The Twelth Hour

This is a true story - written by a wonderful submissive 'princess of puddles' to Me - her Dom Sir H about one of our incredible experiences.

I hope you enjoy.....


It seemed such a long time since our last meeting, and I was sure today would be a time to remember, even more so than our previous meetings. I was so incredibly horny just thinking of rubbing myself against him again. Although part of me was maybe just a little disappointed as I had secretly hoped he would stay the night with me. I have often fantasised that I would be asl**p and I would be woken up by H’s cock working its way into me…..what an incredible way to wake up. None the less, I also knew it was not possible or practical and that today would be no less enjoyable or exciting because of it.
As per usual, my excitement quickly reached fever point and I knew I had to do something to stem my state of arousal without going too far. Taking a shower, I let the water run over me for the longest time, and lathered my breasts and nipples, enjoying the tingling I felt between my legs as I rubbed them. Preparing myself for H, I wanted to look my absolute best and carefully selected the new dress I had bought with him in mind. I only hoped he liked it, especially with my hair being worn straight, all I knew was I didn’t want to disappoint. Taking my time in getting ready, I could still feel the longing sensation building between my legs, and was already craving his thickness inside me. Not wanting to release myself from this heightened state completely, I took a set of balls from my toy box and sat on the edge of the bed with my legs apart. I was amazed at how easily they slipped in, one after the other….although I made sure I pushed them as far in as possible, deep into H’s cunt. I marvelled at the sight, as the only remainder was the small black pull string now dangling from my hole-that and the thrill I got every time I bent over or moved too quickly. I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to cum. The phone rang and it was him…… here at last. I breathed in deeply as I always do just before seeing him again, nervous anxiety, not sure what reaction I would get from him. I needn’t have been concerned, I melted as soon as I saw him and once again knew this was going to be a session to remember.
I had laid out our selection of toys on the table, along with H’s ropes and tools of trade for whatever he may decide to use. This pleased him, and so I was allowed the reward of his kiss, long and deep and full of promise as I rubbed myself against his body. Already I could feel the tension rising in my body, and had to concentrate on the niceties that H insists on whenever we meet after a break. Desperate for more of his attention I followed him into the lounge room where we were to play today, and again took advantage of him standing so close. I pushed my body against his, feeling his cock growing against me…..o how horny I was. But still I was to wait, and H wanted his crop, which was not on the table. He told me to go upstairs and find it, and whilst I was there to fetch a couple of my favourite videos. I searched in vain for the crop but couldn’t find it, and returned downstairs with only the videos. This obviously wasn’t good, but I had no idea where else it could be. Before positioning me on a chair in the lounge room, H complimented me on my appearance and told me how nice I looked ……I felt warm and happy knowing I had pleased him and showed my appreciation with another sensual kiss, he tastes so good.
Noting my favourite parts of the video, H positioned me on a chair in front of the television before restraining me with ropes. This he told me was to ensure my hands didn’t wander during the video as he left me alone to take a shower. My pussy was throbbing already as he pulled my ankles apart and tied them to the chair, and the video did nothing to help my perplexed state. With him kneeling beside me to tie me, I leaned across, wanting him to touch me, kiss me, anything.

