher into me. But then you pulled out again. Open your mouth you said, and I thought your were going to let me drink your cum. Instead you started to slap my swollen clit and cunt lips again……driving me over the edge again. Feeling it flowing out of me, I heard the slapping, squelchy noise of my sloppy cunt, and then felt my hot juices hit me all over my body. This time, with my mouth open, I actually tasted my own cum straight out of my hole as you slapped me, spraying it everywhere. I was in slut heaven and never wanted to leave. You slipped back into me, right to the hilt as I lifted my legs to take you all the way in. This time the intensity of your thrusts was even higher, as you drilled that cock so far into me, I cried out in ecstasy, as again you pulled out of me telling me you going to cum. Pulling me forward I opened my mouth and you removed the blindfold as I swallowed your hot creamy cum as it shot out the end of your cock. Taking you in my mouth I gently licked you, cleaning you and drinking in every last drop of you. It was devine.

End of Part 1 x

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