I felt so desperate. Before he left, he teased me asking if I was excited to see him, and if so how much. . I told him at that point that in my eager anticipation I had inserted the eggs far up inside me, but that was all I had done so as not to spoil myself for him. Running his hand up my legs and teasing my pussy he walked away leaving me with my frustrations and the video of the most amazing slut I have ever seen. If only I could be like her……I’m sure H would love that. And so I sat squirming in the seat awaiting his return. What would he do to me today…….I couldn’t wait to find out, although it seemed like an eternity before he came back from taking a shower. I felt so relieved to hear him coming downstairs again.
With his teasing smile he asked if I was enjoying the video and asked if I was wet. I nodded yes. Spreading my legs and looking at my cunt he jiggled the string that was dangling. It felt so damned good I could have cum there and then except I knew H wouldn’t be pleased if I did. Standing in front of my face, he taunted me with my prize, his beautiful cock. I wanted to claim my prize and sucked him deep into my mouth, loving the feel of it sliding down my throat, pulling at the restraints to better get him in my mouth. Withdrawing, he untied me and sat back on the lounge. Positioning me above him with my ass in his face, he told me to sit on his rock hard cock. I remembered the balls and hesitated briefly. I started to say something about the balls still inside me, would it be ok……”I know” was all he said in his reassuring way, and with that I gladly speared myself on the end of his cock, savouring every inch of the way as it tunnelled further and further into me. I could feel it knocking the balls, which moved around the inside of my cunt as he fucked me. Legs spread eagled either side of him and with nowhere else to go I pushed down hard onto him, opening myself to him with every thrust, drawing him into me with my muscles clamped around him. Bending forwards and still impaled on his solid cock, I put my hands out in front of me and continued to ride him, up and down, deeper and harder. I wanted H to know what a filthy little slut I could be, and more than that I wanted him to know it was all for him. Looking underneath me, I was met with the most incredible sight. I was able to watch myself being fucked by his relentless cock, watch his balls slam against my thighs as he disappeared into that void and then see his wet and shiny shaft as I lifted myself off him before shoving it all back inside me again……it was such a deliciously erotic sight and one I will never ever forget. It was all I needed to fuck him with even more determination. I love his cock pummelling into me that way, using me as a fuck horse, filling me with his length. I was in total ecstasy, living and fucking for him, and as I sat back up on him I couldn’t hold back any more, and felt myself gushing, feeling the wetness spray out of me, all over H, over me, and over the floor - .everywhere. I was screaming with pleasure…willing him to take me harder and faster in any fashion he should chose. Lifting me up he turned me to face him and pulled me to my knees so that I was facing his swollen cock….and told me to clean up my mess. I licked up my cum willingly, happy to obey him, wanting to please, wanting more of him. Holding me by the hair I was lost to everything but my task, to clean him. He instructed me to lick his balls, and so with feathery light strokes I used my tongue to clean and caress him, grateful for the chance to do so, enjoying the taste of my sex on his skin and his cock. H liked it and as I glanced up at I could see the look of sexual pleasure on his handsome face along with the look of total control. Pulling my hair he pulled my mouth to the tip of his cock, and greedily I swallowed him, again sucking him to the back of my throat.
I almost choked on the length of him as he mercilessly shoved it deeper into my mouth so I was fucking him with my mouth now instead of my cunt. Gagging I pulled back, but gently he reassured me I was doing well, and that I had almost mastered the art. I silently vowed to myself at that point that someday I would give him the best deep throat he had ever experienced; I was determined to satisfy my Master. He commented how hot it looked with him pulling my hair and me sucking him off, and again it was all the encouragement I needed to perform at my best. I need this man so very much.
Bringing me out of my reverie he stopped me and sat me on the edge of the coffee table. I was completely lost in our sex and didn’t want it to stop, I was hungry for more of him. He told me to take out the balls now that I had received a thorough fucking, and he went to fetch us a drink each. It’s these moments that I love, such a complete contrast between the controlled and dominant Master who commands my body and yet so kind and considerate to bring drinks after a hard session. Still dazed, and sitting on the edge of the table I felt around for the balls inside me and told H I couldn’t reach them. Skilfully he reached up inside his cunt and took them out, again I sat in wonder at how easily he can control my body and emotions. We rested a while although I found it difficult to focus on anything but him and the taunting need inside me begging for more. A kiss from H and again I was lost to him.
Reaching across for our latest toy, H handled the inflatable dildo. I had been so disciplined and had refrained from trying it as I wanted to experience it for the first time with H, and wanted to remember how it felt. Grinning wickedly he used the pump to inflate it, making it look obscene in size. I felt a rush of excitement as he pored lube over the outside of its deformed size and deflated it to a more reasonable size. Then he manoeuvred himself in front of me, face to face with his cunt. Fingering my clit I spread my lips for him, showing him what he wanted. I pushed my G-spot out to him, giving myself completely. My legs quivered as I felt him touch it and I rubbed my clit harder. Slapping me now I gave up my cunt to him feeling my hole widen as I lost control again and felt myself gushing over the table and dripping down to my ass. The table was slippery now and I gripped the edge of the table as I spread myself so wide, making myself completely vulnerable to anything he would have me do, or do to me. Taking the dildo I felt him slide it into me. He told me to grip it tight and not to push it out as he started to inflate it further inside me. I could feel it expanding, filling me now. My pussy didn’t cooperate and pushed it back out. Then, deftly rolling the dildo into a small coil, he smiled at me in that hedonistic way that only he can. Just like in the movie, he opened my cunt and pushed the coiled dildo into the centre of my sex. Still resting on my arms, I enjoyed the sight of him doing this to me, and held my breath as he started to pump it up. As it grew inside me, I could feel every little stretch, every little movement. It felt totally exquisite and I leaned back, laying flat on the coffee table with one arm holding my legs wide and the other rubbing my clit and holding my lips together not wanting to let it slip out of me. The feeling as it tickled my insides intitally, and then grew, stretching the walls of my pussy was completely amazing. This was total abandonment, and I moaned as I gave into this thing stretching me from the inside out. So big now I couldn’t take it, but still I wanted it. H encouraged me with his words and I remember feeling completely helpless as I lay there filled to capacity with this foreign thing inside me and H gazing at my cunt. My muscles moved to contract around the dildo and tried to push it out, but it was too big. Now I knew how it felt to be completely full, and I loved it.

Asking his permission, H deflated it enough for my cunt to f***e it out of me, and I remember thinking what a gaping hole it must have left between my legs, especially when H showed me how big it had been buried in there, it would almost have seemed impossible had I not been on the receiving end and seen it for myself. Yes, this was a toy I would have lots of fun with in the future I was sure. And one that would bring me back to memories of H. Using his fingers, he caressed me and poured some more lube onto my abused and stretched pussy.
Instructing me to turn over on the table, I positioned myself on all fours, giving him complete access, and with the stretching and fucking I had already received that day, he had no problem in just slipping it in. Holding me at the hips, he pulled me onto his shaft again and again, fucking me deeper into oblivion, savouring the knocking against my cunt as he fucked my squelching, sloppy hole. I told him how I loved the squelching sound as he drilled into me and I willed myself to be silent and stop moaning so I could listen to it. It sounded, smelt and felt divine, squelch squelch, and then………cum. I gushed over him again, submitting to the cum slut H had made me, his princess of puddles.
Again the gentle nature of my Master as he asked if I was alright as he slid out of me. Checking to make sure I was comfortable, he held me and I kissed him. Sitting on the chair he gestured for me to again sit on him. Willingly and eagerly I held onto the chair facing H and lowered myself onto him, not stopping until I was sure I had every last inch of him shoved up inside me. Stretching my legs wider, I held onto the back of the chair, wanting to accommodate him more, wanting to feel his cock knocking on my cervix, wanting to be completely and utterly fucked…….by him. Once I knew it couldn’t go any deeper I wriggled around on him before lifting myself up, bouncing up and down on him. I rubbed my breasts against him, wanting my nipples to rub against his, and knew I was close to climax yet again. H sensed it and held me so close as I squeezed his cock tight with my cunt muscles. With no control of my own mind or body now, he continued to hold me, rubbing my back, holding me tight and comforting me. What more could any submissive want from her Master, this was everything it should be, as I sat impaled on him feeling his hard sex pulsating inside of me.
Beckoning me to the lounge now he told me to lay facing him with my ass propped up on the pillows, again allowing him unrestricted access to his target. With my legs pinned either side of me and my gaping hole now very visible, I held my breath as I watched him climb between my legs and aim that gorgeous cock at my hole. I had never felt like such a filthy, dirty slut as he bore down onto me forcing his cock to disappear into that well used void of a cunt. Expertly he dipped it in as I watched in complete awe at the sight of it. How I would love to have a video to watch that over and over. Then he would take it out, exposing me wide open and waiting. I reached down and rubbed my clit as he continued to bring me to the edge ………again. I wasn’t sure I had any more cum left, but H knows my body better than me, and he knew that I did. Frigging my clit, and with his cock slapping my cunt lips I felt it building inside me again, that familiar hot rush running through me before I felt it gushing out again. This was very different however, in that I have never seen myself squirt or gush before, and H has always been very patient in his teachings with me to learn more about myself. What happened next will remain with me forever, as I felt my cunt muscles give way to the most intense orgasm. I watched in complete wonder as my juices trickled over my clit and down my tummy at first, before they gushed all over me, soaking my cunt, belly and ass but even more incredible was the f***e as I felt the hot juices hit my face, forcing me to close my eyes at one point as I felt it splashing me there. This was what H had always wanted, and I had witnessed it with him. A feeling of completion, excitement and pride rushed over me as I realised what had just happened before I was treated to another hard round of H’s cock in my cunt. Even better I had a perfect view, I love watching him fuck me, and beside which, I had long since given into complete abandonment.
His strokes quickening and his breathing more controlled, H gave me the fuck of a lifetime and I could feel how close he was to giving me the ultimate gift, his hot thick cum. Yelling out to me he told me to take it all as I knelt before him to catch it in my mouth. I love seeing him shoot his load into my face, love to see the look of complete satisfaction as he blows down my throat, love to taste every last drop of his delicious creamy cum, and not waste a drop – licking and sucking his knob end until he jerks back, indicating there is nothing left. Then I know I have performed my duties well.

Thank you H,
Your loving submissive,
Princess of Puddles

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3 years ago
What a wonderfull story, you could strech out my pussy any time you like Sir.
3 years ago
very good, but why strech out a nice tight pussy???